Recent structural mapping, modeling, and analyses of deformation mechanisms strongly support an impact origin. The next image shows linear mountains aligned parallel with supply current just before these same junctions. That was an example of reactive power spitting out. a The precise age of Upheaval crater has not been determined. These are the reactive inflow currents, where charge depletion made a dyke on which a mountain formed from windblown dust. UPHEAVAL DOME, UTAH, USA: IMPACT ORIGIN CONFIRMED.

Structures produced during the three stages of cratering are preserved at Upheaval Dome. A reactive discharge results creating box canyons to either side, rotated roughly ninety degrees to the line current and forming a “cross”. In a balanced 3-phase circuit, the currents would form a star pattern with 120 degrees between each arm forming what is called a “grounded Wye connection”. There are many craters documented on this site. # The Roberts rift is a unique northeast-striking, circa 10 kilometer-long fracture located approximately 25-30 kilometers northeast of Upheaval Dome and hypothesized to be the result of impact at the dome (Shoemaker, 1998). It’s to the right of the line current because of the “right-hand-rule”, which says the magnetic field is penetrating the ground at these places and saturating it with induced currents.

The documented planar deformation feature lamellae discovered at Upheaval Dome suggest an impactor contact causing shock pressures of ~10 GPa at a distance of <1.3 km from the crater center (Buchner 2008). You will be attracted to certain locations to pick up and merge with the specific vibrations presently needed… The effect can be seen in this image of the Will Henry and its tributaries where they branch from the Colorado. They are bold, articulate statements about the environment they lived in, and how different it was from ours. The impact created a large explosion, sending dust and debris high into the atmosphere. The same magnetic field also redirected the ground-to-ground line currents – the dragons blood, so to speak – due to the Hall Effect. Scherler, D., Jahn, A.

The samples were taken from bedrocks ~1.3 km northeast of the proposed crater center and 450 m southwest of the ring syncline axis. Important! (abstract), Fall AGU, p. F337.

Another example of the Hall Effect is displayed in these images of the famous “Gila Bend” in the Gila River. Upheaval Dome is a unique circular structure on the Colorado Plateau in South East Utah between the Green and Colorado rivers.

Reports of the National Center for Science Education. Remarkably, they all invented the same physical description and modus operandi: a fire breathing serpent, origin in the sea, havoc across the land and crazy weather. Structurally the feature is a deeply eroded dome - an area where rock units are up-arched a few hundred feet - surrounded by rocks that are nearly horizontal and undeformed. The impact initially created an unstable crater that partially collapsed. The ancients left us tales, artwork and structures that are more than just breadcrumbs. South of the junction is an arcing network of filamented canyons and mesas parallel to incoming line current, just before the bifurcation. As the line current is slowed by the rising frequency, charge builds in the nose of the current channel, just like pressure builds behind a bottleneck. Pergamon, 1977.

The depleted region forms a mountain as atomic bonds recombine, first forming a rock wall, called a dyke. Joesting. As discharges occur, pulses of energy and bollides of densely charged matter shoot up and down the line current. M. P. A. Jackson, D. D. Schultz-Ela, M. R. Hudec,I. Upheaval Dome – Linton RohrMr. This occurs when the de-saturated zones left by inflow currents leave mesa’s behind as landscape around is sputtered away. When the branches are in-phase they try to close together on a common, transient current vector, but then push apart when out-of-phase and return to the original line current vector.

Vortexes in USA by State; Global Vortex Map . In nearby Canyonlands National Park, separated with Arches National Park by a mere 45 minutes, you must see the Upheaval Dome. Ian Kluft agreed to let me post his images of the Upheaval Dome. The features examined in this article are proof of the dragon’s passage, not random and coincidental anomalies. The reactive inflow currents, however, are constructive and build mountains and mesas. Structure and evolution of Upheaval Dome: A pinched-off salt diapir, Location: Utah, U.S.A. N 38° 26′ W 109° 54′. This is where things get really interesting. TEM analyses revealed that the lamellae are dislocation bands with extremely high dislocation densities that contain numerous fluid inclusions precipitated on the dislocations. Thanks Linton. Upheaval Dome is one of the first contact points and we were called there to understand how that would materialize through creating community in the area. The problem is that the crater is deeply eroded so that crucial melt rocks and post-impact crater-filling sediments are missing. The Paradox Basin is an evaporite basin containing sediments from alternating cycles of deep marine and very shallow water. and Shoemaker,E.M., Structure and kinematics of a complex crater: Upheaval Dome, southeast Utah (abstract). 2006. Kenkmann, T., Scherler, D., New structural constraints on the Upheaval Dome impact crater. Louie, J. N., Chávez-Pérez, S. and Plank,G., Impact Deformation at Upheaval Dome, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, Revealed by Seismic Profiles.

