Background . Vehicle dimension limits Purpose This Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) No.

Since 1936, Australian plates were to be uniform in size and use embossing in standard Australian dies, beginning with New South Wales, FCT (now ACT) and Victoria. White Euro plates: N aa-nnn and N aa-nna new style of plates fitting European dimensions was introduced in April 2002.

Now you’re armed with all the information about custom regos in your state, you can go ahead and flaunt your individuality.

Chris. Current range of plate options will apply to all first number combinations as shown as 123-ABC, 12-ABC & 12-ABCD.

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This clarifies the allocation of trailer and motorcycle plates as B-series motorcycle trade plates have been discontinued and replaced by the allocation of 6000A to 9999A series. There are standard and slimline sizes available. %%EOF

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ultimate in re-cycling if you ask me. US Size plates: 4.

7 February – Euro Platinum Plates, Euro sized coloured and Black on white & Black on yellow Japaese JDM plates released.

Once you have been notified that your plates are available to collect, you must fit these to a current NT registered vehicle, within 12 months.

They are secure and they look awesome on my Ford Focus RS. For a personalised plate, there is a maximum of 6 characters and they must start with a letter, followed by numbers. The minimum storage time period is 2 months and the maximum is 5 years. Tracey from Jannali, NSW, Hi Phil, Bicentenary plates launched – black on reflective white with shield – ABC-123 (AAA-050 TO ABZ-999) and later added AB-123. Certain restrictions about combinations have been put in place to prevent people from designing plates which appear too much like numeral-only plates which are auctioned off separately (e.g. Custom plates allow you to create what you’d like with no set format.

It offers personalisation of registration plates including plate colour and content.

Choose from a range of colours and sizes, and create your own letter and number combinations. There are also numerous plate categories to choose from, You can order plates in a range of background colours, letters and styles of plate - everything from football teams to zodiac signs. 1973–1984 – Redesigned label showing month in middle, particular details on top of label on one line only and NEW SOUTH WALES moved to the top & Date of expiry moved to right hand side.

There are a wide range of series for you to pick from such as, Chinese Zodiac, Sports Series, Frangipani and more.

Marine Rescue NSW Charity Trailer only plates launched 28 March 2016, State of Origin NSW Theme plate launched 3 May 2016.

Recently the ACT government has issued over 100 plates which are leased from the government, cannot be traded or transferred, and are leased for a term of four years, with one renewal available. Prototype sets are being pressed and tested prior to potential re-release. 1 January 2013 – Registration labels abolished for light vehicles – cars, trailers, cycles and caravans. Designs have been amended in readiness for release—Original JDM now called JDM Classic while the other JDM is a new design, NSW at top while the bottom is in Japanese inscription and is designed to accommodate 2X2X2 combinations.

Choose your personalised car plates here.

1992–2012 – Adhesive sticker label with vehicle details reinstated in yellow L shaped area. There are also European, Prestige and Premium ranges that have other sizes available. An operator will call you as soon as they become available. THe fit was perfect and the finish is spot on too. '6�A, �|w�'VO���� j37��5�UL����c`�ӂ�2� 1��F ����Y W%����Q�h` �#4 Japanese plates designs become known in March. Browse plate Styles. For more details visit this link.

I will be recommending your business to my family and friends. This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 02:51. Complete the Remove and/or Attach form and take it to the nearest Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre. Prestige plates (All acrylic Plates with Aluminium Frames): 10. (1 must contain your signature). Centenary of Federation plates available for 12 months ABC-123, AB-123 & AB-1234 and CF series 1901-CF to 2001-CF were offered in reflective embossed white characters.

Carbon Fibre now include red, blue and green. Standard Signature Plates are 255mm wide x 137mm high, Slimline Signature Plates: are 255mm wide x 105mm high, Standard Prestige Plates: are 372mm wide x 130mm high, Slimline Prestige Plates: are 372mm wide x 100mm high. You can order your special/personalised plates at MVR here.

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): 9.

Or use PayID to transfer funds instantly from your bank account. 1988 – Redesigned label showing NEW SOUTH WALES, month and year in right hand side and Australian Bicentenary logo. If you wish to affix your plate to your vehicle, there are a numerous fitting and care instructions that can be found here. Choose from a range of different sizes and colours. US sized plates released – comes in US style star spangles, NSW State plate and black on white plain. They depend on the type of plate you have ordered. For example: Personalised plate prices have a one-off fee of $180. Note that in some states, there are plate combinations which list plates of different sizes for the front and rear of the vehicle.

Your preferred plate can be a combination of numbers and letters, up to a maximum of 7 characters for a car. It was time consuming. Bike rack plates If the rear number plate of your vehicle is obscured by a bike or bike rack, you must either: mount the number plate elsewhere, or; purchase a special bike rack plate. Custom Traditional black introduced.

What is the format I can have?

Fees can be found here. It seems a shame to have such a nicely finished product hidden behind a tin numberplate.

Personalised plate prices are available for a fee but vary depending on what you choose.

You can view the range.

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About your Car Many thanks for your very pleasant service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Help with the paperwork be available outside of our usual opening hours. Available from January 2017—using slimline embossed dies format and 5 character base that was later replaced by motorcycle sized plates following feedback from dealers.

You’ll need tools and screws with you if you’re collecting plates for the car you’re driving there. Having a personalised number plate puts your own stamp and sense of identity on your ride. Black on white with bridge graphic in light grey. About CarTakeBack.

Special plates are available with up to 5 or 6 characters.

"The ease of organising the disposal of the car.