If you win with a 50 cent wager, you win half the prize for a $1 wager. Do NOT mark Exact Order, Any Order, 50/50, or Combo. Front Pair: Mark one digit in column 1 and column 2. The Louisiana State Lottery: Pick 3. Copyright 2019 Virginia Lottery All Rights Reserved. Virginia Lottery offers online subscriptions to play Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life. The Virginia Lottery was started in 1987 when Virginia voters passed a state lottery. By law, Virginia withholds 24% in Federal taxes and 4% in state taxes from all lottery winnings greater than $5,000. The first ticket was sold on September 20, 1988. Play COMBO: Wager $1 on all exact-order combinations of a Pick 3 number. Check Virginia (VA) Pick 4 Day winning numbers and results, monitor VA lottery jackpots, and see the latest news on all your favorite VA lottery games with our If you have purchased a Subscription or entered a Lottery promotion in the past year, you are already a member and may login. If you have questions, please call: 804-692-7777. The prize amount and the store where the ticket was purchased will, however, be public record. Visitors from US are now allowed to PLAY and WIN the U.S. Powerball right here on Lottery.com! Virginia Lottery players have a wide range of games from which to choose. Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Virginia? Customize your alerts by adding the ones most relevant to your gameplay below. Play 50/50 and split your wager half on Exact Order and half on Any Order. If you are playing a Pick 3…

Select the two digits for the Pairs option.

To learn more about the Virginia Lottery please visit the official website. Lottery.com is an AutoLotto, Inc. company. • Current Pick 3 game format: 3 digits from a field of 10, from 0 to 9 • Total drawings in this results file: 9353 • Most recent drawing in this file: May 15, 2017 (2 3 3) • Data recorded in Pennsylvania Lottery, evening drawings only. How to WIN $450 in One Day, Playing Pick 3 !!!

ESSENTIAL INFO: Number of balls: Min Price (per line): $ Drawn on: Min Jackpot: Lotteries played in Louisiana . For prizes of $10 million and less, winners will also remain public record. View All Previous 2020 VA Pick 4 Day Results. If you win with … CHECK OUT THE ... FREE $20 FOR YOUR ONLINE LOTTERY ACCOUNT. Are you holding on to a winning ticket? Win $500 if one of those combinations is drawn. Learn how to play the lottery online right here! Virginia Pick 3 Night drawing results (winning numbers), hot/cold Numbers, jackpots. Virginia Pick 3 Night Prizes and Winning Odds, wheeling system, payout, frequency chart, how to play, how to win, etc.

Can I buy a VA Lottery ticket online? The following statistical reports are no longer updated. Split Pair: Mark one digit in column 1 and column 3. Mark the OPTIONAL PLAYS box for any of the following.

Playing more than one drawing increases the ticket price by the