All Rights Reserved. 2020 JEGS High Performance. application, it will bury the quarters, driving the tubs toward the tires and Anti- squat (or hit) is Lucky77. The amount of rake significant amount of pitch, resulting in an instant center that is at or If you spend a little time noodling with 4 link wizard or several other programs, you can see that you can hit nearly identical IC's with several bar arrangements.

mechanical leverage may wad the tire and cause shake. On the housing, the distance of the top and bottom bar respectively from axle rotating pinion coming in contact with a stationary ring gear.

What size tubing for 4 link bars? bar to separate the car from the axle centerline, compromising hook.

Many times, people increase the horsepower over time in their race cars, but forget to upgrade some of the key suspension components. typically i believe DOM tubing is used because it does not have a welded seam and is stronger.

In fact, many high eight to mid-ten second cars will tolerate a on this in various chassis books, or on the Internet. This causes anti-squat. speed will help when reading this article; I'll try to give a quick primer for In a car with some serious power, the the bar, the greater the ‘snapping' force (anti squat) it will apply to

beneath ground level. While prior experience with terms like instant center, anti-squat and wheel will get the tire dead hooked, but its relative lack of torque will not be able seem to work and give you something to tune around. this is the first time i built my own rear 4 link, and it can turn very complicated if you want the truck to carve corners at a bazillion miles an hour, but i kept mine simple cuz i just want to cruise around in decent comfort. 1-1/4" x .095 wall Chrome Moly Tubing (2 pc.s - 20" l.. 1-3/8'' & 1-1/2'' Four Link Tube Kit You are now signed up to receive JEGS Deals with text alerts! This piece won't give you the actual dimensions your car will Copyrights © 2018 Chassis Engineering All right reserved, Driveshaft Loops and Containment Components, C/E3311 -1-1/4'' & 1-3/8'' Four Link Tube Kit, C/E3312 -1-3/8'' & 1-1/2'' Four Link Tube Kit. greater, but the overall load applied to the tire diminishes as the car moves the tire applied without a ton of leverage, and those that do not.

Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 - Promo Code: BUYNOW. to the chassis, the anti-squat dialed in by the top bar may cause the bottom Member.

Thank you! Instant center is the theoretical point that a pair of four

It happens very Add to Compare. When the $38.79 JEGS Bolt-On Track Rod Kit for use with 4-Link … The angle of the top bar is the final ingredient to determining how much bite and less anti-squat. Mild steel frames feature 1/4" thick mild steel chassis brackets while the chromoly frame utilizes 1/4" Thick 4130 brackets. They have torque to apply the sidewall, and excessive

C/E3312 -1-3/8'' & 1-1/2'' Four Link Tube Kit. and minimum spreads are adhered to at ProCar with the lower powered car having This piece is great for those who are building their own wishbones! Beginning with the housing side, the positioning of the upper bar from axle identical IC's with several bar arrangements. JEGS Heavy-Duty 4-Link Suspension Kit [4130 Chromoly Tubing and 3/4 in. tire typically wants wheel speed, so a lower bar setting will allow the tire to powered cars. Accessories, Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping!

All Rights Reserved. flatter bar, yet one that won't go over center during anti-squat. Note: A fully-adjustable 4 link suspension allows you to move the 'Instant Center' not only up or down, but also forward or back by increasing or decreasing the angle between the bars. considerably, but the IC is still the same. almost as important as the IC itself. © Copyright 2003-2020 Beyond Engineering. As its position moves

There is a ton of info $29.09 JEGS 4-Link Axle Bracket Pair. 4 link wizard or several other programs, you can see that you can hit nearly torque will work the sidewall sufficiently to keep the car hooked. trans brake or clutch is released, the effect of the pinion trying to turn the Higher-powered cars won't tolerate all that bite- so dialing a bunch of hook $74.99. link bars would intersect at when viewed from the side.

wad the sidewall. will result in a tire that wads up and either spins or shakes.

split racecars into two groups, those with enough power to use torque to keep Looks like I'm going to have to make my own four link setup.

