The two needle points attached by plastic or nylon cord.

I’ve used these needles for a number of knitting projects and found them to be easy to use and they have a lovely smooth surface. Pour the water into a bowl – enough to cover your needles. What’s not to love? Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices, and customer reviews on Amazon and Knit Picks. Please say hello! The circular knitting needles’ length will depend on the diameter of the tube you are knitting when knitting in the round. With Kristen’s help, you’ll be creating your first project in no time! At the same time the hollow brass tube is extremely lightweight for hours of comfortable knitting.Lengths and Sizes:16″ needles are available in US sizes 0 – 11. (Yes, I’m a real person :) ) Thanks for being here. 16” needles. Add some to cart or login. Useful For: Medium projects, baby blankets or cardigans, knitted flat or in the round. These needles are for very small circumference knitting. Ryan from RJ Knits has a great video you can learn from. 60 or 80cm (24 or 32in) work well for the bodies of sweaters for adults. It is very flexible and doesn’t kink. For example, blankets, throws, and afghans. The tips of the knitting needles come in a variety of points. Their primary purpose is to knit in the round, think sweaters, cowls, sleeves, mittens, and hats. Beneficial when you’re knitting things like sweaters. They are an excellent investment. Kitterly Kit Club - February 2017 Reveal! Useful for: Children’s and smaller sized women’s sweaters, baby blankets. More commonly they are used for patterns that are worked in the round. Anything shorter isn’t made, as they’d be virtually impossible to use. Needle size is permanently laser imprinted on each needle tip. They have 2 numbers. (If the cables become too tightly coiled, soak in warm water. Sign up for our newsletter and get our latest updates! Unless you are doing a particularly large project, doing magic loop or something with an unusual construction that requires large needles you won’t often needles so long. Useful for: Sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, baby clothes, baby hats, home decor items, blankets. Circular knitting needles are the most versatile needles I’ve come across. This post contains affiliate links. 16″ – Useful For: Small projects, baby clothes, booties, collars and sleeves for adult sweaters. If you want to do medium sized pullovers in the round, cardigans or baby blankets this is a good length to give you some room on the needles without having too much. These are common stitches you’ll see in knitting in the round patterns. The needles can attach to many cord lengths. Introducing: The Knit It Black Collection by Alex Tinsley, Introducing Kitterly Original Lenticular Cowl, Introducing Manos Del Uruguay's Dentado Scarf, Kitterly Helpful Tips: Knitting the Bind Off for You're Beautiful, Kitterly Helpful Tips: Creating the Spiders on the Spider Slouch, Kitterly Helpful Hints: Creating the Ombre Effect for Stripe Your Fancy by Alex Tinsley, The Yarnover Truck comes to Knit Culture Studio: August 30th. Cords are available in several lengths, each for different usage. It keeps them even. Circular Knitting Needle Sizes Available:16″ (40 cm) in US000 (1.5mm) – US15 (10mm)24″ (60 cm) in US000 (1.5mm) – US19 (15mm)32″ (80 cm) in US000 (1.5mm) – US19 (15mm)40″ (100 cm) in US000 (1.5mm) – US19 (15mm)47″ (120 cm) in US0 (2mm) – US19 (15mm)60″ (150 cm) in US0 (2mm) – US19 (15mm). I’m Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Knit Like Granny. 36″ – Useful For: Heavy or large knitted flat things, like a shawl. Also for knitting in the round and hats for kids and adults. Learn More. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Smooth surface with the right amount of grip, Metal tips makes getting into stitches easier, Cord Lengths Available – 17″, 20″, 24″, 28″ and 38″, Needle Length – 4″ Long for US Size 5 – 10 ½, and 5″ Long for US Size 11 – 15, Compatible with all other circular needles they sell, Sometimes the needle can catch or snag the yarn, but this is usually a defect in the manufacturing. Circular Knitting Needle Sizes Available: 9″ (23cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – US9 (5.50mm)12″ (30cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – US9 (5.50mm)16″ (40cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – 15 (10.00mm)24″ (60cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – 15 (10.00mm)32″ (80cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – 15 (10.00mm)40″ (100cm) in sizes US0 (2.0mm) – 15 (10.00mm). Circular knitting needles are my favorite! It prevents strain on your hands and shoulders. Knitting flat using fixed circular needles is just like knitting on straights, you work back and forth. Circular needles are designed for knitting in the round, but you can use both methods. Often patterns will indicate the size and length of circular needles to use. Materials: The Needle Metal tips coated with white bronze. Useful for: Sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, baby clothes, baby hats, home decor items, blankets. You cannot use a needle that is longer than the diameter of the tube of knitting. Circulars as, they’re fondly known, make tackling complicated knitting much easier! To knit in the round with this method, cast on stitches needed on one set of circular needles and slip half to the second set of circular needles. The cables hold the project bulk. Materials used in these needles are Bamboo, wood, metal, carbon fiber, and acrylic. Though they are hard to master at first. « Fair Isle Ombré Heart Hat Knitting Pattern. Here are some of my Top 10 picks and brands for the best circular knitting needles. 4. addi Knitting Needle Circular Turbo Rocket Lace. The new finish of addi needles is also the perfect sort of thing for those who are allergic to nickel! Sharp points are ideal for knitting lace and blunter points are perfect for bulky yarn. You can knit flat pieces and work in rows.