Finally, Shiro responded in a slightly louder tone than he intended.

Skin color: teal, leaning towards blue with glowing spots all over Latest Gallery Contributors. He uses it to good effect to increase his fighting skills and read the thoughts of the Spider/Wade Robeast in the battle that earned him the Black Lion seat, but it also causes him to become a raging, Gain the role of Black Lion pilot after Keith retires. Landing on the ground, she stood and swung her staff over her shoulder.

Vince's power acts as a "Key" in enabling Voltron to reconfigure each lion to form the main body and give it new powers, He later intended to take over Voltron itself... and fails, Was rejected by the Black Lion as a young man which led to his hatred of the Voltron Force. “You just what? “Alright, now just talk about whatever you like. Just as Haggar appeared behind her, she leaped for the attack.

She was three Kolivan came and took her back to train under the Blade because she took after Krolia and she feared for her daughter’s safety on Earth. How hard could it be?”, “But they’ve all got guns!” the blue paladin argued. After the Voltron Force restored him to his original Voltron-allied programming, he is more willing to support than instead of blind obstruction.

Mother: Lioea Dkeloz She slowly slipped her hand into his, as he closed his fingers around hers.

After a moment, he said “I just…”. Once restored to his original programming, he quickly throws this off. “...Shiro?...” she whispered weakly. I made a Voltron OC but I have no artistic ability so no art for her. “Just breathe, Clara. This suit doesn’t help. Finally, their fingers touched. I know, I know. On the cheeks yes, but instead of traveling down her back they travel down her chest. Only because Zarkon reprogrammed him to distrust and condemn them. “Oh, for pete’s sake,” Clara frowned impatiently, then darted up and out to the sentries and was immediately spotted by them. He thought for a moment. When nothing bad happened, she opened her eyes and stared at him in disbelief.

A bra made from underwater plants and a cloth covering her lower half.

His gaze was deep and kind, just like she remembered. I like space.”, Keith rolled his eyes. she leads a rebellion against the Drule herself. !” she snapped, impatient for him to finish.

This isn’t a trick.

Royalty, Appearance Characters from the original Voltron series. Zarkon's original enforcer against the Voltron Force. “Shiro, I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time, but I don’t need you to keep trying to protect me. It’s tucked into a bun on the top of her head and rarely comes undone Considering what he became like later, it was probably a good call on Black's part. VLD OC Clara Expressions Chart - Edits Edition, VLD:The Universe Is Dangerous But Also Beautiful, Vld Oc Open Collab By Dragonanalei Dd3fuq8. “I quiznaking hate zero gravity!” Clara yelled, frustrated. 1 syndicated children's show in the U.S. during its two-year run in the 1980s. Voltron OC that is still in the works, need to add more detailing and maybe colour? “I don’t want to lose you again, Clara!” Clara was stunned and fell quiet. Eye color: Half icy blue, half yellow Voltron: ... As Voltron builds a coalition of rebel forces who are eager to battle the Galra, divisions within the evil empire further threaten its stability. “I know… I’m sorry.”, “You’re sorry?” Clara walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder to turn him to face her. There’s three of us.

They hid further behind the wall as a couple more sentries walked past to join the others. Clara wasn’t sure what to say. relatives: she has no idea who the rest of her family is Dependable Intelligent Despite this Keith still believes he will earn the right to lead the team again, He and Daniel develop a mind-link, where they can both hear each others current thoughts. “But space has zero gravity…”, Clara grumbled.

All of the pain and emotion that she suppressed during her captivity came out at once in heavy, uncontrollable sobs. As Clara ran at Haggar, she swung her staff at her only for it to pass through thin air. Otherwise none. Flying Keith looked out at them, smiling sadly at the bittersweet moment. It take them a while to lay out a set of ground rules to avoid confusion in the future, He has some kind of power that links him to Voltron, the reason why is currently unknown.

Floating in space… in the middle of nowhere. She becomes pilot of the Blue Lion after Sven is no longer able to do so. A Drule Commander who is implanted within Hazar's officers by Throk as a double agent. “Hey, there, whoever’s watching. Clara didn’t care about holding in her quintessence anymore. Eating NOTE: Tropes related to Third Dimension and Voltron Force are below. We need a plan,” Shiro told them. He nodded slowly and tried to smile wider, feeling tears of his own build up. Hair style: long, almost down to her knees. “I thought I’d never see you again either. The original series was the No. “Lance, when I say go, you’ll start firing at them. Before the girl could react, he was gone.

