Here’s the full geo chart: Dear Trek, I love you but I went blind making your geo charts legible. differences between them! There are new Bontrager goodies as well: 35mm bars (carbon and alloy) and stems (bars aren’t stiffer, the flex is tuned the same), flat pedals, carbon wheels, and a new Drop Line dropper post (this deserves its own article but the big news is it will retail for $299 US; our test bikes were equipped with it and it worked well but more time needed to properly evaluate it, of course).

2017 Trek Remedy stiffness vs old Remedy and Slash.

Got it? There are three electric mountain bike types: Powerfly, Powerfly FS and Powerfly LT Plus. So I believe ’em. Both bikes were Eagle-equipped, and that was my first experience with SRAM’s new 50 teeth of Freedom Group. yeah I dont really want to go over 3k and I was also looking at the Trance which seems like a good bike. Sick moody photo: Margus Riga. differences.

Trek Remedy launch in Squamish, British Columbia. No proprietary mounts I was in a similar pinch some months ago and opted for the Remedy and I've loved riding it everywhere. there, the only limits are on the diameter of the shock. ABP stands for Active Braking Pivot. Shremedy, Prices range from £2,300 to £6,000.

100mm of travel at either end.

Enjoy the luxury of home delivery and never miss an issue <<, >>> Trek Fuel EX Plus 9.8 27.5 (2017) review. The Powerfly FS bikes are aimed at cross-country riding with a bit of rougher stuff every now and then. All but the entry level £3,500 Powerfly 5 FS come with Plus tyres. It’s stiffer everywhere than the current Slash.

Photo: Margus Riga. These are essentially super high spec models. The components are of a higher quality than the Marlins. I'm also really confused as the "Metric Shock Sizing" press release didn't Basically asking if a guy >>> Trek road bikes: which model is right for you? Yeap, we're up in your social medias too. A lot of reviews talking about climb and how easy it is to climb with the remedy but I am really interested on how it handles in fast gravity situations over ruts and rocks. New

Over the years, the Trek Remedy has filled several different prescriptions. Fuel EX Plus is aimed at riders who “corner with caution” and for whom key attributes in their bike are “confidence and traction” whereas Fuel EX is for more aggressive riders who rail corners, and push limits. The Remedy seems great since it has the 140mm instead of the Fuel 120mm but I am also looking at keep this bike for awhile and want to be 100% happy. It really is only saddles that need to be a bit different to men’s. You want to go up stuff and down stuff?

The Trek Roscoe range of Plus-tyred trail hardtails running from £800 to £ 1,250. I am not looking to jump huge distances but grabbing some air once and awhile is always fun. The Trek Session is the downhill bike. I also want to be able to take that bike and ride some downhill when I head up to Wisconsin, maybe once or twice a month. They roll on some seriously large rubber! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Nothing groundbreaking or surprising there. Trek, Thanks for the feedback and yeah that Pike seems pretty legit from what I've read. What is a bit odd, though, is that the 29″ Remedy was a great bike, and they killed it. I am leaning towards the Fuel EX 9 but just want to hear what everyone else has to say. Admittedly, I haven’t ridden a Fuel EX in several years at least, so its performance may have caught me by surprise more than some. Like I said this is just my opinion so don't just listen to me, that was just my experience. Bontrager components. There are five hardtail models in Trek’s range: Marlin, X-Caliber, Roscoe, Procaliber and Stache. And now available as a frameset as a 29er with 190mm of travel.

Trek did not indicate they’re moving away from long travel 29ers, but for now, you can get a 29er in the form of a Fuel EX, but the Remedy is restricted to 27.5. Derf and entrails. just so I understand, will this bike have a proprietary shock mount?

It’s a bold move by Trek but one that makes the Slash arguably the most defined model in their range.

The 2017 Trek Remedy 9.9. If you pop over to Trek’s website and click on ‘mountain bikes’ more than 120 bikes appear in front of you. No, between them: I meant my comment as a new buyer "which one should I

Geometry and stiffness are notably improved, and at the high end, the addition of SRAM’s Eagle group gives a drivetrain range that provides useful versatility.