I could not be happier! The Kwik-Lift features: With a 5,000 lbs weight limit, the Kwik-Lift is capable of lifting all but the largest trucks and SUVs. In Australia there are at least two alternatives; the AutoLift 167212E, a MaxJax clone (or for all I know, the original Chinese … power unit. The commercial lifts we offer use top grade motors, pumps, cylinders, lines, fittings, and seals. Picking up at our warehouse will save you in freight fees but will require sales tax to be collected. A scissor list is typically the most portable type of car lift and they can even be used outdoors if the weather permits. much nicer and what I really like is the With a 4-post car lift, the wheels are lifted, rather than dangling. Whether you’re a hobby mechanic, a professional or simply an enthusiastic car owner, having a vehicle lift can make it far easier to service and maintain your automobile. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Best Car Hoist Guide This applies to over 85% of the continental USA (lower 48 states). With a staggering lift capacity of 15,000lbs, the TRIUMPH NT-15 can handle almost anything you throw at it. 2800mm Screw pad max. There are a few issues with a small 2-post lifts that we’ve seen on the market: While there may be an excellent 2-post lift on the market that works with a low ceiling height and costs half as much as a commercial 2-post lift, we haven’t seen one. height. Here are some telltale signs of a cheaply-built hydraulic system: Remember: A cheap hydraulic system with an undersized hydraulic cylinder or an underpowered lift motor will work great for 3-5 years, depending on use. With a maximum lift height of 69” and a maximum capacity of 10,000lbs, the BendPak Dual Width 2 Post Asymmetric Car Lift is a fantastic option in any garage. With an overall length of 76 1/4" and an overall width of 70", the Weaver® Lift W-6PLR will fit in any commercial shop or garage bay and has a full 1 year parts warranty.

About Delivery Term Q…What’s the delivery term for making business with us9 A…Usually we send the shipments in FOB term. In North Carolina we load Monday – Friday by appointment only. Terms of Use Capacity, BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift – 110 Volt, 2 1/2-Ton Capacity, What to consider before buying a car lift for your garage. capacity P-9000LT is a heavier-duty version of the P-6B. Brand New. If you’re looking for something with a higher capacity, this 2-post model by XK might be just what you need. The cam the allows the lift to be lowered has to be manually deployed to lock and lower. 165mm Screw pad min height. Shipping Policy The 2-post design ensures easy access to every part of the vehicle, whilst the portability of the unit provides added versatility. The purpose of a car lift is to hoist thousands of pounds of weight into the air, so if anything goes wrong, it’s going to go VERY wrong. fast delivery. All shipments must be inspected immediately upon receipt. Despite this, they offer great access to the underside of the vehicle. As a general rule, there’s no such thing as a “low clearance” 2 post lift. ;) r car lift platform, car lift platform, car platform, car scissor lift, sciss ft with CE,Scissor car lift platform, scissor platform for car. |

Anhui Gubot Tianji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao Tabitha Parking Equipment CO., Ltd. Shanghai Fanyi International Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fanbao Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. Yingkou Automate Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. Yancheng Anisun Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. Yantai Langda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao All Universe Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Junliye Import And Export Co., Ltd. Yingkou Jaray Machanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Yantai Jintuo Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. However, it would depend on our production line schedule(the timing clients place order)and the complication of the item. 1688.com This article is for you! Genesis Equipment Pty Ltd is an independent third-party contractors and are not agents for, not joint ventures of, and are not employed by BendPak. Garage Spotlights Low weight ratings that just barely lift the average car (the average car in the US weighs more than 3,500lbs – if you see a lift with a rating that’s 3,500 lbs or less, you’ve been warned) Remember: A cheap hydraulic system with an undersized hydraulic cylinder or an underpowered lift motor will work great for 3-5 years, depending on use. Whilst you don’t have to opt for a professional install when buying a car lift, it’s often easier to do so.

There are three basic types of low rise lifts. Please tell us the accurate load capacity, platform size and travel height of car lift that you want, we can customize for you, thank you very much! If you occasionally lubricate your Kwik-Lift – and remember to paint any scratches to prevent rust – your Kwik-Lift should last a lifetime. Generally, 2 post car lifts need to be anchored to the floor, so they’re not a portable option. If your vehicle needs a repair that you can’t safely complete using jack stands and/or a set of oil change ramps, you have two choices: Obviously, both of these choices cost money. Whilst they can provide added stability, they may not be suitable for smaller garages.

