SMIM'd the Cave Lantern meshes to have proper 3D ropes, more curved basins, and better texture mapping.

I don't know why the engine requires this, but oh well. View File I began SMIM in January, 2012.

Added back wardrobe01.nif since I fixed the minor problem that was causing CTDs. Sorry about this!! Added 3D chains to one of the ship chains specific to Katariah (shipkatariahanchorchain01.nif). My 2.00 barrel01.nif had glitchy collision for unknown reasons. Thanks tehxen! Added all 39 interior farmhouse meshes, all with my UV fixes to eliminate the blurry wood beams.

-Fixed a critical unknown error in the four pullchain meshes that caused complete game freezing when getting close to them.

According to Nifscan, the files with strips are just the male and female hakamas (and hakamavars) in low-weight (\_0) and high-weight (\_1); 12 files in all. The SMIM .esp will need new translated versions. This is a massive improvement; amazing work Brumbek! -Fixed the incredible, amazing barrel in the sky. Most armors i upload/modify are usually based around this. Yes, this is the one hundred and first major SMIM release! -Added a SMIM'd Chandelier No 3D Chains install option by request. Me too, which is why I specifically looked for a mod that corrects this issue. This tutorial is aimed at the beginner using “Blades Hakama” by atomec as an example, and assumes familiarity working with folders and files. Fixed SMIM's Block ordering issue for Farmhouse Lumbermill that caused the forest version to display wrong textures. SMIM'd the Dwemer Gyro (dwarvengyro.nif) and Centurion Core variant (centuriondynamocore01.nif). I also realized I had wrong bhkRigidBody parameters on all the collision, having it behave like a clutter item instead of static. Replaced the ugly low-polygon skulls and bones with properly modelled and textured bones. Slightly updated dwemer clutter texture to make it just ever so better. -Added separate folder for Dwemer Animated Lifts for Special Edition since the original Skyrim meshes don't work right in SE without being optimized. High poly heads for all playable vanilla races based on the vanilla head meshes (male and female). Thanks to the whole NifSkope team over the years. The default texture was insanely ugly. This post may contain affiliate links. No translation is needed since it simply changes a texture set rather than an object. SMIMd the Upperclass Table 02 (upperendtable02.nif).

Replaced the Loading Screen version of the Metal Cage (loadscreenmetalcage.nif) with my new SMIM'd 3D chains version. If there are hundreds of nif-files then you may prefer to work at lower levels a few at time. Added Ultra-Sized Textures install option for those who want huge 4k textures I've made for a few objects. The work that was put into making these eyes as beautiful as possible is tremendous, and you’re probably going to really enjoy something like this. Fixed. UV fixes for the transparent dirt on the Nordic Catacomb small series, which I spotted when fixing my mistake above.  What will you contribute to with your donation:Server speed upgradesRealtime visitor capacity upgradesMaintaining web hosting and domain costsEnable us to hire someone for more frequent website content updatesExpand website functionality *please note that you have to confirm your donation on your email, otherwise it will not be completed

Open Command Prompt and change directory (cd ) to the same folder where Nifscan is located. Further improvements to all carriages.

Updated bread01b.nif to use new Skyrim version 1.9 fixed collision mesh. Thanks to raiserfx for his 3D chains I modified from Ruins Clutter Improved. This is a vanilla texture replacer, so other mods could overlap. The one hundredth release of SMIM! SMIM'd the Thieve's Cache barrels that I missed before. Thanks to users for pestering me about it. Improved the Dawnguard Soulcairn bone piles textures, both the piles version and the landscape version to remove ugly seams and improve the normal maps to remove pixellation. Thanks Arthmoor for spotting this. Improved the rug tablecloth on the Jorrvaskr large table. Fixed ugly seams and UV stretching on all human skeleton skulls. Updated magic shop load screen art that used a lantern (loadscreenshopsmagic01.nif). SMIM'd Whiterun Main Gate door (wrdoormaingate01.nif). But together we shall overcome. Fixed an error in the "Install Everything" install script option that the recent version of Nexus Mod Manager exposed. Thank you for letting me use and modify your great textures! The Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul is literally an overhaul to most characters in the game, which includes those that come with the DLCs.

It still uses ugly 2D ropes...maybe later I'll fix that. These meshes still have serious issues, but this minor tweak is a quick fix for now. Also fixed UV mapping errors on the large candle in the "candlelanternwithcandle01.nif" lantern mesh. Fixed the barrel01.nif meshes to be lower on the top to precisely match the vanilla dimensions so items don't get hidden by the lid. New marble slate texture added, 2048x2048, now used on all Nord Ruin furniture items except for the throne. -Fixed the flickering snow skirts SMIM added on the green cliffs dungeons meshes (enabled Blending on alpha properties). -Fixed vanilla vertex colors on docks post (dockcolstr01.nif) to be proper green. Bethesdas default had fake drawers, which looked very silly. Improvements to Nordic Pot 5 & 6 (ruinspot05.nif & ruinspot06.nif). Minor UV fix on potions load screen to fix feather black line (loadscreenpotions01.nif). Without their years of effort no-one would be able to edit .nif files!

