If you have a few dozen rounds of ammo for each of your shooters, or the scrap to buy it and supply available from vendors, then strip your excess and duplicate weapons.

For bearing Scotchmo up to L.A., you will be rewarded with a nice surprise. I'd recommend not using 2 different weapons if you are trying to min/max. Finding new weapons is as important (if not more so) than ranking up your skill with a given weapon past the first few ranks.

It can be hard to understand how to create the “best” characters possible. This was removed in Director's Cut. Say I have a gun worth $100 scrap if I sell it direct - and then compare that to say 75 scrap I get if I strip it (average return seems to be 5 broken weapon parts).

Before switching weapons, be careful to note what caliber of ammo this new weapon takes. Certainly, he's a better choice than Dan Q, but mainly because of the fact that everyone is. What's interesting, it's that he has a built-in dictionary in his brain and a bionic arm for fist fighting. As your skills improve, each new rank costs more and more skill points. Another Perspective Charisma or no Charisma was the subject of much debate over on Reddit. Now it’s time to choose skills. He has low Speed, so you cannot really use him for aggressive melee fights. Wasteland 2 Quickstart Guide. You should have a char with maxed perception and always run around everywhere with it on. After you save Highpool or Ag Center, as you travel in the South-Western region of the map, you will receive a call for help, over the radio, from Level L'Upe Mine, which has collapsed. Bout to head to the next part of the game. WOTS on Google+ Note: Formerly, all assault rifles had a 10% chance to apply Bleeding Wound. For the weapons, you need to get the items that reduces its jam rate by 4%. just found tier 4 energy weapon at ranger citadel after story event happens on map involving people in second half of game. Hitting the number of Intelligence that would give him the additional point per level would require advancing as many as ten levels with Lexcanium. Move Your Units Individually. Attributes and skills appear unrelated, so you can have 1 Charisma and max out Leadership with no issues. Rose will also frown upon actions not proper for a Guardian. So, I want to have one guy that's dedicated melee, one shotgunner, one AR person, and one sniper. The security boss to James, the leader of the Atchisonians and, allegedly a friend to Hell Razor. inXile Forums Comprehensive Armor and Weapons List (Release Version), https://wasteland.gamepedia.com/Wasteland_2_weapons?oldid=57109. Combat in Wasteland 2 can get kind of complicated, but it’s not so bad once you get the hang of it. High Luck helps in combat with higher bonus AP and critical chance. You can recruit up to 3 more NPCs, although there are only 8 total in the game. Skills start to require more points as they level up, so the first couple of ranks only cost 2 points, then that increases to 4, 6, and finally 8 points to go from rank 9 to rank 10. Once you have mods on all your current ranged weapons, remember that these can be disassembled without destroying the weapon, and the mods passed along to the upgraded weapon you find along the way. Wasteland 2 is a very good game, but it’s also a very long game that throws its complexity right in your face from the start. You can only save 2 AP from one round to the next, so if you have a lot of AP left over, consider moving or crouching before you end your turn. You will forget to eat, and hurriedly make up for it with poor dining decisions. Therefore, I find Charisma to be pretty worthless and I set all my characters’ Charisma stats to 1. Also, you won't get a reward from Hawco for adding them. You’ve got to move them and attack in the order of their combat initiative. Item creation spoilers Early on, make sure to disassemble and get grip tape for your melee weapons people. Note that most traders will restock wares whenever the map is reloaded, so exit and re-enter the entire map whenever you find something you want plenty of. Don’t get too aggressive before combat. This list of what I consider “secondary skills” are things that you’ll probably want a few points in, but aren’t as high a priority: Bear in mind that there are NPCs in Wasteland 2 that you can recruit that have their own skills which can compliment your team’s.

-Late Game (LA): In LA you don't have access to the guy at the Citadel, though vendors do pay more for the parts then the ones in Arizona. Bring a shovel with you. You only need to talk to him to enlist him. You can add him to the team in the Temple of Titan, if you disarm the nuclear missile. Aside from vax. Anything that was worth under $50 I would disassemble. A good alternative is to train her in using energy weapons. Completing certain quests gives you the locations of Shrines. This page was last edited on 2 January 2020, at 08:14. Use this table for reference:

Have one point in Surgery on at least two characters.

(Note that one optional NPC is a surgeon.) High Intelligence - Vipula can be very versatile. That greatly reduces ammo consumption, as you can chew up people with weapons. Perception will show you if an object is alarmed or trapped, but you can also activate the demolitions or trap disarming skill and hover over the item to confirm. While running an entire team of snipers may seem like a fun idea on paper, it’s …

Privacy Policy Diversify Your Skills. Cry is closely connected to nature - she won't fire at animals and will leave the team if you hurt too many of them. It's fantastic. 3 points on a Melee skill should cover them fine. You can enlist her around the Citadel, literally right after the game starts. He has an unnecessary 7 points of Intelligence, which gives him only 3 survival points per level - the same number as with 4 Intelligence. I just picked up that lex guy from damonta. You can “Free Aim” a weapon by clicking on its picture. 1 - Mutually exclusive. Yeah honestly just rolling scotchmo to take up the character slot. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. In addition to skill points from levels, you can also sometimes get skill points from shrines.