DC bias and a very dirty signal to the current closes the current angle down to the 40 and 60 degree angles seen at the Green and San Juan junctions. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals that the amorphous lamellae are annealed and exhibit dense tangles of dislocations as well as trails of fluid inclusions. The red dot represents the approximate area of the Upheaval Dome impact 170 million years ago in the Jurassic Period. Some geologists estimate that roughly 60 million years ago, a meteorite with a diameter of approximately 0.5 km hit at what is now the Upheaval Dome. The sudden grounding creates a new current vector. I was very fortunate to get these images as there was a major thunderstorm in the area and I had to keep a “respectful” distance from those “dark” clouds!! Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, 2007, Eugene M. Shoemaker, Bryan J. Kriens, Ken E. Herkenhop, GEOLOGY OF THE UPHEAVAL DOME IMPACT STRUCTURE, SOUTHEAST UTAH. Final confirmation of an impact origin for the Upheaval Dome Impact Crater came in March 2008 (Buchner 2008) when shocked quartz grains in sandstones of the Jurassic Kayenta Formation were discovered.

The inflow current depletes a region of electrons. Journal of Geophysical Research–Planets, April 16, 1998. Similarly, the San Rafael updraft dome has tributaries of the Green River shooting through its center, and the downdraft crater is avoided by the arc of Green River and its tributaries. When it sucks back in, reactive power creates a mountain, not a canyon. 2003.

Kenkmann, T., Ivanov, B. 2003. Yet the consensus relegates this to coincidence, or a spontaneous glitch in a collective consciousness their own science denies the existence of. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  It is a fulgurite created by negative cloud-to-ground lightning. I showed the work at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles in November of 2018 and the show consisted almost entirely of kiln formed glass pieces with the exception of one still photograph taken at an energy vortex called Upheaval Dome. Scherler, D., Kenkmann, T. , Jahn, A., Structural record of an oblique impact, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248, P. 43 – 53. The center of the ring current is a clump of sharply pointed tetrahedrons aimed skyward from shock waves where the coil’s induction drew the central, supersonic updraft. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is about eight thousand feet across and over one thousand feet deep. During my aerial exploration of the Upheaval Dome Impact Crater, I completed a full counter-clockwise orbit of the structure starting north and ending east and took the following images. It’s parallel to the supply current because it’s actually making a capacitor at some distance defined by the magnetic field, which helps induce currents to build the capacitor’s charge.

Mechanical thickening of the stratigraphic section by conjugate thrust faults and ductile crowding structures adjacent to the opening transient crater remain from the crater excavation stage. Upheaval Dome – Ian KluftMr. When the discharge occurs, the capacitive, reactive branch connects with the capacitor filaments and drains them, which has the effect of building a dyke, and hence a mountain, from a depleted charge zone. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dence M. R., Grieve R. A. F., and Robertson P. B., Terrestrial impact structures: Principal characteristics and energy considerations. This left depleted ground where the linear mesas are, while the canyons were excavated by sputtering. Chakra & Vortex Points of the Earth (World Sacred Sites) Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand. This finding also supports a post-Wingate (post-Early Jurassic) age for this impact (Okubo 2007). Brent Dalrymple, Radiometric Dating Does Work! One to two kilometers of erosion has stripped away the surface features revealing the strongly faulted core of the crater. Exposed in the center of the structure is the Wingate Sandstone, surrounded by the Kayenta Formation, and Navajo Sandstone. Chakra & Vortex Points of the Earth (World Sacred Sites) Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand. A similar effect happens in the Grand Canyon, but in this case the river detours to the south twice below the Uinkaret Volcanic Field. You can see the effect in these diagrams, where an electric current, shown in blue, is either pushed away, or attracted to a magnet in close proximity. They diffuse through the land, changing the chemistry and reforming rock over some time, not at the lightning pace of a spark. Quartz is a mineral which retains particularly well the memory of the extreme pressures induced during impact. Google Satellite Image / Map of Upheaval Dome, located in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Navajo mountain sits next to the San Juan Junction. The next image shows line current and outflow reactance in blue and inflow reactance in red for the major resonant discharge bifurcations along the southern portion of the Colorado and Gila. The parallel mountains are the capacitive reactive inflow currents.

Observing the geology of the structure gave me doubts that this is the result of an impact. It is your responsibility to get permission, if needed, before visiting any location listed on this site.

Buchner, E., Kenkmann, T., Upheaval Dome, Utah, USA: Impact Origin Confirmed. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

They appear predictably, as expected of the circuit. Or it could be an artifact of the way the circuit connects with the volcano subsurface, where it can’t be seen, producing an effect similar to the diagram. Assume that the energy for sedimentary rocks is 20% less that the energy for crystalline rocks (Dence et al., 1977), and the kinetic energy of the impactor that formed Upheaval Dome had an impact velocity of 20 km/sec. When two waves of charge density collide, they interfere, causing a momentary spike in energy similar to a rogue wave, or the pressure waves in water pipes that cause hammer and cavitation.

Some junctions occur as a result of sudden grounding. 2008. This breaks the bonds in crystalline rock, tearing it apart, heating and dissolving it. Buchner, E. and Kenkmann, T, UPHEAVAL DOME, UTAH, USA: IMPACT ORIGIN CONFIRMED.

These  canyons are scars from tendrils of charge that shot through this area, electrifying an aquifer, or wet layer of deposits and causing the land to sputter away from that layer, leaving already de-saturated areas behind. The Grand Canyon especially exhibits these types of reactive discharge.