Heather turns up at Andrea's apartment, still on the run for the attempted murder of Sonya. She later tells Fay that she has Huntington's disease and that she suspects that Fay has it too. Kirsha struggles with the move, but befriends Jimmy Williams (Darcy Tadich). However, Andrea pushes Dee off a cliff, assumes her identity again, and returns to Ramsay Street to con Toadie. Hamish takes Tyler's keys to the garage and sabotages the mobile hoist, which later falls on Amy Williams, resulting in Tyler's dismissal from the garage. The W-33/W-34 series also set multiple aviation "firsts" including records for flight duration, flight distance, altitude, rocket assisted take-off and inflight refueling between 1926 and 1930.

The actress is an Australian citizen and holds an Australian nationality. She was described as being "a boisterous troublemaker who's fearless and confident. ", "Neighbours exit for Fake Dee's daughter Willow as her real dad Fergus arrives", "Neighbours finally confirms Dee Bliss's fate next week after 16 years of mystery", "Entrepeneur Nick Bracks finds peace and joy with new mindfulness meditation app", "Neighbours brings in Sonya Rebecchi's old flame as Toadie's new therapist", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Neighbours_characters_(2017)&oldid=984169803#Andrea_Somers, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, While he is at the Rec Centre, Ace volunteers to help, Eva enters Erinsborough Backpackers and remarks to, Olive is a nurse at Erinsborough Hospital tasked with supervising, Sabra is a server at The Waterhole, who checks on, Laura comments on the Harold's Store Easter display, before telling, Alexis is a massage therapist at the Lassiter's Day Spa. The producers liked Johal, so they decided to make Dipi work for her. Rory later tells Aaron that Mick has trashed his motel room, and he meets up with Mick at the Erinsborough Backpackers to talk. Hamish continues to charm Sheila, before he meets up with his partner Louise McLeod (Maria Theodorakis) to tell her that he is working hard to secure the boat, so they can leave the country and avoid paying a large tax bill. Shane saves Kirsha from being struck by Jimmy's bike, but he is injured and cannot accompany her to a Deaf Children Australia event, which knocks her confidence. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 211 saw widespread use in Junkers bombers — most often in a "unitized" form for the Junkers Ju 88A, and also in the competing Heinkel He 111H medium bomber — but was little used otherwise, due largely to the better power output of the competing Daimler-Benz DB 601. [62] Cassius made his first credited appearance on 23 May 2018. Concerned that the real Dee will only destroy Andrea's hopes of being a family with Toadie, Heather tracks Karen down in Byron Bay.