Now install the pendulum rod and bob.7) Let the movement run for an hour or two. A Manuals for each of our clocks are available for download in PDF format. the Monitor button (located either on the back, the side of the clock, the lower front of the To synchronise an electric clock with a Westminster "chime" you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions in the booklet that came with the clock. Mary Lougee has been writing for over 10 years. Open the access door to the dial and hands of the clock if required. To set the time and melody, please make sure to turn the hand Clocks

Available hours are usually weekdays 9 to 3 and Saturday mornings 9 to 12. Push the Reset button (located either on the back or This action will destroy the clock movement and the clock will not keep time correctly. Avoid touching any brass components of the clock with bare hands. intricate workings and lower its quality. Please take note of the model number of the (When the batteries are inserted, melody function is 3. The slip clutch is operated by pushing the pendulum leader (see illustration 2) slightly past the point where you feel a resistance. running low or not). In both of the clocks I have used for this I noticed that they need to turn in different directions, so check this now and make a note of which direction each one has to turn. (We have found that Duracell In any case, setting the battery-operated Westminster chime clock is a task that can be performed by the clock owner in 5 minutes with no tools necessary. One melody plays at the top of the hour, and multiple melodies this movement. Very cool project!

Check the clock to make certain that it has a battery. Now you need to position your lever microswitch on the clock mechanism, as shown in the photo, so that as the gears for the chimes (not the hours) turn, the switch will close at one point and the open again as it turns. 4 - Volume control disk: 2.

I have attached the two modified files 'CheapStepper.cpp' and 'CheapStepper.h' here also.

automatically change every hour. the. It will stop when the micro switch we fitted earlier is tripped, but since we have not mounted the motor yet you will need to trip this manually. For a Westminster chime clock, turn the piece around and unlock the pendulum holder in the back. Important information before Pressing this button allows the clock to be viewed in its b. Once the desired time is set, the

Change the batteries once a year (whether they arae life-span): d. Near stong sources of vibration or magnetism. Since the melody and motion will not play in the dark, it is important to place the Mount with Included Nails. wall. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. the. These clocks are often referred to as eight-day clocks and feature chimes that play at the quarter-hour and a strike mechanism that counts the hour. She holds a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Management and a double minor in accounting and computer science. Connect these to the ground and to pin 27 of your arduino. Try pressing it, and see what it does on your particular clock! Seiko Westminster - Whittington Chime movement owners instructions printer friendly version. There is. 12. b. This is located on the lower portion of the back of the clock. Wall Saver Wire Hanger 3" (for wire hangers) 50lbs. 13. 6. Rhythm Musical Clocks Copyright 2011. Instruction Guide. In any case, setting the battery-operated Westminster chime clock is a task that can be performed by the clock owner in 5 minutes with no tools necessary. Use alkaline batteries from a reliable battery maker. This will indicate that the minute hand shaft is positioned at the 12:00 position. To gain access to the hand set knob, remove the back panel screws using the appropriate tipped screwdriver. songs. Open door of case.

onwards. 10. Includes Walldog fasteners, Silent, Continuous Sweep Clock Movements to Make Large Clocks, C-Cell, up to 3/8" Thick Dial Face, Nailess Sawtooth Hangers 2" by 5/16" for hardwood frames - Black Oxide Plated 25 PACK, Rotary Tool 144 Piece Pack - Detail and Finish. brand batteries work the best for most quartz movement clocks.). Listen to the tic toc. 3 - Chime melody switch. Putting the clock in beat is the responsibility of the clock owner.

on the back of the clock must also be pulled up. 11. to the desired position while a melody is playing. Some models have packing materials inserted into the back of the clock to Never set a clock by turning the hour hand. Carefully remove all shipping inserts: a. While the clock was in beat when it left the factory, it may get out of beat during handling.

(located either on the back or the side of the clock) to the "ON" position. If the clock is striking the wrong hour, move the hour hand (short hand) to point to the hour that the clock just struck. Since the melody and motion will not play in the dark, it is important to place the You'll also need header pins attached to the ground and +5V. There is a slip clutch mechanism in the clock's escapement (the part that makes the ticking sound and operates the pendulum). Discounts will follow the pricing table. You should hear an even "tic - toc" sound. I found some on ebay and purchased one which comes with instructions and example arduino code on how to set up a clock using the arduino uno. repeatedly while a song is playing, will cycle through the entire selection of If not, There is a white "final adjustment" slotted screw on the back of the movement that will enable you to make this adjustment.

When powered up, stepper one should turn constantly. If it is more uneven, push the leader in the opposite direction and listen to the tic tock again. "fully open" position.

Never turn the hour (short) hand, it moves automatically.

Check to be sure that the chime melody is being played on the hour. Count the number of hours counted after the chime melody has just been counted.3) Press the hour hand on the hour hand shaft in the position indicated by the number of hours just counted if you look closely you will notice that there is a small slot in the hour hand tube that is pointing towards the hour that has just been counted.4) Press the minute hand on at the 12:00 position. Heavy Duty Mirror and Picture Hanger, 6 inch by Hangman. wall. Do not place the clock in the following locations (to prolong its general Insert fresh batteries with the positive (+) … Max Stout began writing in 2000 and started focusing primarily on non-fiction articles in 2008.