It’s possible to create a single moderate or high Luck character to do your looting, if you wish.

Angela does not stay in the party for long. talking mainly energy weapons, sniper rifles (2 if possible) and smgs, shotguns (again 2 if possible), and a bladed weapon. This will have the result of improving your weapon performance, and thus reducing your ammo expenditure. Ertan is a young boy who tries to look like a badass with an obsession of killing.

Can anyone offer advice as far as what's better for both financial and weapon performance? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. are there any shotguns or bladed weapons of same tier in arizona? © 2011-2015 Without the Sarcasm, all rights reserved.

You will find her in the Ag Center after you decide to save it (otherwise Rose will die). If not, leave a comment!

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. If you, for some reason, want to keep Dan Q in your team, he theoretically should get a little stronger after 2 levels, when you will be able to increase his Intelligence to 8.

Depending on your level of perception, you may or may not catch every trap. Most SMGs have these range modifiers: Short = +12%, Medium = +0%, Long = -30%. M14

But if you know where I could find some upgrades for those it would be greatly appreciated!!! This was removed in Director's Cut. TheUnum points out that if you want to recruit all the possible optional NPCs, you’ll need more than the minimum Charisma. i am in demonta and having a bit of trouble even with vax, as most of my characters dont seem to be doing enough dmg. Anyway, she's not very powerful and you will probably already have the rest of the skills that she represents in your team. However. So, in the spirit of Wasteland 3 coming out while simultaneously having no cash, I'm firing up Wasteland 2 DC for another run. She carries an unique pistol with AoE damage, but despite the uniqueness, it's a rather weak weapon. I have 3 barter skill and 4 weaponsmithing in my party currently. Another peculiar and rather mediocre character. From here, allocating the remaining points depends on how you want to specialize your team members. Rail Nomad Camp, Homeless District. my personal recommendation would be to also skip shotguns, submachine guns, energy weapons, and heavy weapons altogether. Another Perspective sheltim points out that mathematically speaking, going from 4 to 8 INT grants you just one more skill point per level, while taking INT to 10 gives you one additional. Unfortunately, she's not that good in battle, due to her low Strength, and this attribute should be developed first. Havent had much of a chance to roll him in combat so well see. However, again I would look at what I could make from them and disassemble as needed. That first NPC you meet will travel with you until you head towards a town called Damonta. However, the arm gives +2 to that skill, so you don't have to start from zero. Some may think that pistols are no longer of use at this stage of the game, but you will surely find some nice .45 guns that can deal a lot of damage. However, I found that I preferred the guaranteed stat increases granted by other attributes rather than the random chance afforded to high Luck. If you can get past the learning curve, Wasteland 2 is chock full of turn-based post-apocalyptic fun. It’s also possible to find skill books that will instantly increase a skill’s rank by one point. You can add him to your team if you happen to need someone with high Kiss Ass skill or if you want to sell and buy a lot of equipment. Posted October 21, 2014, Updated October 24, 2014, Permalink. To add him to the team, you have to give the warhead to the militia. However, using it a rank or two early only really costs you a couple of skill points. The locations of shrines are often rewards for completing quests. List of Wasteland 2 weapons Build 42098 (unless noted) 1 Brawling 2 Bladed 3 Blunt 4 Handguns 5 Shotguns 6 Submachine Guns 7 Assault Rifles 8 Heavy Weapons 9 Sniper Rifles 10 Energy Weapons 11 Explosives 12 Bowling Critical Damage multiplier is Strength(1-10) dependent. Hopefully with the help in this guide you feel ready to forge a path through the Arizona wastes. Many skills also have trinkets associated with them. It also helps out of combat when looting containers. The mod you get from stripping a weapon down for parts is of less value than the original weapon. © Valve Corporation. There is a crow bar (blunt) and combat knife (blade) at the ranger station that go from 3ap per shot to 2ap per shot.

Shotguns are not worth it.

Seehe asks you to join up, as soon as you heal the mutants in Darwin and promise not to tell their secret to the rest of the world She leaves when you tell somebody the truth about her home city. The only character in the game with 10 points of Intelligence, which gives her 5 survival points witch each promotion! all chars sitting around lvl 20 aside from the drunk shotgun dude, who i just picked up because it seemed the best option from my available companions. Scarp and sell the junk weapon parts to the arms dealer to the left in the Rangers Citadel. They all do garbage dmg against robots.