Hexblade’s Curse. It should be no surprise then that it is at the top of our Warlock Patrons 5E list? I thought a lot on the lore for my Hexblade, and decided to do away with the whole Raven Queen aspect. Wrathful Smite: Decent smite but doesn’t scale with levels and takes concentration so you are unable to keep Hex online. 1st Level Shield: This an amazing option for any melee fighter. My Hexblade gets his abilities from a pair of twin sentient blades, called Swiftdoom & Sureguard, which ancestors of his encountered in the distant past. You couldn’t ask for a better setup than a Fiend Warlock. The addition of two cantrips is also nice, but not a gamechanger. He wins the trial by combat, he is set free and becomes a Hexblade devoted to Levistus. Relmaroun-Archfey, the Treant: Father of forests, Brother of Emmantiensien.

It is entirely different from the Fiend, however. I've been at a table with two, both of which actually anecdotally work as examples for your request. Berphan-Fiend, Prince of Beasts, Lord of Minotaurs, Melkana-Archfey, Lord of Dance, Song, and Celebrations. Tsathoggua-Great Old One: A giant toad with the wings of a bat and the head of an eagle. You are a warlock and want none? Basically, in my world Hexblades are The Belmonts. But she was trained to be a warlock and eventually told to go find her patron, so she goes to the nearby city and begins asking every weapon she sees to grant her power (her Dad used to train her, and she preferred glaives to blasts). The most obvious Hexblade Patron is the Hero's Shards, the site where a famous hero in ancient times died in the Shadowfell, and his spirit and the shattered remains of his weapons and armor lie. Also fantastic is Hexblade’s Curse, which makes attacks against a cursed creature critical at both 19 and 20. Maybe it's a natural force like an eternally spiraling arctic tornado that's somehow gained sentience. Vielot-Hexblade: Prefers the curious and intelligent. The other features of this subclass are also strong, although the expanded spell list is forgettable at early levels. A proficiency in better armor and shields also adds some survivability to a class that is known to be squishy. Shing’ba-Fiend, The Cannibal Queen: Her followers feast on flesh. Silversteel-Hexblade: Prefers the honorable and righteous.

I like to think of it as an hour of darkness pact made for revenge that can never be undone. Pretty simple really. A meeting with her is not a meeting to forget. Wishes to recreate the world in the form of a swamp. Oberon-Archfey, The Green Lord, King of the Summer Court. He had planned to multiclass to Fiend Warlock after working out with our GM that he would compete in a Devil Went Down to Georgia type situation, but they worked out a Hexblade variant. We all start at lvl. I could probably go on now that I've started, but that's not really my point…). Nakir-Celestial, The Escort: Escorts the fallen to the realm of Judgment. The Hexblade is the other patron that really stands out in the class. It is numbered 1-100 so a warlock patron can be selected at random. that bestowed you with the Raven Queen's curse. Nex’Aruhn-Archfey, Lady of Mischief and Pranks: Revered by pseudodragons. Zadkiel-Celestial, The Forgiven: Once fell from grace but was restored after he repented.

Pinzak-Fiend, Demon Lord of Subtlety and Corruption. Dark Delirium is good for flavor but also pretty disappointing for a level 14 benefit. Flengoth-Archfey, Lord of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection; God of the Pegasi. Your email address will not be published.

Defy Death is also great, but you can only use it once per long rest. Maybe your patron just doesn't fit any of the normal warlock patron categories. While I think the two at the top stick out like a sore thumb, your mileage may vary on the rest of the list. This is a really cool idea. He doesnt know what his patron is but i imagine it to be some sort of Reaper like entity from the shadowfel and every enemy he slays with his weapon gets sent to his patron. Samael-Celestial, The Venomous: Does what needs to be done; The ends justify his means. Essentially, I wanted Patrons that could easily lend themselves to cool Pact Weapons (tell me you can't already picture the unique Pact Weapon your Warlock would get with any of those Hexblade Patrons I just described), but also something with enough evocative lore that you could still build a Hexblade of the Tome or the Chain if you were so inclined. Sounds edgy but the character himself is actually quite upbeat and friendly, trying to find nonviolent solutions usually but his patron often urges him to go foe the kill on his foes. who are all very clearly embodied entities. Lublex-Fiend, The Faceless One: Lord of Oozes and Shapeless Things. I'd like to hear how you guys have gone about loreing up a Hexblade character, particularly any ideas and justifications for multiclassing Bard or Divine Soul Sorcerer. This is excellent, as it allow you to build both your spellcasting and melee offense around a single attribute.