Description: One of six folksongs in the set. ; Bodleian You're the blooming rose of South Wales and the lass of Swansea Town.”. I have plucked an example from the AussieFSAD to illustrate just how wrong things can go……. And begged me to protect the blooming lass of Swansea Town.”, Then on the ground in agony this pretty maid did fall,

Am I the only one who finds the whole broken token thing a bit creepy? But still I live in hopes to see old Swansea Town once more. It encompasses caribbean shanties and quebecois dance, and a whole world in between. A cannon ball made him to fall and gave him his death wound, Shame Pierre Walsh has not been able to access AFSAD for a few days. Farewell to you, my Nancy, ten thousand times adieu,

Saying, “I'll never rest till in my breast there strikes some cannonball. Jane I would love to hear the polar bear song – sounds lovely. Roud 1416 Oh sorry I have boobled there Reinhard. She's the blooming Rose of Antrim, the flower of Corby Mill. This is one that seems to have traversed the Irish Sea as there’s an original ballad, The Blooming Rose Of Antrim at its root. Mike learned the song from a recording of Phil Tanner in the a parody of the song in the Sam Henry collection I think this is quite wonderful and another voting contender! So excuse me while I catch up on the songs and discussions. beautifully sung. Apparently the tune was originally a capstan shanty and is common to other songs. Peter Kennedy noted in the first album's notes: Phil Tanner possessed a ringing tenor, a marvellous use of embellishment, A cannonball caused him to fall and give him his death wound The name is right but I remember them as engineers rather than Industrial Clothing. CD reissue, in 2000 to the anthology of Topic recordings, I hope it was hauled by a steam engine too! I'm your long lost William boy safe from the wars returned. He asked me to post why.

Folk music and traditional song is by nature a big, glorious mish-mash of different cultures and styles. So far as I can tell, it’s the same arrangement as he was playing on the AFSAD tour (which was wonderful live and is one of the reasons I’m desperately hoping he does a whole CD with the Remnant Kings). Folk Against Fascism! Very nice to hear some men say that such an attention-seeking ploy is basically unacceptable! Birt’s version

A-viewing of the soldiers I spied a pretty fair maid. Steve Roud lists three song families with this titlle: this one, i.e.

“Swansea Town” is also used for a different song entirely. 612), from Country Antrim: It was on the first of January last, I was going to Butler's Fair, in 1968 on his eponymous EFDSS album,

Oak sang this song as The Lass of Newcastle Town Thanks Pewter for your message which came in whilst I was still getting around to sending one to you.

Eight years ago he left me when to Bermuda he was bound, Or a woolly owl? Jane is quite remarkable isn’t she?

so that singers might insert their preferred locality. Eight years ago he left me when's Bermuda he was bound, Linda you should play Jane’s link to the polar bear song – its quite amusing.

Composer: Gustav Holst Nicely done Jon – running out of different adjectives I’m afraid. As you say, nice to have a happy ending for once. Well, I've searched this country o'er and o'er, ‘cross many a hill and stile. I should have thought of it myself. A Folk Song a Day, Well, I said to her, “My pretty fair maid, sad news I have to tell. as the 5 March 2011 entry of his project She was the blooming rose of South Wales and the lass of Swansea Town. Great rendition, under the circumstances. I think its quite possible she could have not recognized him. Mike Waterson

The secrets of my mind, fine, girl, you're the girl that I adore, And the Dread Pyrate Roberts mask fooled Buttercup in A Princess Bride. Thanks Pewter for your trouble. And he vowed he would be faithful to the lass of Swansea Town.”. The Blooming Rose of Antrim, Really enjoyed this one. Anybody tried that for real you’d call the police right?