NPCs Protected Redux.esp). beardChargen.tri), and when characters speak or emote (i.e. Fixed Skeleton Skull misaligned cheekbones and fingers on Nordic Catacomb big series (norcathallbg) (my mistake). Yellow is more realistic. Sorry about this!! -SMIM'd the Shack Roof meshes to make them 3D instead of the very horrible 2D flat surfaces. Stockade wood posts now use modified Skyrim HD textures for the wood posts. It really makes no sense that all eyes are so similar. Polycount isn't optimized but modern PCs make this a non-issue. UV improvements to the Nordic Pot 4 mesh (ruinspot04.nif) to improve inner soil UV. I'm researching solutions now. Added 19 fixed farmhouse meshes.

Updated the install script for NMM to provide an option for the Dragonborn Hawk fix. SMIM'd the Giant's Mortar (giantmortar.nif) used often in Giant's camps. This better fix everything because I'm crazy excited for the realistic barrel lid opening with actual physics (stuff on the barrel will move with the lid).

Now all rings are 3D. This mod was carefully crafted to make it so every single hairstyle in the game looks much better, which helps Skyrim feel more natural as well. Updated the Volunruud special door meshes (volunruudleftsworddoor.nif & volunruudrightaxedoor.nif) to include the USKP fixes.

SMIM'd Whiterun Dragonsreach door (wrcastledoor01.nif), used 6 places. is incompatible to almost all existing mods adding make up, freckles, eye mods and eyebrows etc. -Improved the Sarcophagus Ruins meshes (ruinssarcophagus series, plus both lid meshes, plus two rubble versions) used in over 700 places. You are welcome, friends! Updated DLC02 Dragonborn adventure02 load screen art that used a lantern (loadscreenadventure02.nif). Have you ever felt like the base Skyrim hairstyle are quite bland? (Eh eh eh.) UV fixes to remove stretching and overlapping texture seams on the stone seat and seat back of the Nordic Ruins Thrones meshes (ruins_chair01.nif & ruins_chairshadow01.nif). Help us keep improving this website SMIM'd Whiterun Market Well mesh (wrmainroadmarket.nif) upon request. Use space-bar to continue scrolling the text.). Kreis' Skimpy Collection - Bikini Bottoms, View File This one and the Beards mod are must-haves if you want to immerse yourself and have the most realistic of characters possible. Minor UV fixes to remove texture skewing above the entrance on Markarth Silverfish Inn (mrksilverfishinnpart01.nif). Fun content on everything pop culture. Also for the signage, I fixed signrtpost01.nif to not use a horrid non-wood mesh for part of it. Introduction. Add this mod as a master and then swap the vanilla head parts with the high poly version. Bethesda for creating awesome games with irksome flaws that we modders obsess over. Not a big deal, but the player's feet would clip. There's still the farmhouse buildings and interiors, proper. The "Core" files are now the less graphically intensive stuff. The danger is real folks.

Plus this fixes the perfectly cut bread to make it realistic. Apologies, and BIG thanks to Ijahman for finding the mesh causing the issue. -Added 3D ropes to Solitude East Empire Trading Co mesh (seastempireco.nif). Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Now uses SMIM quill. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Vertex color fix for L01 rock (blackreachcrystall01.nif, rockl01.nif, and rockl01wet.nif).

Contribute to Vicyntae/SCV development by creating an account on GitHub. And since the release of Skyrim for PC the number of mods has only grown larger. And his mod includes my prior mesh fixes too. No game effect. It’s shape data that may be a piece of armor, a wall, a backpack, or a weapon. They are part of the Misc 3D Rings install option. Added a new Farmhouse 3D Ropes install option. -SMIM'd the permanent torch holder used in over 800 places. Thanks for users reporting the issue. You people who reported this are OCD like me! The vanilla texture was just so terrible I had to eliminate it. This prevents texture replacers from using new textures that don't fit my fixed UV mapping. The Riverwood Blacksmith Forge (blacksmithforgemarker.nif) had one UV error on the circular stonework where the paneling was greatly skewed. Made the Whiterun wrdragondoor01.nif mesh handle rings smooth. Actually fixed the glowing bottom stump texture for furniture this time. Directory path for brighter Tankard fixed so it installs properly. Updated the Ruins Large Chest (ruins_largechest.nif) to further improve UV mapping and to use an improved 3D painted texture based on raiserfx's version from Ruins Clutter Improved. Version 2.00 is finally here! No longer does it mock me with poorly UV-mapped reused farmhouse textures. Goal: scan mesh files (nif) to ensure compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition and update unsupported meshes. SMIM'd the Markarth Braziers with sweet 3D chains. -Fixed the Imperial Tent Akatosh Logo so it won't crash the game. Fixed missing alpha on Nordic Catacomb small series (nrcathallsm), which was my mistake. Fixed various random UV and vertex color errors the interior farmhouse meshes had. Change drives if necessary then type cd space-bar and paste (Ctrl+V), followed by enter-key. -SMIM'd the very ugly 2D skeleton remains used in several Nordic Temple meshes (nortmphallbg1waywall01.nif, nortmphallbg1waywall02.nif, nortmphallbg1waywall03.nif, nortmphallbgcolumn01.nif, and nortmphallbgcolumn02.nif).