The 4×4 system includes a front lockable differential. Many of the reviews that I have read up on concerning the Hisun side-by-sides are mixed, to say the least. Fuel capacity 3.5 gal.

Within less then a mile i started hearing this grinding noise when it started to slow down, about 5 mins after that it started to sound like the transmittion was falling out.

Displacement 546cc HISUN SECTOR 550 The Strike 250 tackles the small end of Hisun’s UTV spectrum. Price $15,999. Price $8,999. Bed capacity 350 lb. Make my own judgment, my rzr has not proven to be very reliable at this point. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality product possible, and we intend on doing so.”, Jerry Cadenas, a production manager at HISUN Motors Corp., USA said…, “The manufacturing process is a timeless art, and we are always looking for ways to enhance our process and products. Hisun also has their very own die casting building which was built in 2014. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Rear Dual A-arm/N/A The reviews were all pretty good. It is kept at this constant temperature because if a CNC-machined part is created in an environment with one temperature and then assembled in an environment with another temperature, expanding or contracting of the part can occur. The Hisun Strike 900 is powered by a 924cc four-stroke with electronic fuel injection. Price $13,999. It wasn’t until 2014 when they launched at the AIMExpo in Orlando. Engine type OHV single Others have also reported putting on other shocks, that aren’t stock by Hisun on some of the earlier 2012 models, so really anything aftermarket is just consumer preference. Towing 2000 lb. Every single model listed here above is also EPA and CARB compliant. Engine type OHV V-twin 2020 Hisun ATV Reviews, Prices and Specs. As you can see from this list, that most of these side-by-sides, including the sports models, which are normally more expensive, are actually quite affordable. The Chinese factory itself is quite large sitting at about 7.1 million square feet. What is fascinating about this building is that it is kept at a constant temperature of about 22-26 degrees Celsius. While other brands boast better performance and slightly higher quality, Hisun fairs well with its competition for their prices. There is a building on the factory grounds known as the CNC machining center. as soon as you got high centered or in the mud, no more shifting.... All I gotta say is you have NOOOO idea how much fun you are gonna have.. The Sector 750, and many models like it, runs fairly smoothly and has no problems starting straight out of the box. All in all the reviews seem to be good. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that quite a bit of information about the Hisun name was so easy to find and that it was readily available to the public. And while most of us, myself included, like to stay within the safety of names such as Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Honda, that we know we can trust that doesn’t mean that this fairly new company doesn’t have a decent product to offer. They are a happy medium for UTV consumers who want fun and efficient UTVs without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick video that shows a brief overview of Hisun’s quality control at the assembly facility in Mckinney, Texas. They stack up nicely against the competition and I believe they would make a nice accessory to anyone who is looking to get started with their first low-risk side-by-side. A portable RV generator is a must if you want to enjoy the luxuries of your vehicle even when you’re away from a power source. There is a 7.3-gallon fuel tank. Dry weight 657 lb.

Displacement 976cc Front Dual A-arm/N/A

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that quite a bit of information about the Hisun name was so easy to find and that it was readily available to the public. Towing 1200 lb. Towing 1764 lb. I don’t see any problems quality wise. Length/width/height 96.0”/49.0”/65.0” Fuel capacity 7.3 gal. Before any UTV is shipped off to various dealers and retailers throughout the United States, the vehicles undergo a 31-point inspection process and are driven through six miles of testing. The only things that they outsource are the electrical components and tires which they buy from other suppliers. The Chinese factory itself is quite large sitting at about 7.1 million square feet. The 4×4 system includes a front lockable differential. Engine type OHV V-twin Length/width/height 106.0”/60.0”/73.0” Bed capacity 1000 lb. If you are relatively new to the UTV world then it is most likely that you have not heard of Hisun, pronounced (High-sun), brand UTVs. HISUN SECTOR 250

Front Dual A-arm/N/A Towing 2000 lb. Concerning the Hisun Sector 750, there were a few different things that I found to be of note. Independent dual-A-arm suspension comes on the front and rear of this machine, and hydraulic disc brakes provide it with stopping power. As for as the RZR i ran the @#. Rear Swingarm/N/A Displacement 976cc

Engine type OHV V-twin Other problems that are reported here and there are about the transmission being a little bit sticky, some bolts on the rear differential being loose, and the suspension not having dampeners. You might be thinking “Okay thanks Matt, Factory details are great and all, however, I want to know what kind of UTVs that Hisun offers and what many of those various vehicles have specification and accessory wise.”. HISUN SECTOR 450 Obviously, suspension adjustment is something that all UTVs need from time to time. As far as comfort wise, people seem to have no really bad complaints on the seating and such in the Hisun UTVs. Suspension: There is also an engine building plant as well as an assembly plant, and as a standard part of the factory process, all of the engines and frames are built on site, at the factory. EPS is standard. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. HISUN STRIKE 1000 CREW

Towing N/A The 229cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine is the same, so is the fully automatic CV-style transmission. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It comes with a roof, windshield, side mirrors, turn signals, winch and aluminum wheels as standard features. Rear Dual A-arm/N/A The shocks are gas-assisted, nitrogen-filled on the independent suspension.

Front Dual A-arm/N/A More expensive/higher-end model UTVs have suspension/shock adjustment that you can do from the cab, but for these lesser-end models, you usually have to do some tinkering around by hand.

Rear Dual A-arm/N/A Fuel capacity 7.3 gal. I tried to buy a polaris everytime i tried to buy they kept changing the final price and was not interested in selling me and additional options, haha i never even heard of any of those other junk your talking about, 14 scrambler 1000, 28 mega mayhems on 14" sixr wheels, qsc clutched on hardest setting. Dry weight 1406 lb.

Out of the various 16 buildings that are on site of the factories location, two of them are used for research and development purposes, which to me, says that they are just getting started in the UTV market and plan to really take off here in the next few years. Suspension: Front Dual A-arm/N/A I proudly use and recommend products and services from these supporting vendors; VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Front Dual A-arm/N/A You can pick up its smaller sibling, the Sector Crew 750, for $12,499. Looking to pick up a Hisun this coming year. The rear wheels are chain-driven by power provided by a continuously variable automatic transmission. Of course, the fact that we can have large companies like this pop-up, seemingly overnight, is the beauty of capitalism at it’s finest and it is only fair to give the new company, and its line of UTVs their due diligence. The Sector 550 shares the same frame and adjustable suspension as the Sector 750 and 1000, but comes with a tamer, EFI, 546cc, single-cylinder four-stroke engine paired to a fully automatic CV transmission. It makes logical sense to have a temperature controlled CNC-machining facility, and one would think all factories would operate in this way, but Hisun is the only powersport manufacturer in China to do so. Howdy all i just bought me a 2010 RZR and may i say its everything i expected and more. :beer2: Empty Nesting is NOT a syndrome! Dry weight 1521 lb. If you can do without all the added accessories I might say find a used Polaris or Can-am but if you want something new then I see nothing wrong with purchasing a Hisun.

It was all designed by the help of a U.S. consultant so that they could create and market their UTVs to the U.S. client base, so as I said, I do admire them for doing something like that. However, it really wasn’t until 2014 that Hisun started making a real name for itself here in the United States.