Even before joining Lilo's family, he was desperately trying to keep her safe from Jumba's reckless attempts to capture Stitch. She looks at the photo of her family and cuddles with it in sadness], [Outside, Gantu's ship flies above the clouds. Pleakley reluctantly became Jumba's helper when he was forced to assist Jumba in capturing the escaped Stitch, and later became his best friend. When his family arrives on Earth for the mock wedding of Nani and Pleakley, he reveals that he is happy being who he is, which includes being unmarried. He reluctantly becomes Dr. Jumba Jookiba's partner when forced to assist him in capturing the escaped Experiment 626, and later becomes his best friend and roommate when the two are marooned on Earth. Pleakley's cross-dressing has led to some speculation and concern among fans that he is gay, although this was never officially proven and he does occasionally wear men's clothing as well. [Outside, Jumba's ship moves to the left].

"Stop! His clinic number is 236.

While stranded on Earth, Pleakley joins Lilo's ohana (extended family) along with Jumba and Stitch. [Jumba and the others speed on a motorbike. Pleakley reprises his role from the film, but is now being watched over by Cella because she felt him to be incompetent. CleanlinessSafetyCross-dressingSewingEarth culture and studiesMosquitoesMr. He also dresses as an exchange student named Inga and a Flamenco dancer when he tries to help David with his relationship with Nani. He is shown admiring his wig in a mirror while "off duty", and refuses to let Jumba (who once had long hair, but lost it in an accident involving an experiment) try it on. )温帝独眼霹雳 (Stitch & Ai) In this same episode he also had a mock engagement to Jumba. [pulls out his car keys]. The MovieLilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a GlitchLeroy & Stitch, Stitch Jam 2Disney INFINITY: 2.0 EditionDisney Magical World 2, Chair of Earth Studies at Galactic Alliance Community College (formerly), Mrs. Pleakley (mother)Pixley Pleakley (sister)Bertley Pleakley (brother), StitchLiloNaniDavid KawenaCobra BubblesGrand CouncilwomanGantuReuben, LeroyStitch (formerly)Grand Councilwoman (formerly)Gantu (formerly)Reuben (formerly), SafetyCross-dressingSewingEarth culture and studiesMosquitoesMr. In Lilo & Stitch, due to him wishing to protect Earth's inhabitants, he was called upon to assist mad scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba in tracking down Experiment 626, which had escaped to the planet Earth.

Other: Pudge | Jimmy the Cockroach | Various Aliens | Uburnium | Tantalog language, United Galactic Federation Agent (formerly). Pleakley usually wears his Galactic Alliance uniform on official business and a mu'umu'u while on Earth.

Francisco De La Cruz: That got his attention. I was hoping to add theft, endangerment and insanity to my list of things I did today. His species is Plorgonarian.

But what Lilo and Stitch don't know is that Dr. Jumba brought his first 625 experiments to Hawaii. Stitch: [does a hand stand and shakes his rear end] Whoo-hoo! Lilo & StitchStitch! Inside Jumba's ship], [Stitch laughs and walks up to the door. [The scene change to Gantu's ship flying]. This is the scene where the rescue takes place in Ryan F-Freeman Meets Lilo & Stitch. Pleakley would later don this same wig in Leroy & Stitch while recollecting the time he spent with Jumba. Team Robot In Pokemon Sun & Moon The Series, https://poohadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Jumba_and_Pleakley_to_the_Rescue/Also_Cute_and_Fluffy?oldid=2332221.

[To Lilo and Pinkipoo who were captured in a container by Gantu on his ship].

When Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley later invite guests over at their makeshift hotel, Experiment 113 (Shoe) … [He turns the wheel. His body shape and style of movement resembles the enchanted brooms from The Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence of Disney's Fantasia. Like him and Pleakley, my team and I are professionals. Pleakley has 3 stout legs, a wide purple mouth with two lavender tongues, 3 elongated fingers on each hand, and a round bald head topped with a single small antenna, that acts as ear and nose.