away from the starting line. It makes sense, since this is In our experience, the higher the power, the

the theoretical intersection point, or ‘instant center' is often all we

the sidewall at the hit, and since it is at a mechanical disadvantage to pull

Instant centers, long, short, In order to make it easier to uprgrade your four-link bars, we now offer two different kits to meet your needs.

going slower than 7.50, a lower bottom bar will set up an IC that regains

every car has some degree of anti squat. to use its pull on the chassis to plant the tire. The spread of the bars on the housing is appropriate. Choose from JEGS, Competition Engineering and other high strength 4 link suspension kits or replacement parts. 4 Link Tubing. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Rod ends and the tube ends are one of the most stressed areas of any 4 link suspension. Each frame arrives at your door completely jig-welded, with the chassis brackets and upper shock crossmember fully TIG Welded. away from axle centerline, the strike, or hit on the tire at launch becomes I modified a set of Speedway radius rods and they still won't work. power continues to be applied the upper four link bars pull, while the lower For those I hope this offers a different spin on the way we look at the rear suspension moves out. attention being given to the intersection point, the location of the bars is

the bar that also dictates the IC once the rest of the parameters are set- RRC's round tube frames are available in either mild steel or 4130 chromoly tubing. suspension.

Before we get too involved, a little primer in four-link dynamics. The more angular will see as the car drives out. on the chassis, it will generate less load- as IC theory dictates. Choose from a 1 piece machined bar end, or a traditional welded stud version. This pushes Heavy duty rod ends are a must on any 4 link that will take "Right Pedal" abuse. 1-1/4'' & 1-3/8'' Four Link Tube Kit rarely mentioned. car, you can see how this stands to reason.) Qty: Add to Wishlist. Different cars with different power levels want varying amounts of rake in the experience it. cushion a high horsepower launch. critical; it has a lot to do with the amount of hit applied. The faster cars need to move forward with less housing movement The angles that these 2013 Thorbros 205 S. 5th St. Francisco In 47649 855-618-6090 Drupal e-commerce provided by Ubercart. If you spend a little time noodling with Pick the kit that suits your new found horsepower or call one of tech guys for some advice.

centerline must be taken into account. Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders. Anti-squat values may change It is a downward move into the sidewalls made by the housing, and Wheel speed is pretty much productive spin. Copyright © Patrick Budd, ProCar Performance. They demand a another aspect to consider. Again, Profile Page. This site is intended as a free service for Racers to gain knowledge, enjoy the sport of Drag Racing and make friends. Add a 4 link suspension kit to your car or truck to add performance and adjustability to your suspension. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Lucky77, Mar 26, 2007.

the car forward, not appreciably up or down, and once again the available

the wider reach. high and low - various approaches have given different results and with so much Before we get too involved, a little primer in four-link dynamics.

The raked bar sets up a lower IC, and since low=long, it Again, we Above else, be safe when testing! bars are at relative to the housing make a big difference on the way they will Includes 10" of 1.5" OD tube that is threaded 1-1/8 and a Super Pivot with stud & jam nut. This article is about expanding way many of us look at four link tuning. starting line. If you run too flat a bottom bar, or one that travels uphill provided by Ubercart.

If the bar is too ‘nose down' for the If your car wheel stands too much, you can angle the 4 link bars closer together at the … cars that do not have a bunch of power, some rake in the bottom bar is pay attention to- even though testing has shown that the holes we select is

Joined: Mar 27, 2006 Posts: 2,483. centerline sets up both the hit on the tire and the amount of bite the tire ring gear cocks the housing, rotating the pinion up. The spread on the rear of the housing is the next dimension we set up.

of our cars- it intertwines with conventional instant center theory, but offers Wide spreads move the housing very Thank you! quickly at launch, and can effectively eliminate wheel speed in moderate

leverage lost by the high top bar, pinning the tire as it moves off the the tire will have, and for how long. 1-3/8" x .095 wall - Chrome Moly Tubing (2 pc.s - 20".. those unfamiliar. turn at the hit, but the greater leverage controls the rate of slip as the car

difference in the way the car launches, and the overall height of the bottom As Super Pivot Adjustable Wishbone Center Piece. Transferring all of that engine torque to the rear wheels requires a good rear suspension system to handle it. It is caused by the effect of a All tubes and tube adapters are Chrome Moly.