Greek Alphabet Translated, I was wondering though if it was made up if the phrasehas a proper translation??

To me, that challenge wasn't really about the best verse in the technical sense, but about pure storytelling. R. RuPaul Lyrics. Shante, shante, shante Shantay! The words "shante" and "sashay" are found in the lyrics of RuPaul's 1993 hit House music record "Supermodel (You Better Work It)". they both remain in the competition. The lyrics for those songs and some inform... Edited by Azizi Powell This post features seven videos of Ugandan Acholi (Luo) music and dancing. First "chante" doesn't mean "singer" (that would be chanteuse), it's just one form of the verb "to sing" which we wouldn't use by itself.

Claudia, sell the garment, Nikki, work the runway, sweetie

(Of the world ) Also a variant of Shantelle (Old French).

Bonfire Of The Vanities Review, But I think the "to be pleased" definition of "enchanté" (a person is captivating?) Ollie, although I don't want to dwell too long on this subject because it's off-topic, let me co-sign your comment that "Obviously, Northern Europeans were not the only ones to make the link between "magic" and the use of words" by sharing this quote about the concept of Nommo from"In West Africa, the Dogon people of Mali believe that the African concept of Nommo, the power of the spoken word, carries a life force that produces all life and influences everything. Thinkin' 'Bout You. Enjoyed everywhere. Skeltal Ki) ("Remember Me: Essential, Vol. in French; I know you already mentioned it but I've been following RPDR since a long time and, well, it's obvious Ru loves charades and playing with words.I mention "Chantez, you stay" which would mean "Sing!/Keep singing, you stay" because:1) Chanter/Enchanter do have a relation with the word "to charm, to put a spell". I also think that since the 1960s Americans -African American or otherwise- have been fond of "Shawn" names because of the popularity of Sean Connery's movie character James Bond.

and the male or female names "LaShaun", DeShawn", DeShon, etc. t's just some kind of french mixed with english. Many Americans became familiarized with the name "Sheneneh" because it was featured on Martin Lawrence's television series "Martin" characters on "Martin" (television series) "Sheneneh Jenkins: Played by Martin in drag, she is a stereotypical "ghetto girl": she always has on flashy clothes/fashion accessories and hair weaves; nature has endowed her with a big butt; and she speaks with feminine Ebonics.,'s_Drag_Race,,,,,,,,,,,,,