Status Vic: Oh, Christmas is for family, Frank. He previously worked for the WKWOK 109.5 radio station (he was eventually rehired and the station was renamed WKWEEZE 109.5) and often has parties at his house. Samantha, Cutie Pie, Mort Rosenthal (sometimes). Frank Murphy: Neither was I. In Season 4, this finally happens for him. Shop Vic Firth Marching. Dislike I have met God!”. In Season 2, Vic has found a new girlfriend in a woman he always calls Cutie Pie. He was eager to start a family with her. A page for describing Funny: F is for Family. Frank Murphy: Hey, you stay away from that loose girl down on River Street. Vic's friendship with Kevin takes on a nurturing and slightly paternal role, with Vic encouraging Kevin's dream of being a musician. See a volcano, drink a volcano... be a volcano. Frank Murphy: Hey, you stay away from that loose girl down on River Street. They want deadbeat 18-year olds! It is later revealed he is addicted to cocaine and uses it to numb his anger and depression.

Human In his sobriety, he starts to become more aware of his surroundings, finally picking up on what Mr. Holtenwasser's stories are really about.

"Frank: Come on, the army doesn't want deadbeat 14-year olds! Species Vic has a very simplistic world-view and is unaware of the financial struggles of the Murphy's and anyone else. © 2020 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. He doesn't notice Frank dislikes him, that Babe is attracted to him, or Kevin's sudden emotional distress. However, his busy work schedule and drug abuse lead to him often neglecting her. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Even still, the two did not have a healthy relationship, and Cutie Pie's attraction to Vic was never shown to go beyond a sexual one. Terms of Use • Cutie Pie, and he discovers that she's pregnant with his child. Instead, he assumes he is talking about a party involving intercourse.

Vic is voiced by Sam Rockwell.

Cutie Pie (ex-girlfriend)Infant Reynolds (son) Hey Frank, you should go to Hawaii, man!

Height His anger in this scene is clearly directed at her, and not Kevin.

Gullible, highly naïve, carefree, entirely irresponsible, dangerous, arrogant, clueless, whimsical

His behaviour towards this new hobby was extremely obsessive-compulsive to the point of not even managing to play a single record at the block party, spending the time cleaning dust from a single record. Vic tells Frank he feels as though he is making a positive contribution to society by doing this, and that he wants to be a role model to Kevin while accidentally showing Frank his penis to which Frank responds "Oh Jesus stop reaching!".