There have been a couple incarnations of both of these guys, but the two with the most in common are Ray Palmer and Hank Pym (both of the Silver Age). This even applies to individual heroes; the only time Batman really gets bad press is when he goes overboard, but Spider-Man will get a front-page smear from the Daily Bugle marking him as an accomplice to crime no matter what he does. Marvel’s heroes know full well that great power is tempting to abuse. This was done intentionally so that each character would continue to grow and improve his status over time. Regardless of where they started out their hero’s journey, or villain's in Clint’s case, both wound up key members of the premier superhero squad in their universes. Join the LMBPN Publishing mailing list to be notified of new releases, special prices on our books as well as great deals from our friends. It is their power sets that truly differentiate them. Poor Jason Todd, aka everyone’s least favorite Robin, was killed off essentially by the fans, whose wishes were carried out by the psychotic Joker. DC Universe also offers interesting characters, amazing special effects and a lot of emotions and humor. Hey Pandas, Tell Us A Funny Story That Happened On Halloween?

First of all, they both have that whole cat thing going on. Spector is basically that broken psyche taken one step further, with him descending into actual madness. He was introduced in 1964 and bears a remarkable amount of similarities with his DC counterpart.

Introduced in 1934, DC was initially known as “National Allied Publications”. The similarities between Marvel and DC superheros and villans by rodderz84.

Both men also returned in a manner that pitted them against their former mentors. DC and Marvel have been competing fans for many years, since generally anyone who reads Marvel does not read DC and vice versa, it's just that story of Coca-Cola x Pepsi, Xbox One x PS4, Mario x Sonic. Nova gets his juice from the Nova Source, while GL gets his from the Central Power Battery. While Barda began as a villain fully prepared to “Die for Darkseid”, she switched sides after falling in love with Mister Miracle.

The similarity is that, both incorporated all heroes in one setting, attempted to focus on different genres that disregarded superheroes, and started developing heroes again by adding more personal issues to the comics. Fight boredom with iPhones and iPads here. Change ), The similarities between Marvel and DC superheros and villans. Marvel has a criminal named Ebenezer Laughton, who also goes by the alias Scarecrow. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. She was also taken as an infant and raised to be a weapon against forces for good, all the while not realizing the true villainy that she had become complicit in. Anyone can write on Bored Panda.Start writing! We will not publish or share your email address in any way. What other differences between Marvel and DC have we left out? ( Log Out /  Despite serving in many important storylines since their creation, the two have been relegated to relatively minor roles in their respective universes. Jordan was pretty much the cockiest dude ever, while Rider was a shy kid (although becoming Nova increased his self-confidence). Marvel characters have regular human problems that allow fans to “connect” with their stories. Often one isn’t better than the other and let’s face it, without this rivalry, we would’ve most likely missed out on some truly exceptional stories. Despite getting her English degree years ago, she can’t seem to leave her job at the comic shop. Marvel and DC universes continue to grow an expanding audience and gain higher demand in today’s pop culture. The same concept applies with Justice League, distinctively branching off from Marvel’s more individualistic style. Princess Zarda was most definitely meant to be Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman from the moment she was created. Well, that would be death. Both Bruce Wayne and Marc Spector are pretty much the masks, while Batman and Moon Knight are who these guys really are. One of the easy differences between Marvel and DC is that while the former heroes reside in American cities we know like Boston, New York, Houston and Los Angeles, the latter heroes call home to fictional cities that could be anywhere.

Their main enemy was the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! The similarities between Marvel and DC superheros and villans by rodderz84 I’ve been a comic book fan/geek/nerd my whole life and one thing that me and my mates have always discussed and seem to have heated debates about is what’s better? Both Marvel and DC trace their origins to the 1930s under different names. Yet, while there are a select few who deem themselves die- hard aficionados, others can’t help but wonder: what’s so different about them?

Marvel? Once Hyperion learns about his life of deception, he finds his own way and his journey there is an awesome one! Born different, the general attitude toward them has been of fear, revulsion or mistrust – something that can be a comic-book reflection of real-life racism and discrimination. Obviously, as Jacob pointed out, it's very easy to differentiate between them on the stands. But there is a lot of similarities that only true fans can see at the first sight. So I hope you enjoy it and be nice and let me know what you think!! Marvel skyrocketed to the top once Justice League came upon their fans. Either way, there’s an unending debate about which company is better and it pretty much depends on who you ask, because both have rabid fan bases. Marvel may have, admittedly, drawn a little too much inspiration from the DC character, but they most definitely made him their own. It’s a bit of an urban legend that these two are in a heated competition with each other.

The two share little in common personality wise, but that is literally the only thing that separates them. But even most of these aren’t as homely or as representative as the DC super-families. Notably, neither Reed nor Ralph has a secret identity and they were two of the earliest individuals to come out of the superhero closet. Similarities Between The Marvel Vs. DC : The Rivalry Unfolds. This is probably why, although Marvel (their guy technically came first) and DC argued about the characters being too similar, they never took the issue to court. The largest difference, and possibly the deciding factor over the last 15 years, seems to be Marvel’s dedication to continuity across its stories, characters, and universes vs. DC’s constant shifts towards rebrands and staying on the cutting edge of what audiences want.