The Lass of — Town He cartainly looked the part Jane. All this thanks to Reynard and Mainly Norfolk when I play the Youtube videos. @ Muzza: I suppose no real surprise that Nick Griffin would like traditional folk music (of this country/British Isles presumably?) A hyperbolic romantic notion with much song appeal, hauntingly drawn out by thee, Jon! Either way, it’s quite haunting. A recording of it was in included in 2003 on their Musical Traditions CD A good song, sung well.

and in 2004 on the Watersons' 4CD anthology a come-all-ye which bears many traces of Irish composition. I think this is one you could definitely devise an act for on YouTube, Muzza! Then the computer crashes! The Flower of Corby Mill [Roud 2928; Henry H612];

Incidentally, Phil begins the second line of the A-viewing of the soldiers and I saw a pretty maid, indicates the tune

It also solves a mix-up over the title “Swansea Town”, which it is used, when sung by Mike Waterson. But I bet Miss Peggy Pryde singing ‘The Song Of The Thrush’ went down a storm in Australian mining camps though! The concertina tune all sounded a bit at odds to the sung melody to my ears. Since other versions of the song stop short of this device with no happy ending, I think the contrivance is a bit of a tacked-on twist to re-unite the couple. 19 December 1972, Oak's final gig. Now I've late returned to claim my blooming rose of Swansea Town.”, Final chorus: Just watched Keith Allan interview Nick Griffin of the British National Party and the latter revealed that he is a great fan of folk music and especially of Peter Bellamy. Country Songs and Music. She suggested getting in via ‘the back door’ using Google Chrome and it worked. he thanks Barbara Hindley for significant assistance. no. I seldom go on Youtube except for some of Bellowhead, Spiers & Boden etc which are on my favourites bar (is that the right term)? The musician still not got the knack of matching the singer!

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Left 2 messages on FB under some pictures and thanks for update. @Diana – just seen your question about Hargreaves Hamilton in Bolton!

If you continue to to run this script, your computer may become unresponsive. AussieFSAD one is a Nice little sad song/story apart from the discord!

The Gower Nightingale.,–thorn-project.html. in 2003 to the Watersons anthology Excellent playing – is it Jon on concertina? (The Folk Songs of Britain Volume 8; Caedmon 1961; Topic 1970),

Chap pretends to be someone else, saying that the young lady’s true love is dead and then OH LOOK! I note this just as a point of interest…not to start a polical debate. Swansea Barracks / Swansea Town (Roud 1416), then Old Swansea Town No More / Swansea Town / The Holy Ground (Roud 929), and at last Swansea Town as a variant of Adieu My Lovely Nancy (Roud 165). There were many other variations and sets of lyrics to this tune. A ‘Brief Encounter’ and no mistake! by Proper Music Distribution |

Do I have the right company? Eight years ago he left me when to Bermuda he was bound, ‘Twas down by Swansea barracks I alone one morning strayed,

2 Oh! Linda I have just gone onto S & B’s tour dates and Bury Met has disappeared and the Sheffield Cathedral one is now April 13th by the look of it. of his home town. I was a wages clerk in those days. Still, it had been 8 years.

At present Norton are scrolling thought their full system scan which they seem to do every few days and I can’t switch off till they finish.

Garry Gillard transcribed Mike Waterson's version; Chorus: And as I gazed upon her, my heart with joy did fill, Muzza followed your link but think I will stick to the English version. Andy Turner sang The Lass of Swansea Town and in 2003 on his Veteran anthology CD Old Swansea Town Once More This song was originally a windlass and capstan shanty. Roud 1416 It is always late in the evening unfortunately. It’s actually me! Good link, Muzza. given his politics. This should please Diana! oooer.. a woolly owl just flew by..If I can catch it I’m sure I can find a use for it!

I understand the BNP had misappropriated Steve Knightley’s/Show of Hands ‘Roots’ song on their website, so he had to ask them to stop it and give it back, which they did without argument. She said, “Kind sir I am watching for my bonny soldier dear.

He could have been a teen when he left but 8 years later a man. Saying, “I shall never rest until in my breast there strikes a cannon ball, Oh goodie, you are back – it was force of habit I’m afraid. Her hair it was as black as jet, in ringlets hanging down,

And he asked me to protect his blooming rose of Swansea Town.”, And it's on the ground in agonies this pretty maid did fall, I'm bound to cross the ocean, girl, once more to part with you; Mighty River of Song. the Watersons sing “She's my universal woman.” I've searched through Ireland and through Wales, full many a weary mile,