My favorites are the Underwater, Rainstorm, and the Jungle noises, they're very relaxing but it's still easy to work to them. Being a now desk-bound wildlife biologist. Heinz. I love laying in the dark with candles in my jacuzzi, it feels like im floating down a jungle river. Love you guys! Wow I was really down, stressed and anxious so I lied down with this on. It's the only thing that can get me to concentrate.

Download and buy high quality Jungle Monkey sound effects.

♥ Thanks! Part 2 is on Rain on a Tent! Would have loved this while in college. Close your eyes and enjoy! ♥ This generator is great! ♥ Far away storm. This helps me stay 'in my own head' while writing and studying, as the library can be quite busy sometimes. I listen to this when I study all the time, it makes me feel at peace. I love it! The nearest human is an hour away, in the night sky you can see the milky way, and you are safe. I long to visit the jungle myself one day, and hopefully this website will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a research biologist by doing the best I can in my A levels and at uni. All through the night, I listen to this at a low volume. ♥ Just relax! Absolutely amazing, useful, beautiful site. I use this noise for a lot of things, from art inspiration to calming an anxiety attack to helping me sleep at night. God bless you all (: I couldn't study in home with a lot of noise out there and your site helps me so much. It gives me the best of all rain-experiences of all. google_ad_client = "pub-8637946934702043"; The most soothing sounds and most realistic ones I have found. ♥ Nice to read to This generator is wonderfully soothing, and very helpful for my concentration as opposed to music when I need to work. Free monkey sounds to use in your video projects. ♥ The Rainy Season setting is the most perfect rain sound I've heard in a long time. ♥ Peaceful focus and cocoon-like feeling. Uber Cool. A win for friendly cubical neighbor relations! (Rain always helps)

Enjoy! Whether on animate or turned down just to the birds and insects chirping away, it helps block out distractions and relaxes me. Excellent for writing. ♥ Soothing gentle jungle sounds that help concentration; no loud sounds that jump out and grab your attention, just an ongoing soundcape that drifts and floats past as you work. ♥ This is truly a masterpiece. This soundscape envelops the background chatter of a quiet house and eases you into peaceful sleep. Beautiful for sleep, meditation and thinking. Part 1: A gentle rain falls on the tree tops as lonely birds call to one another. ♥ The sounds of insects and distant birds are my ideal noise for jungle environment. I love all of these noises. ♥ Lovely app to bring nature and calm into my home. I feel really better now, after listening. If you read it you'll notice that I was on the island Texel back then. It immerses myself into a peaceful jungle environment surrounded by friendly monkeys, graceful birds, and the gentle pitter-patter of rain. You are worthy of a donation for sure! ♥ Hey everyone, pair this up with the African Trance! Jungle and rain on tent are my goto for being able to do anything in the office. For studying, for games such as minecraft, for sleeping etc.

I already wrote a testimonial on this sound. I'm studying to be a primatologist and this is just the perfect thing to listen to while studying. ♥  To top the serene, mysterious feel, I paired it with a 8tracks fantasy playlist. I love this noise. Download Jungle Monkey sounds ... 151 stock sound clips starting at $2.

Beautiful, im using this whenever i feel stressed. Our deepest roots are in nature.

♥ Ideal working conditions

Thank you so much! Brown  •  2kHz • I had no idea that this also works as an ambient England noise generator but I have been pleasantly surprised. When I'm doing homework, helps me imagine that I'm sitting in a tent in the forest with light rain pattering on the roof, which for me is extremely relaxing and helps me concentrate better than almost anything else.