As for what they believe will be a better day ahead, they need to stop dreaming and start praying for a future that will ensure that this nation does not slip again into the decadence that enveloped it, before the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The faith and beliefs of the faithful are best made by choice and not through persuasion. Thus, suddenly, an alleged murderous rebel who so terrorized Bong Mine communities (suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome) that they would’ve declared him President has ironically become the darling of media outlets and human rights activists advocating for war crime court. WE DID NOT ASK YOUR MOTHER FOR THIS. She goes to several properties of theirs and begins renovation, but several other places did not need renovation. I should not call names but you and I know them well. We operate from Cape Town, Dakar, Abuja, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Washington DC. Eldine sub-leased the property to Sen. Sherman for a period covering January 22, 2003 to 2009, and Sen. Sherman was to pay US One Dollar Annually (1.00) as shown below: This Agreement of Sub –Lease is made and entered into this 22nd day of January A. D. 2003, by and between Abraham Eldine of the city of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia, sub-Lessor and Sherman Consultant Limited, represented by its managing partner H. Varney G. Sherman, also of the City of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia, Sub-lessee, hereby. She masterminded the killing of others for fame. At first, when I asked him, he pleaded that I please let him stay until after 2005 elections and then he’d come to see me for settlement. This is when the true suffering began. And in doing so, put his tribes people in danger. EJS was right to feel ambushed; let’s concentrate on the chaos being zealously courted. Do you remember what happened in Nimba (Yekepa) when that coup happened? gbada Flomo, know that I’m not trying to convince you on anything nor am I agree or disagreeing, but just laying out the facts. Even if you had 20 years in the private sector, that doesn’t mean you know better than Liberians. very own businesses. By the way, hiding behind different aliases doesn’t entitle you to act the fool. I was never a rebel and can never be a rebel. Mr. Sirleaf, we were living peacefully in Liberia, and just like you, working and anticipating great prosper ahead. The vast majority (250,000) of the innocent sons and daughters of Liberia were killed mostly by the INPFL and the NPFL. Mr. James E. Sirleaf – Farm Owner & Private Businessman: A Former Banker with formidable years of business banking experience RVP Emerging Markets at Citibank London, Div Head for Corporate and Institutional Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Liberia, General Manager Corporate and Institutional Banking at FI Bank in Monrovia. Oh I guess you know and knew better to connive with your mother to kill over 250,000 Liberians just for your wicked mother to be president and bankrupt our economy. gbada Flomo, I realize that you want to push the misconception that the rebel incursion into Liberia was about liberating Gios and Manos from Krahns and Sarpos, however that assumption is sheer lie. Goodbye! Beh Maweah–Gehi and gbada Flomo, what sense does it make to oppose Samuel Doe for tyrannic leadership and then see EJS and Charles Taylor as heroes, what an irony. Even in her path, the decent leader of Burnika Faso, Thomas Sankara was murdered in cold blood, orchestrated by you mother, because Sankara refused to use his country as a free passage way for rebels to leave Liberia and go for training in Libya and return from Libya to stage blood bath in Liberia. You don’t define what I say. Three countries fell victims to your mother Ellen’s evil conquest; Burkina Faso, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Pray fervently for the country that holds an irreplaceable place in our hearts. LASTLY, IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO PERCEIVE TAYLOR AND EJS AS HEROES AND DOE AS TYRANT BECAUSE ALL OF THEM ARE BLOOD THIRSTY CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS. some of you were still wearing diapers when these wicked tyrants were working out their battles in the late 70s and 80s. You need to ask the American Cable channel providers why they still carry footage on World War II, President JFK Assassination, etc. Where were you guys when Samuel Doe was butchering people like animals in this country? BBC Focus On Africa, Wednesday June 6, 1990. I am not going to comment at this time on the George Weah’s Government or Liberia of late. This is a wakeup call because the fault is not that of the Government alone. In that interview, Obasanjo, who also attended the South African celebrations for democratic governance, said it was the United States government that pressured former President Sirleaf to request the extradition of Taylor. Charles Taylor claimed to be a liberator but ended up killing the very people he proclaimed to be liberating, so then how necessary was the war? Of course, all our wannabe Ciceros and Caesars are familiar with the George Santayana quote, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, but did they “learn” anything? Ellen presence in Liberia is a CURSE TO THE LAND AND PEOPLE. Samuel Doe asked General Thomas Quiwonkpa to relinquish his position as Commanding General and move to the Executive Mansion and serve as Secretary General for the PRC, which Gen. Quiwonkpa refused perceiving to call to be one of demotion. To complete the process, please follow the instructions in the email we just sent you.

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah is one of her VICTIMS so don’t you dare digress from the subject under discussion. When do we learn that to speak the truth is Godly while continually telling lies and falsehood have dreadful consequences for the ungodly! The balance of payment under your mother’s regime remained in deficit. And if nobody has any evidence of her complicity in the plot to “Sudanize” Liberia (under pretext of June 7 protests, create several days of chaos for the army to take over and turn over to an Interim Administration) advanced by propagandists in the media and on social network platforms, leave her alone. The blood of the innocent people are haunting them till this day. I have no knowledge of your other African countries and was never in the West Africa Region until 2005 having left my Job as a RVP for Citibank Emerging Markets based in London. The ANC was fighting for Black African Independence and Nationlism…..not until now, they (the ANC under Mbeke, Zuma and Ramaphosa) are now COZY with the Guptas, Openhamers and the Mines. Mr. Sirleaf served as a participant and speaker at the very first World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France in 2012. “You know one thing; we don’t want to politicize our society. James Sirleaf, how dare you say shameless and ungrateful Liberian so you’re not a true Liberian I guess. Even the Chief of PPF for LAMCO at the time life was put in danger. Dare ,me? Doe did what he did to protect himself and his tribal people. Your personal beef with Samuel Doe has no substance with what’s being discussed here, unless you want to confirm that the murder of over 250,000 innocent Liberians because of one man, justified you way of getting even with Doe.

So you can defend her all you want, the fact remains that her hands are stained with the blood of our people, and they would haunt her till she leaves this earth. The very government workers and farmers that served as the labor component to foster that factor of very vital production, were almost all murdered by Charles and Ellen’s rebels, so you can imagine the loss the country bore at the time.