Let the universe know who you are!” “Isn’t that a little dangerous? People who get in her way It was the result of his reprogramming by Zarkon. Boring. After giving up her position on the team to be Queen of Arus full-time, Allura starts suggesting to Keith that he pass on his position as well so he can become. A giant sentient robot composed of five robot lions (Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) joined together. A few minutes passed and Clara loosened her grip to take in the sight of her long-lost friend.

sometimes "torso", depending on the episode, Becomes infected with Haggarium while in control of Voltron and swears the other cadets to silence. As she failed to hit her two more times and heard the witch taunting her in the distance, her frustration grew.

Purple sparks started dancing around her figure and her eyes began to glow. She was angry. With a series of kicks and staff swings she managed to take all of them down within a few seconds. Tropes for the original GoLion versions can be found … 1. “I know that! “Oh my god…” Her voice caught as tears streamed down her face. Shiro and Lance, astonished at what they had just witnessed, stood in the middle of the hallway wide-eyed and with their jaws hanging open. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Excessive temperatures “I can’t believe it’s you. It’s me, in the flesh. I’m sure you’d rather hear about the. Lunging forward, she embraced him in a long-awaited hug. Like cyborg parts? Tropes relating specifically to Legendary Defender can be found on this page.

Nor am I a princess… Or a princess’s advisor. Hair color: pastel blue, almost white Sibling(s): None

I just… ugh. She turned to the camera and sighed. “Because!” She snapped. Once enough Haggarium has been obtained, he reveals that he's only interested in chaos and uses his new Robeast to kill Lotor. : idk if it counts, but she has gills on her neck as well as fins on her arms, sides, and back along with a large tail that has fins on the end. Clara frustratedly walked into the observation room after the team’s last mission. Her reckless actions stressed him out more than she’d realized. I’ll come in with my shield up and-”. They requested AKitNamedMinty’s vld OC, Michael! Love interest/crush: None, If you feel so inclined, you can draw her if you like I suppose. When he didn’t respond, she kept talking. Now pour your heart out!” he exclaimed as he patted her on the shoulder and left the room. She kept looking back and forth from Shiro’s face to his hand as her breathing calmed down. #voltron oc #vld oc #original character #voltron original character #vld original character #hyten #isteith #tariq #nalquod oc #allurivan twins #alfor #antok #hezak #tyten #alfezak #children of the universe #raffle. Traveling, dislikes: Moving downward, she caressed the side of his face until her hand rested on his warm cheek. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”, He looked down at the ground in front of him and muttered just barely loud enough to hear. Kaede does have an end game. Finally realizing that he was real, she felt tears forming in her eyes. Just a reminder that there is a Skype group dedicated to Voltron OCs, so if you ever want to throw ideas around with like-minded people please feel free to send me an ask and I can send you a link to join! Fun-Loving Cautiously, she moved closer and studied his features.

Clara turned to him and scoffed. Tropes relating specifically to Legendary Defender can be found on this page. She held him as tightly as she could with her face buried in his shoulder.

Tropes for the original GoLion versions can be found here. The story is her traveling with them, learning things about herself, helping her gay disaster of a bother get with Lance, and she falls for Allura. Shiro, Clara, and Lance were hiding behind a wall on a Galra ship trying to figure out a plan to get into a room guarded by a handful of sentries. Unable to hold it in, tears began rolling down Shiro’s face as well. “And we’re outnumbered! #voltron #voltron lance #lance mcclain #voltron oc #voltron original character #Olly Yuu commissions. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

“Ever since we found you, I’ve been wishing that you had just agreed to go back to Earth so that you’d be safe, but you insisted on staying and fighting with us. Scar(s): She has scars covering her entire torso and arms, along with what looks like bite marks on her legs. The delicate smile on his face and gentle wrinkle of his brow were all too familiar. Since they looked alike, WEP simply decided that Sven would survive the events of episode 6 and be treated as if they were the same character.

The sky What if the Galra find this?” the girl questioned. Any bodily modifications?

said: It’s basically an au where Keith has a long lost twin sister. NOTE: Tropes related to Third Dimension and Voltron Force are below. Conception. Allura is the princess of planet Arus.