Mother of Yuwen Yun. Kind-hearted unlike her master, but is still loyal to Dugu Mantuo. He ends up a prophecy at the same temple as Yuwen Tai. Dong Qu's eventual husband. She has an unclear relationship with Yuwen Yong but later married Yang Jian due to political reasons and as her father's last wish. Gao Zhan's lover. Two of the Dugu sisters thought they would be the ones to fulfill the prophecy.

Prince of Lan Ling is the nephew of the Qi Empire's late emperor Gao Zhan. Emperor Wen of Sui, Founding emperor of Sui Dynasty. He swore to only love her, and they have several children together. the journey of two strong women from noble naive young girls to the imperial throne, but love might taste bitter, Both dramas are Romance/ Historical/ Political. He has a romantic yet scheming relationship with Dugu Banruo, and never gets to marry her.

The series chronicles the life of the Dugu Sisters. The second daughter Dugu Mantuo is greedy and also ambitious. She works together with Emperor Yuwen Yong, and his concubine Li Ezi (who refused to become a chess piece) to get rid of Yuwen Hu; returning peace to the country. Head of the Dugu family. Prince Liang of Tang. In the end, the Dugu prophecy didn't only mean a person, but instead meant Dugu blood would rule the world.

Yang Jian's father. Mother of Yuwen Yan/Chan. Fifth son of the Dugu family.

Dugu Banruo's husband. Prince of Lan Ling is the nephew of the Qi Empire's late emperor Gao Zhan. Father of Yuwen Yu, Yuwen Jue and Yuwen Yong. She previously had a daughter whom she entrusts to her sister, Dugu Jialuo. Great general of Northern Zhou. Yang Jian and Dugu Jialuo's third child and second son. All of them end up becoming Empresses or Empress Dowagers of three different dynasties. By chance, she managed to escape and took on the identity as a foreign princess, marrying into the palace.

A paramount general of Western Wei. She takes in Lihua (her sister Banruo and Yuwen Hu's daughter) as her and Yang Jian's daughter and also gives birth to two sons to Yang Jian. The story somehow related to Legend of Dugu as it happened during the same time. General of Western Wei, later Northern Zhou.

With Dugu Jia Luo by his side, they succeed in uniting the country under the Sui Dynasty.

The eldest sister Dugu Banruo is wise and ambitious. The story basically covers 80% true history recordings about the life of Lu Zhen, a smart and brilliant minded young lady from a middle class official family to her way up to becoming a prime minister. Yuwen Yun and Zhu Manyue's son who later gives up the throne to Yang Jian. 3 Saudara perempuan tersebut akan diperankan oleh aktris cantik Hu Bing Qing yang merupakan pemain dalam serial “Beauties in the Closet“, An Ady dan Li Yi Xiao. Her first daughter with Li Bing is killed by Lady Feng's servant. A prophecy bearing the words, “The World of Dugu: He who has Dugu, has the world” reverberates across the lands to imply that the Dugu family was destined to do great things. Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (2020).

State minister of Northern Zhou. Yuwen Yong's concubine. [1] Lu Zhen was the ever first female prime minister at that era. Her birth parents are Dugu Banruo and Yuwen Hu. The story tells the events of both Qi Empire and Zou Empire's affairs. Li Bing's concubine and mother of his second son. She yearns to become Empress too just like her older sister because of her low status. Commander of Jici Army. 2018/2019 Upcoming Chinese Wuxia/Fantasy Shows. Prince Fangling (Crown Prince) of Sui. However, because her husband lacks power, she ended up giving herself to Yuwen Hu to save her sister Jialuo and as a result became pregnant with their daughter, Lihua. Eldest son of Yuwen Tai. Dugu Jialuo's husband; a loyal man who only loves his wife.