It was similar to the Meadowbrook models in many respects, deviating in their interior appointments and minor differences with trim. In standard trim, the Hemi had a 12:1 compression ratio, 425 horsepower at 5,600 rpm, and twin four-barrel carburetors with solid lifters. Standard on Dart. Air conditioning (integral with heater) (2). It's got a matching numbers big block punch, a cool '60s color combination, and just the right mods to make it a real joy to drive today, all at a very appealing price. } It's got a matching numbers big block punch, a cool '60s color combination, and just the right mods to make it a real joy to drive today, all at a very appealing price. That's original sheetmetal and it's only been repainted once, suggesting that this car has led a pretty clean life. target = true; In 1966, Dodge was trying to build up a reputation for excitement and power, moving from its traditional place as the car between Plymouth and Chrysler in size and luxury - a relatively small niche. geoIPCountryCode = vsCFUserGeoIP; function vsCFVerifyUserGeoIp(geoIps) {

The automatic had a console shifter; a four-on-the-floor manual was available with the 361 and 383. f(); xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

), 270 hp.

true : false) : (geoIps.includes(geoIPCountryCode) ? ), Rear window defroster (N.A. } 3-speed TorqueFlite aluminum-housing automatic with internally actuated parking sprag is optional; standard on Monaco 500, and cars equipped with 440 V8. Outside, remote-control mirror (std., Monaco 500), White or black Levant-grain vinyl roof coverings (all hard­tops), Two-tone paint (except Monaco wagons, Polara convertibles), Cigarette lighter (except Coronet Series), Color-keyed rubber floor mats (Coronet Deluxe), Deeper foam cushion, front and rear (440). if (!vsCFUserGeoIP || !geoIps) Prismatic (glare-resistant) inside mirror. The 1966 Dodge Charger was introduced on New Year’s Day, 1966, and didn’t appear in early literature. We have a list of specifications and features by vehicle at the end, after sales. All-vinyl trim, hardtops, convertibles, wagons, Electric tailgate window (440 3-seat wagon). The browser you are using is no longer supported! var c = ca[i]; There weren't any external indications of Hemi power, other than fender emblems; GM did far better with much more noticeable changes, which included new model names. Wood-grain steering wheel (GT and 270 models only). return ((target) ? The only model was called the Coronet 440. We make no guarantees regarding validity or accuracy of information, predictions, or advice — . Please choose to download one of the following options for an improved browsing experience: Chrome ( Download ), Microsoft Edge ( Download ) or Mozilla Firefox ( Download ), Streetside Classics - The Nation's Trusted Classic Car Consignment Dealer. Stand out from the crowd without giving up performance. The matching gold interior would initially seem like too much, but have a look; it's pretty slick, isn't it? ), 350 hp. Disc brake package (15" wheels and tires required). (5) Station wagons only. She purs like the toughest of all kittens! Here are even more reasons to choose us…, And get Exclusive Deals, Inventory Updates, and News, © 2020 Streetside Classics, All Rights Reserved. target = false; // Exclusion is selected } xhttp.abort(); Transistorized radio; rear seat speaker (4), Electric tailgate window -(std., 440 3-seat wagon). The Charger body had a fastback roofline and a front clip with hidden headlight doors. The Executive Demonstrator of John Herlitz is a Rare Treasure 1966 continued and expanded on Dodge’s incredible proliferation of engines, with two slant sixes (170 and 225 cubic inches), the 273 LA V8, the 318 A-series V8, 361 and 383 V8, and the 440 engines as well as the first appearance of the 426 Hemi, available in Hemi and Street Hemi form. Postal Service and Dana Mecums Original Spring Classic Auction together at the State Fairgrounds — a Muscle Car Extravaganza! Standard on four-door sedan Polara 318 model, with standard three-speed manual transmission. Light package: Parking brake light. A handsome steering wheel with horn ring provides fingertip control of the steering and there's a Classic Auto Air A/C system under the dash, so neatly installed that you almost don't notice it. for (f of vsCFTagsEUFunctions) { The Charger came standard with a sturdy 318 V-8 (not the LA version that would show up in 1967, but the A version), producing 230 hp (gross; about 170 net?) Note the creases along the side and how they flare out on the quarters, making the car look like it's always in motion, and you already know how much we love the cantilevered roofline on these Mopars. The 2bbl 361 and 4bbl 383 (325 hp) were also options; the Hemi came in mid-year. with 3-speed manual or column-mounted Torque-flite selector lever. Research 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 2 Door Convertible prices, used values & Coronet 440 2 Door Convertible pricing, specs and more! Electric tailgate window for wagons (except Polara 2-seat wagon).

