Your mobile plan might just suck. Whilst not on TV programs, you'll find it close to 'Friday Jams', A. Friday Jams plays on the radio and it's pretty close to the radio in your car. Another clue to get ahead, most people have one in New Zealand. 8:00 PM - Clicker to train a dog with", 8:00 AM - "Using scissors to cut paper" But press on and you'll find the answer, A. 12:00 PM - "A handful of pasta, like spaghetti and break it into a pot" Sorry, but we don't get paid nearly enough for that. “Can I listen to the sound online?” 7:00 PM - "Suction cup releasing" ON 200 Followers. "How specific does my guess need to be?" 6:00 PM - "A ruler breaking" 2:00 PM - "Hitting a piece of paper with an elastic band" Unfortunately yes, there is a delay when you listen to 100.3 The Bear on a streaming device BUT fortunately we've had TONS of people get in who are streaming. "Do you block numbers from outside Alberta?" 2:00 PM - "A cap gun" It's not located in the office. 10:00 AM - "Breaking a chopstick" 4:00 PM - "Closing the cover of a book"

T5S 1A8, Bear Studio & Contesting and it certainly isn't in the office.

Find some help for these difficult times. CHECK THE INCORRECT GUESSES!!! (780) 486-9122, 299 Queen Street West 100.3 The Bear’s Secret Sound is BACK – it's worth a cut of $75,000- and it's ready to piss you off like never before!!! 11:00 AM - "Someone getting waxed or pulling back a wax strip" Receive promotional & special offers from our partners.

11:00 AM - "Clicking a pen"

12:00 PM - "Snapping a piece of styrofoam"  A.

(780) 486-9122, 299 Queen Street West 5:00 PM - "Opening an envelope with a letter opener" Todd Reveals Who Will Receive the Money, Todd from Tacoma Wins $12,340 in SPIRIT Secret Sound With Winning Guess of Trash Grabber.

3:00 PM - "Crackin open a beer can or pop can" 5:00 PM - "Rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together" 3:00 PM - "Somebody scooping kitty litter" AB iHeartRadio For You; My Stations; Live Radio; Podcasts; Artist Radio; News; Features; Events; Videos ; Contests; Join Now. 9:00 AM -"Tearing a piece of sandpaper"

9:00 AM - "Peeling a banana 9:00 AM - "Opening a pull tab can" Secret Sound Updates. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The secret sound on your desktop or mobile device. The FOURTH $75,000 Secret Sound HAS been correctly guessed! 3:00 PM - "Using a toaster" HOW DO YOU LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT!? 9:00 AM - "A soda stream" 100.3 The Bear - Greedy Bastards Exclusive Offers. 6:00 PM - "A kiss"

Subscribe to a Newsletter * * * Choose at least one of these Newsletters. Posted Sep 11, 2020. "Why am I getting a 'thanks for playing' so long after you played the sound."

18520 Stony Plain Road #100 AB Toronto Announcements, contests, presales and other great offers. Edmonton 18520 Stony Plain Road #100, Edmonton AB T5S 1A8, 'The Last Dance' Producers Signed On for Stone Cold Documentary, Wife’s TikTok Of Hubby’s Toenails Ripping Sheets Goes Viral, Teaser From The Foo Fighters Means New Music Soon. 7:00 PM - "Plastic thing in the Hot Rod you pull and it goes" 1:00 PM - "When you drop paper on a desk" 100.3 The Bear - Greedy Bastards Newsletter. The car was in the garage at the time was it not? 10:00 AM - "Shaking a maraca" 1:00 PM - "Lighting a Zippo"

For example, Secret Sound #1 from the last time we did this was "Ripping a cardboard box." 11. Our sound-keeper Gary (one of two people who actually know the sound), has decided to give you the biggest clue yet, in the form of this video tour of his house.

8:00 PM - "Someone pushing a key on a typewriter", 8:00 AM - "Opening an envelope" Just like the masses, you have to listen for the keyword at the top of the hour from 8AM - 8PM every weekday, text it to 666-666 and if we call you back, then you get to tell us loud and proud. Guess the sound, WIN the CASH!

6:00 PM - "Crackin an egg" 100.3 The Bear - Greedy Bastards Exclusive Offers. You can listen to the PREVIOUS sounds online and check all incorrect guesses online but the current Secret Sound can only be heard 8AM-8PM, Monday-Friday (except for holidays) live on-air. 8:00 PM - "Rubberband", 8:00 AM - "Pullling a piece of paper off one of those sticky pads" 5:00 PM - "A latex glove being snapped" 1:00 PM - "Hitting a ruler on a desk" 12:00 PM - "Ripping or tearing masking tape" (780) 451-8666, Reception Desk - NOT for Contests

- PLEASE NOTE THESE CLUES ARE FROM SECRET SOUND SEASON 2 AND ARE NO LONGER APPLICABLE TO THE CURRENT SOUND - The Secret Sound has been driving us craaaazy, so we can only imagine how crazy it's driving you guys!.

12:00 PM - "Pulling the husk off a corn cob" I understand I can withdraw my consent to any of the aforementioned items at any time. M5V 2Z5. 18520 Stony Plain Road #100

3. 6:00 PM - "Shaking a jar of toothpicks" When you hear it, text it to 666-666. 10:00 AM - "Opening a set of Vice-Grips"

6:00 PM - "Taking a picture with your cell phone" 7:00 PM - "Popping gum out of a bubble pack" After being isolated in The Bear Labs for so long, what else does one do with their time other than make HARDER, GRUNGIER, MORE ANNOYING SOUNDS? 10:00 AM - "A bottle of Tic Tac's turned upside down" Listen to The secret sound | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. oslo. Starting Monday, August 31st, listen for The Secret Sound Keyword THIRTEEN times every weekday from 8AM - 8PM. 1:00 PM - "A PEZ dispenser" 

9:00 AM - "Popping a balloon" 4:00 PM - "Snapping celery" 8:00 PM - "Rubberband shooting a spitball", 8:00 AM - "Tearing a piece of paper" 5:00 PM - "Ripping duct tape off somethin" 4:00 PM - "A flyswatter hitting a surface" 5:00 PM - "Pulling a rolling paper out of the pack"

iHeartRadio For You; My Stations; Live Radio; Podcasts; Artist Radio; News; Features; Events; Videos; Contests ; Join Now.


M5V 2Z5, 100.3 The Bear - Greedy Bastards Newsletter. "Can I text in my guess?" Starting Monday, August 31st, listen for The Secret Sound Keyword THIRTEEN times every weekday from 8AM - 8PM. 2:00 PM - "Shaking a salt shaker"

T5S 1A8, Bear Studio & Contesting

Here are all the INCORRECT guesses:

We punch 103 into our fancy textymajigger and it pulls up the 103rd text in. 11. (780) 486-2800, Advertising Inquiry COVID Rain Cheque::COVID ruined your plans, and now we want to give back the cash you lost. 11:00 AM - "Opening or closing binder rings"

2. 2:00 PM - "Taking a candy out of a cellophane wrapper" We unfortunately have no control over this and that is why you’ll find in our rules and in every contest response you get from us that “Messaging rates may apply.”. 1:00 PM - "A Mouse trap snapping" 4:00 PM - "Somebody crackin an ice cube tray" Your Soundtrack for Life.

10:00 AM - "Lighting matches on a matchbox" (780) 486-2800, Advertising Inquiry You can feel free to text us as many guesses as you want, but we'll never tell you if you're right or wrong. 4. 4:00 PM - "Setting off a mouse trap"

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