As for wheels, low trucks require – 50 to 53- millimeter wheels, medium trucks can do with – 53 to 56-millimeter wheels and high up to 60 mm wheels. How do they do this? Tensor magnesium light is actually the lightest you can find on the market! Site Map:Maglight / Aluminum / Team / Video / Guarantee / Shops / How Light? There are always exceptions of course. Confusingly, the trucks you buy will actually measure wider than the size stated as it doesn't count the axle. A bent axle means buying a new truck. The Mag Light is 30% lighter than any truck ever made. Here are two tire size charts that list every tire by wheel size or by diameter to make your search as simple as possible.

Wait, What About These Different “Duties?”. There are Class 1s, Class 8s, Half-Tons, One-Tons, Light Duty, Severe Duty, Heavy-Duty-Light-Duty... what do they all mean? Thunder lights come with a hollow kingpin and a forged aluminum baseplate which takes some weight of the truck. You’ll also find solid vs. hollow versions of some materials. TALLER TRUCK (55MM AXLE HEIGHT) - Tighter turning and less wheel bite.A taller truck creates more clearance between wheel and deck resulting in less wheel bite. Truck Size Guide. The US DOT puts trucks into classes by “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating” (GVWR) ranked from 1 to 8 (smallest to largest). I do like them but it’s more about just wanting them, not a rational thing. Riser pads are for skateboarders who like cruising on bigger wheels and prevent wheel bite. When Buying a new set of skateboard trucks you first need to know the deck width you will be using them with. But watch out, Royal makes a truck marked 5.5" but the actual size of the truck hanger is closer to 5.8" with an 8.75" axle. Ford and Ram sell chassis-cab versions of their bigger light duty trucks. ", "Great prices and a very big selection of products. The distance is measured between the baseplate and the truck’s hanger. There are two parts of the truck that can be measured – the length of the hanger and the length of the axle. Skateboard trucks are the most important part of your board. Those “weigh stations” you see on the side of the highway exist to make sure truckers aren’t exceeding their GVWR. This entry was posted on 12th February 2018 by Gurney.

While wide trucks offer more stability, having too wide trucks can lead to a number of issues. They’re cheap and will help to keep your bearings in good condition as they reduce the friction on your buts and hangar while moving. REINFORCED HANGER - More strengthThe weight has been redistributed in key areas resulting in an overall stronger truck. Sign In or I also suggest going for a wider truck combined with a wider board. The most important thing is that they shouldn’t be wider than your deck because this will reduce responsiveness and causes wheel bite. To tighten the trucks, you turn the kingpin bolt to the right, to loosen, turn to the left. Shop the best selection of skateboard trucks from Tensor. There are a couple of factors you need to consider when choosing the right skateboard trucks, but which trucks are right for you?First, the width of your trucks’ axle should match your deck and vice versa. Venture doesn't currently make a 5.5" truck but does make a 5.8" with a 8.75" axle. 8.0 axle. Manufacturers tend to claim they can tow between 5,000 and 10,000+ pounds. These classes are confusing now because they’re pegged to capability-levels modern vehicles have long surpassed. Usuall… Generally speaking, you want your board to line up (or come very close to) the ends of the axle. The nut on the end of the kingpin allows you to tighten or loosen your trucks. Your wheels are placed in between them and they protect your bearings from wear and tear and help your wheels spin faster. It’s hard to break an Indy truck and if you do don’t be afraid to contact them. The truck’s height is about the distance between your wheel and your deck. A skateboard truck consists of the following components: The king of pins. Trucks need some time to break in, especially the bushings. All the different parts play an important role to make your truck perform and behave as a solid trustworthy truck should. A chassis cab van is an enclosed van cab with nothing but frame rails behind it, while a “cutaway is the same thing but with an open back-half of the cab (think; ambulance).

You can use the size chart below to easily find the right size. For a while, there’s a trend to make trucks lighter either by hollowing out the axles and kingpins or using aluminum. The kingpin also controls how much pressure is being put on the bushings. The kingpin holds everything together and is rather important. All brands list their details in the product description and if you go to your local skate shop they will help you out. Too narrow could mean an uncomfortable ride, you won’t be able to see your wheels and it’s like riding a carpet. I personally love riding them in my local mini ramp!

Buying your First Skateboard - A Beginners Guide, James Threlfall - Element Skateboards Video, Vans Shop Riot 2018 Gallery - Mount Hawke, Cornwall. Durability wise they are in-between Thunder and Indy’s. They need to be tight (not too tight) in order to prevent your wheels from flying off. 8.25" Deck = 5.5" Trucks. CALL 01837 55778 says trucks were initially advertised based on payload because they “competed directly against horse-drawn wagons” which is pretty wild to think about.