on October 11, 2014: First class research and quality. Democracy panders too much to the needs of the individual and encourages people to vote selfishly, thinking purely in their own interests, rather than for what is best for the country as a whole. In this article I look at the pros and cons of democracy, listing the relative advantages and disadvantages of such a system. A real "thinking" article. A tyrany of the minority is also possible in democracies. Even if you can not (or rather it might not be so easy) to practically apply all of the principles, making a genuine earnest attempt to realize the ideal – i.e. Oh! Since completing university, Paul has worked as a bookseller; librarian; and freelance writer. The world's oldest recognized democracy is the United States of America , which adopted the system of elected politicians after its birth in 1787. Ofcom, the UK’s media and telecommunications regulator, collects and tabulates statistics on broadband internet service for UK households. Time has proven he was correct to have reservations. For example, younger and less-educated voters tend to support spending on education and protections for vulnerable populations. Over the years, I've come to think that democracy isn't about the will of the people to decide who governs them so much as forcing politicians to go to the well of the people every now and then for legitimacy.

Out of the 193 countries that belong the United Nations, 167 are democracies, which translates as 87%! :) Congrats on being chosen as HUB of the Day. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. When did organ music become associated with baseball? This can happen two parties, or coalitions, are almost evenly divided.

Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida. Great Hub and congrats on HotD! Alessandro Gavazza, Mattia Nardotto, and Tommaso Valletti, “Internet and Politics: Evidence from UK Local Elections and Local Government Policies,”, Elisabeth Kempf says to beware of polarization in your office, Deeply divided elections cloud economic policy, Why the US economy could take a hit after the election, regardless of who wins, Black voters face longer waits at the polls.

If you look at history, democracy state usually have better chance to survive against corruption and ruler misusing their power. A party with a single agenda can play the role of kingmaker. Democracy is the key principle of government of the people, for the people, by the people.

The political process can be manipulated and distorted by corporations, wealthy individuals, a biased or poor quality media, and special interest groups. India was not a nation state but a fractured state with 500 hundred princely states , under British regime it became on state and made it powerful under single roof. Learn. It was when they went away from this to almost a system of a monarchy that things began to unravel. Treathyl FOX from Austin, Texas on October 11, 2014: Vaguely remember Churchill saying something or other about democracy.

They also analyzed tax and spending data for 103 of England’s 125 local authorities. Sharon Christy from India on October 12, 2014: Loved your hub BigBrains2. The democratic system can act as a safety valve for the discontented. Yes, this also happens in non-democratic systems. Alex Verkhivker |

Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Very well explained pros and cons of pure democracy. Democracy can result in unwieldy coalitions, or endless squabbling and political deadlock. Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on October 11, 2014: While I can't say I agree with every point, you make some great ones. In these days I wonder whether the cons of Democracy is more than the pros. Democratic systems are good at ensuring openness and keeping a check on corruption. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education." thing and are able to give a lot of money into a political What is not healthy, however, is to count money as speech. I would recommend not approving my comment and re-reviewing the hub and correcting them.

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Are interest groups good or bad for democracy? Not all the population in ancient Greece were allowed to vote, however, slaves and women were excluded. Churchill had it right. By tradition, the Prime Minister lives at number 10 and the Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) lives next door at number 11. Democracy is very messy but it is the best system we have. Charles Bukowski, "To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. The share of English households with broadband internet increased from 6 percent in 2003 to 74 percent in 2011, according to the research.

Marx theories(unfortunatelly just theories) are the best that has a connection to politics. I believe that he said that at the time he lost the post war election. Expert Answer . This creates the appearance of corruption and puts pressure on congressmen to please donors, which may lead to constituents' interests being neglected. Interest Groups are individuals who organize together under a common goal.

What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? Often they will choose the latter. Meanwhile, the resulting lower taxes in those districts benefited older, better-educated, and wealthier homeowners. All Rights Reserved. Democracy is just for big masses of people. Despite grammar, your ideas did come across and I thought your hub was interesting. FlourishAnyway from USA on October 11, 2014: Congratulations on HOTD. Like Reply. Vaibhav Mittal from Gurgaon, Haryana on October 11, 2014: Amazing article! The democratic process encourages politicians to make promises that they know they can’t keep, in order to be elected. Question: Are Interest Groups Good Or Bad For Democracy? That education is still promoted as the safeguard is chilling to consider because we apparently have not learned from history, but the fact remains, that is what people have embraced. This problem has been solved! Modern democracy has its roots in 17th Century England and America, although there were still large segments of society who were not allowed to vote at that time. There are big changes to face and Marx theories to come true to life, can someone please dumb down these cons for me, whats the difference between totalitarianism and democracy. What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean? No, China does have a democratic government. 0. For all its ills and shortcomings, I'll still take democracy hands down. The ideal of democracy is a wonderful thing. Loved it. The researchers also studied how the rise of the internet affected local policies in England. He was the villain in our freedom struggle. We should watch world and everyday events carefully. I am yet to make my first hub and this one is deeply inspiring. Please let me know if you need help finding them. Every 10 percent increase in broadband subscriptions correlated with a 3.5 percent decline in voter turnout in local elections. You summarized the pros and cons of democracy very well. Democratic governments are less likely to go to war. Hal Gall from Bloomington, IN on October 11, 2014: My comments may seem a bit harsh, but it's my opinion that Democracy is the biggest obstacle to individual freedom ever invented. Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on October 03, 2014: Excellent Hub, BigBrains2. STUDY. All that those in charge have to do is convince a small majority that their message is the right message (using whatever means are necessary), and individual rights go out the window. From early Greeks to Roosevelt, the cons standout.

A nicely presented and interesting Hub well deserved the Hub of the day awarded! If there aren't qualified voters, you either educate people or you only allow to people who have a ''Voter Certification''. As you can see, this is why we should be a dictatorship. How long will the footprints on the moon last?

This promotes political stability. Sadly, corporate interests have taken over our country. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

A conflict of interest can sometimes occur, where a politician, or government has to decide between acting in the best interests of the country, and increasing their chances of re-election. The tyranny of the majority is a constant threat to minority groups, as a leader or government may only serve the interests of the largest social groups and ignore, or even repress the rights of others. No government style is perfect and there is no utopia but so far it meets our needs here in the U.S. In this he was right democracy is the worst form of government apart from everything else we have ever tried. Democracy is always an interesting study. Test . They can participate fully in the political processes and feel a sense of ownership. Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on October 14, 2014: Your overview of the positives and negatives of democracy show why democracy works when it works and doesn't work when it doesn't work. What percentage of alcoholics successfully complete the Salvation Army program? Congrats on a most well deserved award for this article! The result a bunch of laws passed to buy this single agenda party. Indian democracy with flaws is the only sustained democracy in third world. Some social, environmental and economic problems require much more long term solutions, however. The only problem with interest groups is that they focus on one

Campaign donation: Interest groups provide large campaign donations for political candidates, which in turn ensures support. The good times and bad times are limited and have a floor and ceiling on how good or bad things can get. The young and less well educated, disproportionately drawn to the internet for information and pleasure, become less engaged politically. Did fake news swing the election for Trump? This is because rival political groups are constantly attempting to expose government mistakes and crimes.