If you’re shopping for a low clearance vehicle lift for your home garage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Despite this, 4 post lifts are a popular choice and offer the maximum in weight capacity. They reduce aches and pains.

NEW BendPak LR-60 Vehicle Car Truck Hydraulic Automotive Low Rise Scissor Lift See more like this. Make sure you can unload the freight.

Before using the lift, always make sure the vehicle is positioned properly and is utterly secure. Virginia QLD 4014 Austalia Car lifts use hydraulics to hoist vehicles into the air, but they do typically need an external source of power. From tire and wheel service to full vehicle repair, and from general car preparation to full detailing, your auto garage can benefit from one of our low-rise lifts. There’s such a thing as a ‘portable’ 2-post lift, and while we’ve seen these advertised, we haven’t seen any well-known lift manufacturers offering them. Experience state-of-the-art compact lifting convenience with BendPak's LR-60. That’s because, in a commercial environment, a lift will be used several times a day. If you’ve dreamed of … The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order. Here’s our best attempt to give you the Kwik-Lift’s pros and cons, starting with the pros. Wheel and brake maintenance, exhaust pulls, transmissions swaps, etc. However, it would depend on our production line schedule(the timing clients place order)and the complication of the item. This difference can give you an extra room to access the underside of the vehicle if you opt for a 2-post car lift. This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t consider the logistics of installing and using their vehicle hoist! Since they permit full access to the undercarriage, these ​hoists are full-service. As a scissor style car lift, it has an overall width of just 70” and a compact overall length of 82”. Rather than advertise the higher rates across the board we choose to show the lowest possible cost to most of the country. Although you can install a car lift yourself, it’s advisable to arrange assistance in advance.

Call our office (1-817-560-9510) to determine the location of the closest terminal. Every mounted lift will have comprehensive installation instructions, so make sure you follow them.

Choose this option if you have minor dings and scratches or a part that needs replaced to make the unit satisfactory. This lift was just as described. Intellectual Property Protection

Rob, we apologize. Mon - Fri, ​9​am to ​5pm, Policies Orders & Shipping Privacy Policy Terms Style Guide Site Map Contact. The upper capacity limit should always be adhered to, no matter how inconvenient this may seem. Giving you the ability to access the underside of your vehicle safely, a car hoist enables you to complete a host of jobs in your own garage. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Auto News Center is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com or by displaying other ads. Follow these car lift safety tips to help you and your vehicle stay safe: Finding the right car lift is the first step to using a vehicle lift safely. If you don’t have a lift, a differential gear swap can take a lot longer.

Stationary lifting platform: I have owned a scissor lift in the past and with that lift, one end drags back and forth when lifting and lowering. If I had a complaint and I do not...it would be that I was told it would use 3 gallons of oil and it takes less than 2...I bought a 5 gallon bucket to be safe, but honestly I have zero complaints and only praise for the quality, price and customer service I received. Q4: How long is your warranty time9 - We offer 12 moths warranty period after on board. If you are unable to unload a truck, we have the option of letting you pick the freight up at the closest terminal to your location.

Our shopping cart will not calculate the difference (added fee), so we will contact you if this is the case. Maintaining your car can increase its lifespan and enhance its performance, which reduces running costs in the long-term. Automotive Transportation – How Does It Work? This means that access to the underside of the car is limited in comparison to 2 or 4 post car lifts. Most of the USA will require no additional fee. Why Camper Vans are a Great Option for a Holiday in the UK, 5 Super Cool Ways to Modernize and Upgrade Your RV. Like “Absolute Free Shipping” there will be no extra charge for lift gate or residential delivery. While a lift isn’t a small investment, it has a lot of benefits for DIYers: The problem with a home garage lift is that most homes can’t accommodate a 2 or 4 post lift. power unit.

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has a low drive over height of 4" and a lifting height of 24"-27" depending on the included rubber pads used at the lifting points. They can save money and time, and they can also make working on a vehicle more enjoyable (fewer aches and pains). However, some 4 post lifts do have extra supporting features that should be used. Required fields are marked *, 4345 South West Blvd Here's how it works... All Products on our website are offered with "Free Shipping". Had to repair all lower sections. In reality, most of the low rise or low clearance 2 post lifts have a couple of characteristics: When you compare a cheap, ‘low clearance’ 2-post lift to a standard commercial grade 2-post lift (like the models we sell to shops and consumers with large garages), you’ll find that they have lower weight ratings, shorter warranties, and nearly the same cost as a professional grade lift.