So he fought back. Louie started yelling. Dewey saw this and threw his camera at Bigfoot, stunning him. "You know actually..." Mason started to say as he blackmailed Louie. "Let me go! "I already told them I broke up with Lucky."

Though Dewey never said it he guessed Louie wished that Dewey had died instead of Huey. "Louie!" "But it still has the same results." "Tell them why, please." "Louie! "Uh-oh! Suddenly the two heard a gargled sound. "And why's that Louis!?" Louie said as he continued to pace. "Because I am." She scooped him up and cradled him close as he groaned and tears filled his eyes.

If he had never taken his brothers on this stupid adventure, Louie would still be here. If he had just been quicker getting across the river. No one should have died but losing you as well won't change what happened. Louie yelled as Dewey got angry.

"There's no turning back now."

But he was not. "I already told them I broke up with Lucky." Louie said as Huey and Dewey came back. "Definitely not spying on you."

"What are you doing here Webs?!"

Louie cried himself to sleep that night. "Louie… Do you really think it should've been you?" Scrooge forced himself out into the world, forced himself to tend to his business as best as he could, forced himself to check in on his family. Webby said as she rubbed Louie's back. "Look, if you need help with something, your brothers are here for you."

Dewey was out of bed at least. But it was too late. "You told me to tell someone, so I did, and it worked. Maybe one day he would find purpose again. The clock is ticking for the family to find him, and luck has never been on their side. He couldn't see a thing. Louie and Dewey didn't talk. For the first few days, people tried to get him out of bed. "Oh baby, how bad does it hurt? Now would be a good time to check the junior woodchuck guidebook," Louie said as he barely dodged the clutches of the beast chasing the three. When they reached the bottom the two hastily untied themselves and ran over towards the water. It was fun to write. Read A/N. 1K 20 6. He gone!" Louie was surprised that Webby knew that.

What do we do, what do we do," Dewey mumbled to himself looking around for an escape route. It was more like an orchestra, with each stage of grief playing at once, so loud that no one could think. Every time he closed his eyes Louie saw his brother's feathers stained with blood, brains spilling from the hole put in Huey's head. Eventually, people stopped expecting him to move, after all, they had their own grief to bear. "You wish bird brain." "Wait Louie!" Louie didn't know what they were doing, and he didn't want to know. When the bell rang, they all got in the limo and went to the movies. So she felt terribly isolated, angry at the world that took her son away, angry that the family that remained had been irreparably damaged. "We've only been here for two days Louie!" "I don't feel good," Louie mumbled, gripping Huey's sheets, resisting letting go. Louie, please, get out of bed. Despite their efforts however Bigfoot seemed to be gaining on them.

The one leading the way was the oldest, named Huey. I can't believe you actually saw Bigfoot!

Huey yelled towards the river. We all love you and we don't want you beating yourself up over who lives and dies.

He had spiraled when Della had disappeared and when Donald had cut him out of his life.

Webby said attempting to lie. Still no pulse. Your review has been posted. "Where do you think you're going?" "Louie! But this was the hardest thing. But we have to keep living. "That doesn't apply to any of us." Huey had been 11-years-old. Dewey asked over his own sobs. Scrooge wasn't a stranger to the spiral. "What are you guys talking about?" Leaving this small oasis, this place where he could imagine that Huey was alive, terrified him. Mason walked over. After Huey's death, after the first day alone, Dewey hadn't cried. "Guys be quiet!" He added an entry to the back of the guidebook. But it all seemed meaningless. Huey ran over to them when he noticed something. The hat fell off of his head when he ran, and when Della knelt down next to him he hugged his brother. Louie asked shocked that she fell through. Before he did that, Webby stopped him. Probably because out of the three ducks so far Louie is my favorite and their aren't enough stories centered around him.

In the morning he would feel sick with wondering.

Unfortunately not many fanfics are about Louie and in the pilot of Ducktales both Louie and Huey got pushed aside for Dewey, who don't get me wrong I like his character a lot, but I wanted to see more of Louie, especially since he's the triplet we've seen the least amount of (Huey got 2 promo's, the first episode was centered around Dewey etc). "Do you remember what you said to me when I was getting bullied?" "Run!"

"Face each new sun with eyes clear and true, unafraid of the unknown, because I face it all with you…" Della sang softly, trying to offer Louie any comfort and strength she had left. Dewey said giving everyone their tickets. Next thing he knew the current was pulling him under and whisking him away. "No… No Louie. They don't mean any of that stuff, you shouldn't even be offended!"

A faint one but it was there! "Already on it," Huey responded as he flipped through the pages frantically while running, trying not to trip over fallen branches and rocks along the way. They were writing something down on a piece of paper and they walked into the movie that they were about to see. "Louie!" Louie tries to ignore it, but sticks and stones aren’t the only thing that can hurt you.

Bigfoot was already mad, but what made him even madder was the fact that his prey got away. "Figures." Bigfoot came to screeching halt when he saw the water. They sounded like, his brothers. Dewey asked excitedly as he fiddled with the camera he brought along.

But she would not let herself watch her sons' lives deteriorate. To honor him and carry on his legacy." Dewey pressed his ear against Louie's chest.