Cars. //Execute ajax call to verify user EU GEOIP and start correct process. Interior were siimilar, with a standard 383 again (economy minded buyers could get a special Polara 318, with the smaller A-series engine in place of the big, thirsty B engine).

}; 3-spoke steering wheel with full horn ring (std., Monaco 500), Light package: parking brake light, glove box light, trunk light, map and courtesy light, ashtray light (std., Monaco, Monaco 500; opt., Polara, Polara 500), cargo area light (std., all Monaco wagons and Polara 3-seat wagon), Lockable storage compartment (2-seat wagons), Auto Pilot speed control (automatic trans­mission and power brakes required), Electric tailgate window lift (std., all Monaco wagons, and Polara 3-seat). Optional on all Polara and Monaco models, and Coronet; standard on Monaco 500. 170 Six (l-bbl. 1966 Dodge Coronet History I n 1949 Dodge introduced the Coronet which was the top trim level offered by Dodge. Three models were available, the Dart (170), 270, and GT, each with different options. Despite being a few years old, the paint is in excellent condition and shows only minor signs of use, even though the car has undoubtedly been a favorite driver. ), 180 horsepower. Actual production shows that the four-speeds were restricted to B-engines, for which they were standard (unless an automatic was fitted). Optional (free) on Monaco 500. Music Master AM radio; Astrophonic deluxe AM radio. Trunk compartment light (Monaco and Monaco 500). 225 Six, 145 horsepower. } Call today! var vsCFIsEU = vsCFIsEU || null; } The lowest priced Dodge was the Dart, now featuring V8 power from a 273 cubic inch engine as well as the 170 or 225 cubic inch slant-six. Variable-speed windshield wipers; windshield washers. The floors are impressively solid, the dual exhaust has a great sound, and those 17-inch Torque Thrusts with 215/55/17 are the perfect rolling stock for this neat Mopar.

Glove box light. All-vinyl interior (convertibles, wagons, Polara 500 models, Monaco, and Monaco 500 HTs), 383 cubic-inch (2-bbl.) 318 V8 (2 bbl), 230 hp. return null; 361 V8 (2-bbl. Plymouth remained the leader at Chrysler Corporation, with 687,514 sales, a comfortable lead, but Dodge registered about double the sales of Chrysler (with its restricted, big-luxury-car range of Newport, 300, and New Yorker.) (6) 2-seat wagons only.

Optional on all Polara, Polara 500, Monaco and Monaco 500 models (including wagons). Standard on Coronet and optional on Dart; not available on Coronet 440 3-seat wagon, Coronet 500, or any Monaco or Polara. date.setTime(date.getTime()+(days*24*60*60*1000)); xhttp.setRequestHeader("X-Requested-With", "xmlhttprequest"); They were the only wagons in their class with V8 power, a full 174 horsepower; the standard engine was the 101 horse 170 slant-six, with an optional 140-horse 225 slant-six. false : true)); V8 and torqueFlite automatic transmission. It's obviously been freshened and detailed, but the clean inner fenders speak volumes about the easy life this car has led. It would carry on for on more year in the same body, with sales in 1967 plummeting further to half its 1966 sales, before a dramatic restyling that brought sales to roughly triple their 1966 level and added a legendary nameplate to Chrysler Corporation’s short supply of well-known monikers. **GT models only. Looking very stock save for the shiny A/C compressor and lines, it's a reliable runner that seems as tight today as it did decades ago. Now, with a 383 cubic inch V8 under the hood, this Coronet is smooth and effortless in everything it does. with 170 Six or 273 V8 with 3-speed manual transmission), White or black Levant-grain vinyl roof covering (GT hardtop only), All-vinyl interior trim (270 4-dr. sedan only) (std., GT models, all wagons, 270 hardtop and con­vertible).