Highlight of this Town House is the Luxury Maisonette Appartment with a big Solar Panel on the Roof and Balkony. Please reload CAPTCHA.

display: none !important; Overall, I liked that the set is actually modular; you can rearrange the two buildings and corner because the three modules are connected by Technic pins. It is $79.99 (£74.99, €79.99). © 2020 Rebrickable Pty Ltd. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. The little girl has a top with green apples and one of the adult torsos is a flannel shirt and the other is a Hawaiian shirt with singlet underneath. The only instruction I had to re-read was how to put the leaves together for the tree canopy, and I had to re-read that instruction more than once to get it right! These buildings often have greater height than the mid-block buildings and almost always have strong architectural features and nods to the institutions and major companies who commissioned the building, since corner lots are prestigious real estate. Once I finished this build, I put it next to sets #10255 Assembly Square This shows the scale difference with the Modular Building series. The main scene is of a city street corner. #KeepOnBricking LEGO Creator 3in1 set 31097 alternate moc model MODERN LIVING HOUSE The model fits well next to 32x32 road baseplate And this is how it looks when it's place on a 32x32 baseplate High quality step by step building instructions sample pages Enjoy the build ! Each of those sets presents a building (or two) with strong architectural presence and a high level of realistic architectural detailing. But in the same time, you made a tiny mistake – it’s not a parrot in the shop, it’s a toucan. share. You will find bags for six numbered stages (Two bags for stage 1, and one bag for the remaining stages.) The slightly higher recommended age and the modular building techniques (which we will discuss later) make this set a nice bridge between the Creator and Creator Expert building series. I built all three, and will discuss these builds below. Please solve this math problem (to prove that you aren't a robot.). You helped me realize that this little square thing on “modern” building is an air-conditioning unit.

Street corners are perfect high profile locations for building owners to make an impression and show off with style. This leaves a missing quarter at the back and not making this a square just seems unsatisfactory. I had assumed it was a parrot since I didn’t think you can buy a toucan as a pet. Want exclusive content, articles, and updates to LEGO Brick Labels and the LEGO Storage Guide? report. Both of the buildings use ‘novelty’ signs to denote the use of the building (The dentist has a large tooth and a toothbrush, and the barbershop has a comb and scissors.)

The corner position is occupied by an outdoor dining area for a café. All the animals represented in this set are brick built, with the only molded animal pieces being used as architectural features (the two white parrots on the building facade).

As I said above, I did find the design of this part of the build underwhelming and a weak center to link these two buildings together. (Photo: LEGO Group.). Create an account and enter your LEGO collection Another difference I noted was the impact the use of baseplates makes to the overall scale and design. Inspired of the Lego® Creator Set 31097 Town House woth Pet Shop I create a new Modular Building and Home of a Tea Bar with Terrance in the Corner and small Pet Shop with Bunny and Aquarium. Visit the. Rebrickable thinks you are from US with the IP address The first thing I noticed was that the two buildings are much smaller than those in the main model, and only use about 60% of the bricks in the set.

(The ground level is occupied by a pet store, with a two-story apartment above.). The tram ticket machine was also a great concept – it used the same color bricks as the tram to define its linkage to the tram as a ticket machine (rather than being another city item such as a cash machine).

There are so many useful parts for buildings in it, and you could create some great MOC buildings just by adding standard bricks. This set was released summer 2019 and contains 969 parts. © 2020 Rebrickable Pty Ltd. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. With so many unused pieces, It would have been easy to add a second floor to each of the buildings, add more architectural detailing, or at least add third store to this model. Compare MOC-29714 to 31097-1. It’s slightly bigger than #31065 Park Street Townhouse. There is definitely a need for a bridging set between the Creator and Creator Expert themes and a set of this nature deserves to deliver a set we can rate as Highly Recommended. The tram and tram stop was the best part of this build. best. There is a nice sturdy 354-page instruction book. hide. Sorry you need to upgrade to the Pro Plan before you can use this feature. It’s a lot smaller than 10255 Assembly Square.

Progress by the end of Bag 1. I’m familiar with smaller buildings in the Creator 3-in-1 series (such as the 566 piece #31065 Park Street Townhouse), and I recently built the largest set in the Creator Expert Modular Building series (the 4,002 piece #10255 Assembly Square).

However, it is well worth looking up the instructions for this set to borrow this tram design and tram ticket machine to include in your MOC city scene.