How much longer until we get to the spt where you saw him?" Dewey pulled his brother back to shore and laid him down a the ground. But loss was always going to be painful, and Donald had learned once before to turn the pain into motivation. "What they went through was so much worse than what I'm going through. The second wolf insisted that Huey wasn't dead, only missing and that Dewey needed to find him. He couldn't save his sister.

"Louie, don't say that… Things are going to be okay again, I promise.". The thumping was getting louder. "Not much farther. Everything was going to be okay. There was no way they could swim across it and Bigfoot would catch up to them any minute now. "I don't really like that comment." Louie said as he started walking to Dewey's room. "Well I am offended Dewford!" "Nick and Mason wouldn't do something like that Louie." Everyone was stuck in the stages of grief and it was becoming abundantly clear that it wasn't a tracklist coming one after another and then stopping. Louie wearily opened his eyes. But Ducks don't back down, right? Dewey stated, "but how are we gonna get down there?". He opened his mouth to say something but instead ended up coughing up water. FanFiction | unleash ... Cartoons DuckTales. Of course Huey was gone. It doesn't help if you don't say something." Louie thought that it was a good deal. They would always hurt and living would always be hard. Louie coughed,his body trying to get the remaining water out of his lungs. But thinking about what Huey would've appreciated only made the cacophony worse. You can't talk down Donald Duck. Please!" "Guys, I was thinking we could all go to the movies tonight." Louie wrapped his arms around Dewey and Della wrapped her arms around both of them. At one point, Louie and Dewey, exhausted from emotion, fell asleep and Della and Donald tucked them into bed. What if something happened to Dewey? Louie started thinking she was right. Louie tried to breach the surface. So she felt terribly isolated, angry at the world that took her son away, angry that the family that remained had been irreparably damaged. You never expect it'll happen to anyone, certainly not a child, certainly not your brother, your slightly older brother. He was supposed to be unstoppable, he'd let him believe once more that his family was as well. Huey couldn't stand the sight and crawled over toward Dewey. "Louie!" A/n: I'm not sure why but I really wanted to write this. Webby decided to make a deal with him. He put his earbuds in trying to block out the laughter, but it didn't work. He pushing Huey out of the way and grabbed Louie by the collar of his hoodie. He wore a mask and pretended to be okay. "You know what I mean." Louie looked down at the ground as Webby lifted his head back up. "Did you have to bring that along?" No more Louie hogging the tv, making snide remarks, no more scolding him when he took people's money. Huey asked curious of the conversation. I don't really have anything else to don't own anything….so there's that...I'm so awkward. Dewey yelled diving down and retrieving his unconscious brother. Then the if's started to creep in. Not just because of his character but because I'm the youngest in my family too and I feel like I can relate to him. Huey didn't want to believe it but it was true. Louie knew what she was talking about, but acted like he didn't. Louie started to cry a little bit. How to Mourn: Don't. But Dewey wasn't crying and Louie was never going to believe things could be okay. Della was going insane. He then with an outstretched hand, grabbed it. "I'm telling them tonight, but don't say anything." In a forest just on the outskirts of Mcduck manor three triplet ducklings walked. He was gone. She saw her brother and son in the doorway and waved them in. He went back to his room and got in his bed.

The first wolf snarled a need for revenge. Deathtales is exactly what it sounds like. What was that? For all the fags like Mr. L, go into the trash where you belong.". No pulse. The two brothers called out, Huey looking around the area of the lake while Dewey went into the lake to look for his brother. In his stupor Dewey snapped a picture, which only seemed to enrage the creature more as it let out a beastly roar. In this chapter, I don't write much about Scrooge either.

For the first few days whenever someone asked he wondered how hard he'd have to fall to join Huey. "Look Louie, it doesn't matter what type of bullying it is, bullying is still bullying. When solving mysteries and rewriting history had stopped being a game. As he sat down, Webby started speaking. "For all the cool guys, step right on in and watch the movie. If anyone asked, which they wouldn't dare, Dewey was "coping" better. "Why are you so anxious?" If he let go, Huey would be gone for good. Dewey asked angrily. We don't control that, baby. "BECAUSE I'M GAY DEWFORD!" Hot New #1. All we have to do it find a stream.". Struggling, kicking and clawing himself away from the darkness that surrounded him and towards the light. Whatever it was was getting closer. After the 5th time of this not working Dewey had had enough. "Oh no...nononononono! "Louie!" ducktales dewey louie webby huey ducktales2017 deweyduck louieduck hueyduck scrooge debbigail scroogemcduck webbyvanderquack donaldduck delladuck donald launchpad lena disney duck 1.1K Stories Sort by: Hot 78 Stories. Follow/Fav Deathtales. They said yes.

He went back to the bed and laid Louie down who was still crying. "Mom, I have a lot of questions to ask you." He didn't answer. Huey cried out, his tears making his vision blurry. He'd cried when he happened and now, while his family openly mourned, he was restrained. Dewey ran into the room and saw Louie crying, squirming around. Dewey said as he walked in the theater. He really didn't want to tell them, but he knew they would find out eventually. There were a lot of people who hated his family. Huey yelled before he and the other started to do so while letting out a scream of terror. "Hey fag, our post got over 1,000 likes!" He had nothing productive to funnel his anger into, certainly not Dewey and Louie, who fell dangerously on opposite ends of the grieving spectrum.