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Decreases this ship's DMG taken by 15.0% (25.0%) for 20s.

Licensed to Idea Factory International, Inc., and published by REEF Entertainment. While alive in fleet, increases Speed of all ships in Escort Fleet by 3, and reduces damage taken from ramming by 15% (25%).

Ships grouped by Timer. Here Are Two Ways To Configure The New Echo Shotgun In Call of Duty... How To Get The Most Out Of the New Verdansk Subway System In Warzone, Surprise! At the start of the battle, if there is an, Every time Illustrious launches an airstrike, applies a shield around ships in the Vanguard Fleet for 8s equal to 5% (10%) of Illustrious's HP. If this ship is NOT in the frontmost position: increase this ship's critical damage by 15.0% (25.0%), and every 15 seconds, 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a special barrage (barrage damage is based on skill level).

All Vichya Dominion ships receive 1.5% (6%) less damage. Every 10 seconds, 20% (40%) chance to increase own Evasion by 30% (60%) for 8 seconds. Increases Firepower of Cruisers in the fleet by 5% (15%). Does not stack with other command skills that have similar effect. After defeating 5 enemy nodes, reduces damage taken by the Main Fleet by 3.5% (8%). How to Get Each Ship. When sortied, receive 1 (3) Emergency Repairs.

10 seconds after battle starts: fires a torpedo barrage (damage is based on skill level and Torpedo stat). Increases damage of the shells based upon their distance traveled from 35 to 105 (121), dealing bonus damage up to 15% (30%). Ship Drops by Story Map. The higher your affection status is, the better the bonuses the shipgirl gains. Increases own damage dealt to Destroyers, transport vessels, torpedo boats, and suicide boats by 10% (20%). Ships grouped by Timer. 17% - Prototype Torpedo Tube: Fires a torpedo barrage.

While alive in fleet, reduces duration of burning effect on flagship and self by 3 seconds.

I haven't added it yet, but if I do, it will be Scharnhorst or Gneisenau I guess The secretary ship can be changed via Player Info. Increases own Firepower by 4% (10%). This buff does not apply to the airstrike that triggered it.

Does not stack with any other Reload Command. Increase Torpedo stat of all ships in the Escort fleet by 5% (15%). Every 20s: launches a Lvl. Every 30 seconds, spawns 2 rotating shields for 5 (15) seconds that block up to 8 shots.

• Battle Tips Every 15 seconds after the start of the battle, fire a special barrage (barrage damage scales with skill level). Diamonds are the premium currency of Azur Lane. 20% (40%) chance to activate every 20 seconds: perform an airstrike with a special aviation.

Every 20 seconds, 30% (60%) chance to reduce Firepower, Torpedo stat, and Aviation of enemy ships by 4.5% (12%) for 10 seconds. Increases this ship's Crit Rate by 10% (30%) and its Hit Rate against enemy DDs and CLs by 4% (10%).

Does not stack with the same skill. None None The following buffs are active as long as this ship is afloat: The first 3 Airstrikes launched by this ship will heal 3 times over 3 seconds, each heal targeting the allied surface ship with lowest percentage of remaining HP.

Anthem 2.0 Update Announced By BioWare, Red Dead Online Weekly Update: It’s A Good Time To Be In Business. Every 20 seconds, 40% (70%) chance to increase own Evasion by 30% for 5 seconds and release a powerful barrage while launching fast torpedoes in a helical pattern. Every 30s (20s): fires a special barrage that ignores shields and heals this ship for 15.0% of the DMG dealt (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level). Ranking Edit. When launching an odd-numbered airstrike: launches extra torpedo bombers. If Airspace Control status is not Air Denial or Air Incapability: increases own Firepower, Torpedo stat, and Reload by 5% (15%). The second ranking is the collect ranking, this ranking is of how many of the possible ships you have collected and it displays the top 100 players who have collected the most ships. When firing main gun, 45% (75%) chance to fire a special barrage. List of Ships by Stats. Every 20 seconds, 15% (30%) chance to evade all incoming attacks for 6 seconds.

For every 2 enemies this ship sinks: increases this ship's AA by 1.0% (10.0%) for the duration of the battle (can be stacked up to 3 times). Once per battle, when launching the first wave of torpedoes: launches a special barrage (damage is based on skill level). This button opens the options menu.

Every ship girl possesses their own set of Skills, which provide various beneficial buffs in combat, or extra abilities.

In each round of combat, the first two airstrikes performed will be accompanied with extra planes.

https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/w/index.php?title=Skills&oldid=119111, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. When retreating: increases Speed by 100% during the retreat.

When taking damage: Vanguard Fleet has 15% chance to evade all incoming attacks for 5 (10) seconds (Has a 20 second cooldown. Missing Ships by Client. All Iris Libre ships deal 1.5% (6%) more damage. When firing main gun: 20% (40%) chance to fire a frontal barrage (damage based on Skill Level). Tap on your ships chibi icon to be taken to the Data Screen where you can view many stats on yourself such as playtime and percentage of ship girls obtained.

(Barrage DMG is based on skill level.).

There is a resource cap limit on oil and funds that scales with your level, which increases the upper cap limit as you level up. Can be stacked up to 6 times. Jun 3, 2020 - icons i make, feel free to use them <3. Affection in the Dormitory is gained by tapping on a heart above a ship girl's head when they appear. Every 20 seconds, 40% (70%) chance to release a powerful barrage and spawn 2 rotating shields that can block 5 enemy shells each while launching a wave of 4 slow homing torpedoes; own main gun's critical rate becomes 100% for 10 seconds. https://azur-lane.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Menu?oldid=1156. RLD INCREASED! 10s after the start of the battle: fires a special torpedo barrage (DMG scales with levels) and decreases this ship's DMG taken by 1.5% (6.0%) for 50s. When this boat resurfaces: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) torpedo barrage with a 70.0% chance to inflict Armor Break.