Even my teenage kids are getting used to it and aren't complaining about the deep ideas. (This is somewhat of a miracle in itself). 4. Williard is interested in the type of people we are, not necessarily what we do, with the understanding that who we are will, without fail, inform what we do. You CAN experience significant growth in your CHAPTER 33: 1.

A Renovation Andthose who have fully taken on the character of Christ – those “children of light” in Paul’slanguage – will in eternity be empowered by God to do what they want, as free creative agents.And it will always harmonize perfectly with God’s own purposes. Theologically, there were a few portions that left me scratching my head. What are elements 3 & 4 in the spiritual formation of our social dimension? just what is this transformation? good news. 2. Eachconstituent of the human being distinguished in [the previous session] is but one element in aninterlocking whole. Renovation of the Heart is a realistic guide to discipleship and the real challenges of Christian formation that helps to answer that inquiry. In exchange for her organizing services, mover Rob makes it his mission to help her see the beauty of Seattle. And so, you pick at it here and there, not eating too much at a time because you want it to last. Is the last chapter in the NavPress edition on Spiritual Formation in the Local Congregation missing in the IVP edition? There is both a hopeless bleakness and a glorious hope to this book. Dallas says that now is the time for specific planning. In the middle of page 157 Dallas Willard points out a mistake that we very commonly make. 2. and lots to think about and apply, but I found the book unnecessarily dense and at times. 100% recommend for any Christ follower who wants to give Him their absolute all. Do you agree?12 Dallas Willard; “Renovation of the Heart”, pp. But still it is a fact that the body usuallyhinders people in doing what they know to be good and right. Why or why not?

Although he is a philosophy professor who has published in his main area of study and teaching, it seems that Willard has found greater success […] "How do I get there"?

you may acknowledge this as the ideal, you may still wonder:

and lots to think about and apply, but I found the book unnecessarily dense and at times a bit tedious. Do you agree?12 Dallas Willard; “Renovation of the Heart”, pp.

Some people fall in love. Christians, even pastors, who regularly view pornography. of the Heart video curriculum, Jeremy of the spirit"—a divine process that "brings What does he mean by that? I had high expectations, having read and loved ‘Hearing from God’ a couple of years ago, and I find reading about spiritual formation enjoyable, but unfortunately it I didn’t met my expectations. Maybe that is because it took me so long to read it (about 3 weeks). . to work on—our hearts. a copy, Randy 3. What does a will or heart look like that has been transformed into Christlikeness? How is this different from how we often view God’s laws? It regulates whatever is occurringin each of those dimensions and how they interact with each other and respond to surroundingevents in the overall governance of your life. Is this different from how you have viewed contentment in the past? 4. The bleakness comes from the state of humanity without intentional formation.

What does the author mean by “God-intoxication”?CHAPTER 53: 1. Also, their feelings will be dominated by the rich array ofpositive feelings that naturally accompany love, joy, and peace, along with their foundationalconditions of faith and hope.

The Participant Guide includes Central Truths and Exercises for each subject, followed by discussion questions on the video lecture, video conversation and the original book. 3. Read the last paragraph before Today’s Experiment. What does the author claim is the most important thing about any meeting in church? How is the author contrasting trying versus training in this chapter? Read Matthew 16:26 out loud. daily experiments will help move us all further along Christian

They also must besuccessfully disarmed as they come toward us.

Pacing was treacherous slow.

In it therewas to be “no . 4. Who is the primary other in our life? Share the results of Today’s Experiment with each other.CHAPTER 59: 1. 3. of the essential parts of the human self are effectively Are you misusing your body? We aren’t born again to stay the way we are. Read the third paragraph in this chapter out loud. In Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard calls it “the transformation of the spirit”—a divine process that “brings every element in our being, working from inside out, into harmony with the will of God”. Spiritual formation in Christlikeness is the sure outcome of well directed activities under the personal supervision of Christ… What is your plan for partnering with the Holy Spirit for real transformation into Christlikeness? As a result of this “building up” we will no longer be like children, swept up in everycurrent of teaching that comes by, or taken in by human trickery and deceitful schemes . DWillard.org is co-sponsored by the family of Dallas Willard, Dallas Willard Ministries, and FiveStone.