Spider-Man caught on, suddenly feeling dirty. The extent of her powers is unknown, but she may be more powerful than anyone can anticipate. she screamed as she clawed at his body. A series of one-shots featuring several of Marvel's finest women being paired up with Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s even attended several of Ben Grimm’s famous poker games and once led an entirely new Fantastic Four team that helped take down Thanos in an alternate timeline. Peter didn't waste another second as he pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss. Peter moved towards her and pulled her into a hug. Peter caught her and lifted her into the air.

Summary: Spider Man and Invisible Woman come together, in an alternate universe, under strange situations, because of their love for each other. In this world they found the last remaining heroes of their world about to be killed in a cosmic clash between Galactus and The Phoenix Force. No wonder you were so reluctant. Her hands alternated between clawing at the sheets of the bed and fondling her own breasts. It was a question he hadn't dared bring up. Peter greedily accepted her kiss and massaged her tongue with his own. She looked down for a few seconds. Only really using it to sleep and sometimes eat. I Love You Too, Sue!" She smiled as her hands gripped the sides of his pants, tugging them down and off his hips, taking his underwear with it. "I love you, Peter!" The most powerful member of the Fantastic Four held a sympathetic look. Sue glanced at him out of the corner of her eye as he sat there. Her breathing became quicker as she felt his tongue delve into her moist cunt.

You've traveled to dozens of alien worlds, parallel dimensions, the past and the future, and saved the planet more times than I've taken pictures of myself. Thanks for both of your reviews!

That is excusable, under the circumstances I think. His rational mind was still disbelieving what had happened. "I know," he admitted with shame and a bowed head. He turned to Franklin who was looking him up and down with a hint of confusion. Peter nodded, waved Johnny off, and followed his date. No. ", Sue pondered that for a second. They held each other for untold minutes, Sue finding comfort in his arms as Peter held her as if to protect her. Latest chapter - Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) Part III! Preparing his small snack, Spidey heard the light patter of feet scramble up on the stools of the kitchen counter. All those belong to Marvel Studios. Every inch of her skin tasted sweet, almost intoxicating. Please." Peter felt her insides tighten around him, and he knew that he'd sent her over the edge as her juices flowed from her pussy over his member. She had stopped smiling. I should have told you sooner.". Even considered asking you to be Franklin's godfather. It was exactly what she wanted him to say. But when he opened it up, it wasn't who he expected. Oh, God! She's so beautiful just sleeping there. Is there anything I haven't missed? Spider-Man mocked with a slight scoff. Johnny gagged to himself at the sight, but his eyes softened once he saw Susan return the embrace by wrapping her arms around Peter's neck.

Spider-Man has had a long relationship with the Fantastic Four.Fans know all about Spidey’s friendship/rivalry with the Human Torch and the way he connects with Mr. When he picked up Sue (sporting a web bow tie), Spidey realized that as a superhero-on-a-budget he couldn’t afford to take Sue anywhere fancy. Not one of his usually bad ones but one of the real stinkers from Johnny's view, yet Susan, who hadn't smiled once since Reed's death, responded with genuine, good-spirited laughter. Her Spider Man and her Dr Doom were killed in a chemical explosion in Doom's lab six months prior to Spider Man and Lois dropping into their world. Damn, someone is on a hot streak creating all of these battle threads. As Spider Man he helped her travel to another dimension to find the help she required to save her world. A thin white stripe was present on both sides of his body, running up and down the outsides of his legs and arms. Living room with couch against the west wall and reclining chair next to it, back to the windows that looked out onto the street. Hopefully you'll find that a little more unique, and i had no idea Spidey and Gen 13 already crossed over. Sighing outwardly, she opened the door, revealing a casual Peter Parker, who wore a black sweater and blue jeans. Always around, but few ever noticed. My brother, my husband, my...son." It had been a couple months since the Christmas party at Wayne Manor hosted by Justice Leaguer Batman, a.k.a. "It creeps me out; I get bad memories just by looking at it." I'll sleep on the couch.". A first dance, a soft kiss, a mission. Who says that things would get any easier when you are a seasoned superhero. Peter nodded. A man who was kind, honest, justice-driven, strong, selfless and intelligent. Her face was flawless, her body athletic and shapely, her heart as pure and kind as any he had known, and her will as strong as tempered steel. Reed was never able to make me scream like that. She saw him just staring at her and smiled. While Peter and Sue never mentioned this embarrassing episode during Spidey’s later adventures with the Fantastic Four, it does stand out as one of Spider-Man’s more unusual dates. To tell me.". "Maybe, but if it wasn't for you being a 'city-hero', I wouldn't have been able to become a 'cosmic troubleshooter' like you say.". Lemon. ", "I was, for awhile. He listened to Sue's loud screaming as he fulfilled her deepest desires. Let it all out…" Peter said hotly in her ear, his hands reaching behind her back to grip her shoulders. Her cheeks turned a deep shade of red as Parker clumsily wrapped his arms around her slender frame. Are you okay?" Yes, really. Of course he couldn't help but wonder, in this new world, could there be anything between them? His hands moved, as if on their own, and slowly touched her breasts causing them to jiggle slightly. The speed of her forcefield creation and manipulation is as quick as her thought and her force field defense mechanism is as fast as reflex. Johnny couldn't help but agree with Ben on his comparison between Reed and Parker. Minutes passed like seconds as their jaws gnawed in tune with each other, hungrily feasting on the other. Sue bucked her hips up against his downward movements, and Peter thrust deeply within her each time they came together. "God! Peter gazed at her behind the mask, admiring every minute detail of her angelic face. Although Peter meant this as a gag and didn’t expect Sue to take him up on his offer, Sue – who was feeling ignored by her then-boyfriend Reed – eagerly accepted. Peter thrust forward and exploded inside of her. At the time, Spider-Man had a regular feud going on with the Human Torch and came up with a brilliant way to get under Johnny’s skin – ask his sister out on a date!