A türbe (tomb) was built for a Halime Hatun in Gevaş in modern Turkey in 1358, and this Halime is said to have been the daughter of a Seljuk ruler, Melik Izeddin, and so perhaps it can be speculated that the creators of Resurrection Ertugrul possibly got the idea of the Seljuk connection from this particular Halime Hatun.

Coin that states "Osman bin Ertugrul bin Gunduz Alp — Osman son of Ertugrul son of Gunduz Alp — Gündüz Alp oğlu Ertuğrul oğlu Osman". His biography has been written in the book “ Dede Korkut ”, the most famous epic of the Oghuz Turks. In spite of all of that, not only are many of the characters in the show indeed based on real people in history (even if the information surrounding some of them is at times insufficient/unclear) but the historical chronology and context in which the show was set also seems to be very accurate. Other characters who later became part of the Kayi Tribe in Dirilis: Ertugrul like Artuk Bey and Samsa Alp (Samsa Çavuş) will be touched on in my follow up blog post/Part 2 and where I also will touch on the other tribes like the Dodurga & Cavdar tribes (Part 2 is now completed. There is a difference of opinion as to who Malhun Hatun’s father was (with some suggesting that she was a daughter of Shaykh Edebali), but the most accepted opinion was that she was the daughter of the Seljuk Vizier of Anatolia, Omer Abdulaziz Bey. Log In. Grave of Gunduz Bey (Credit: Humza Sheikh). Real History of Bamsi Alp / Bamsi Beyrek in Kurulus Osman & Dirilis Ertugrul. It has resonated with people all over the world and not just Muslims.

Osman’s second wife Rabia Bala Hatun (or just Bala Hatun as seen in the TV series Kurulus Osman) was in fact the daughter of Sheikh Edebali and from her, he had a son by the name of Alaeddin Pasha. or.

Notable Mentions: Kurdoglu, Dogan Alp, Selcan Hatun, etc.

Him being expelled though might have been done for the sake of series as I haven't seen any accounts that remotely suggests this ever happened. What’s surprising is that at the very same mausoleum of Ertuğrul Bey in Söğüt, there are two separate graves with one marked Saru Batu and another Savci Bey and hence raises the question if he did indeed have 4 children, and if they were indeed 2 separate persons. We know he was the father of Osman I who founded the Devlet-iʿAlīye-iʿOsmānīye (literally "The Sublime Ottoman State") but most of the information surrounding both Ertugrul and Osman come a century or more after Osman’s death and with some of the accounts recorded being of a conflicting nature, the historical veracity of much of what is recorded has been cast in doubt. Click here), as well as the Ayyubids of Aleppo and characters like Emir El-Aziz in Part 4 (Part 4 is now completed.