I never ever use anyone other than the Post Office. Our 1.4 million members typically respond within 1 hour. How is that possible?

One for USPS that it was accepted at the post office. Good to know. Seller contacted USPS and was told that this status occurs when the customer refuses delivery of the package. I didn't know this, and I have been shipping with USPS for years. My package was passed off to FedEx and once I entered the label number less the first 8 digits, it showed the delivery status of my package. I only use USPS and always create the label electronically using Pay-Pal. PLEASE HELP.

I did NOT use another carrier. Google the address. The only time I have seen this scan is when the package is delivered to a freight forwarder, there are some in Florida that have USPS scanners and they are supposed to scan the packages but they don't. the postal service hands off to another carrier, you can track the package at www.tracking.smartlabel.com.

device tendered to returns agent I returned my old phone for the new one with the USPS label provided by AT&T. I put my device in the mail on October 4th, received a text today, October 11th, that device has not been received. You are right, that totally works.

The next scan point might update the tracking for that package. I've never seen a shipping status like that before, what does this mean? Please be sure to check your forums inbox for further discussion. i plan on raising hell with the post office when i get back into ton if it still shows this, or wasnt delivered in teh 2 day time of the usps priority mail 2day, and i will be demanding they give me the automatic $50 insurance for their screw up i think that is fair considering i paid for a service i didnt get and it is entirely their fault. He bought it Tuesday night late, I mailed Wed, today is Thursday. I found my USPS tracking info at Fed Ex also.

I see this question asked here (I searched) and no one ever answers.

The Postal Service no longer has the item and no further tracking updates are expected." i just had this happen to me, sent it USPS priority mail 2 day.

Other than that, you do not need to respond to any inappropriate accusations.

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Sometimes I get glitches in USPS tracking but the package still gets to its destination.

The problem is the tracking clearly states "The Postal Service no longer has the item and no further tracking updates are expected."

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I brought 4 packages monday to the post office and just checked and it shows 1 is delivered and the other 3 have the exact same notice you have which I also have never seen this before. Don't Panic we're here to provide you with the correct information, so you'll know what you need to do in regards to your return equipment. Right now I have a buyer screaming at me about his package, which is unfair. Same thing happen to me and I found the easy answer: I had entered the Label # instead of the tracking #. I am praying someone can help me. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. * The “17,” or “Picked Up by Agent” scan, performed at Return Delivery Units, will be renamed “Tendered to Return Agent.” * The “42,” or “USPS Handoff to Shipping Partner” scan, performed at Return Sectional Center Facilities, will be renamed “Tendered to Return Agent.” Link: