Journey - 1 The Moody Blues Posted by classicrocker on Tuesday, 04.3.12 @ 22:18pm.

Pei, also designed the most famous modern pyramid, the controversial 1988 addition to the Louvre.↩, 3. Beat induction year: 1993, Posted by Mike on Thursday, 02.6.14 @ 14:22pm. Where do you see the rankings for 2015 Class? The Flamingos Yes- 4 NO WAY should they just be at Level 3.

Foreigner aren't even the 10th biggest snub of the 80's. 12. Journey - 1

Amen and speak the truth!


Posted by FRL on Saturday, 11.17.12 @ 15:02pm. At Walton's peak you could make an argument for him being in the Pantheon. 1989 Bessie Smith

Inductee that should have been first-ballot (again, don't answer Rush*)? Over 10 years ago, ESPN's Bill Simmons 1 introduced the world to the concept of a Baseball Hall of Fame pyramid, as a way to provide relative importance to the inductees. 11.

1986 Jimmie Rodgers He was (and still is) well-regarded by just about everyone regardless of genre.

The people at the top are more of the big timers, to me.

I like them for what they were, and not the over-hyped myth.

They were the VANGUARD ACT of Berry Gordy's Motown empire.

There have been almost too many GOATs in MMA history to count. Not a shock, since they also decided it was a good idea to put in Nile Rodgers as a sideman when substantially all his HOF credentials were through Chic (which he himself acknowledged), which ironically has destroyed Chic's chances (since they technically can't factor him in as he was inducted on his work with Chic amongst other groups).

Eighteen years later, when I wrote the “Wine Cellar” chapter, my first five choices were Bird, Magic, Jordan, Pippen and McHale. Little Richard

We rank historical figures just as Google ranks webpages, by integrating a diverse set of measurements about their reputation (including PageRank, article length, and readership) into estimates of their fame, explained by a combination of achievement (gravitas) and celebrity. Fuck I knew this would eventually get discussed but as a fan of OKC, these next couple parts might be a tough listen.

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Best outside US and UK: If Canada counts, then Rush, if Canada doesn't count, then ABBA. The J.B.'s Respect: …

* Santana up to 3 13. 1986 Jimmy Yancey Good, that puts him with these guys: Cousy, Malone, LeBron, Barkley, Garnett, McHale, Gervin, Oscar, Kobe, Robinson, Ewing and Baylor. 9.Heart If artist X is in, why isn't artist Y? The Platters

Music and the arts is in a different realm when it comes to this matter then academia.

Fact! "Got A Job" – The Marcels

"Save Me" – The Undertones Nobody covered more ground or moved faster from point A to point B. Is anyone ever going to move up fro level 4 to level 5? Their pioneering work in the folk-rock and country-work scenes is significant enough. Uh, yea. It's pathetic. Where would the 2013 nominees slot in the pyramid?

The Grateful Dead were at the top of 2 genres- psychedelic and jam bands. In the early 90s, by some weird quirk, the music press decided they were the great American band. Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 11.29.16 @ 05:08am, Pearl Jam - level 3 The Stooges

Level 5 is the top of the pyramid, literally and figuratively. Electric Light Orchestra - 1 Everyone else in that lot is pretty clearly Level 1 to me. "(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need " – The Jackson 5, The Cowsills, The GP's Well, if you honestly believe that the king of weepy singer-songwriters James Taylor (who has no business in any HOF other than the consignment store record bin HOF) did more to develop rock 'n roll (not rock music, that's a needless abbreviation) than The Ventures (with the exception of Booker T and the MG's, the most significant instrumental rock 'n roll band of the 1960s), then I have nothing to say (as Oliver Hardy would have said). "Here I Go Again" – Chazz Dixon, Carey Bell, A.J. Jerry Lee Lewis If you prefer to look at the Hall of Famers in a sortable list, here is where to go. I understand their attempts, and respect it to some degree. When the ’98 Pacers nearly snuffed out the MJ era, Jordan and Pippen crashed the boards in Game 7 and willed themselves to the line again and again, two smaller guys dominating the paint against a bigger team. LEVEL FOUR ?

Posted by EDS on Saturday, 05.5.18 @ 16:49pm. De Bravo, Little Willie G., Oran "Juice" Jones. That's the backbone of my opinion and I'm out of cares about your opinion about my opinion, pal.

Jerry Lee Lewis and The Everly Brothers should both go up in their rankings. There is a reason that Willie Dixon and the heirs to Howlin' Wolf both sued Zeppelin and got a substantial settlement out of them.

Jrue Holiday Trade Rumors With Scott Kushner and the Knicks’ Future With Mike Vorkunov, The NBA’s Murky Future With Ryen Russillo and Best Streaming TV/Movies With Wesley Morris, Season Start Date Negotiations Are Heating Up, Why Some Video Games Can’t Live Up to the Trailer Hype, Champions League: Manchester United Confuse Again, Glorious Gladbach, and More. "The Tears of a Clown" – La Toya Jackson, The Beat, The Rocking Chairs, The Re-Bops, Nnenna Freelon, The Flying Pickets, Caligula, Human Nature, Enuff Z'Nuff, Eumir Deodato, Brian Ray, Marc Cohn, Phil Collins. Did the management of this establishment put you up to this? On which levels do you think each of these artists belongs?


Sabbath, Metallica, Johnny Cash, R.E.M.

Tier 3 - Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam

All numbers courtesy of Basketball Reference). For instance, Michael Jackson is listed in tier 2, yet anyone familiar w/the 80's would surely place him in the top tier. "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" – Percy Sledge, Barbara McNair, The Beatles, The Temptations, The Supremes, The Zombies, Aidan Smith, Sonny & Cher, Mickey Gilley, Eddie Money, Cyndi Lauper, The Bobs, Greg Brown, Small Faces, Bobby McFerrin, Derrick Harriott, UFO8, Mike and The Mechanics, and She & Him among many others. The Sex Pistols not one, not two, but SEVEN rows over Clyde McPhatter (arguably the "Father of Rock & Roll" as Philip would say)? DEFINITELY !! Honorable Mention:

Extending that analogy, Scottie was a strong safety out of the Ronnie Lott mold, a consistently destructive presence who became nearly as enjoyable to watch defensively as Jordan was offensively. The Moody Blues 10. I can name more than one song by Costello (come on, at least give him Pump it Up), but I really don't see a career that matches up well against The Talking Heads in terms of influence, innovation or popularity.

People will still be listening to their music, hundreds, if not thousands of years from now.

True story.

James Brown. Longevity plays a huge role in a player's achievement score. Level One: King Rootin'-Tootin' (The Three Stooges) "Who's Gonna Take The Blame" – Capone N. Noreaga (as the basis of their song "Live On Live Long").

"As Bill Simmons said in his original article though, this is subjective. Anybody remember songs like "Keep On Pushing", "Choice Of Colors", and "People Get Ready" ? I've thoroughly discussed my reasons for disliking The Beatles and LZ, so there's no need to flog two already dead corpses. Run-D.M.C. move to 3: I think that eventually Rush will be recognized, in the future, as a 5th tier band.

I think she brought so little to the table talent-wise, evolution-wise. Tim Duncan (Career Win Shares: 193.8, WS/48: .211). Plus, the PAC-12’s Mediocrity Under Larry Scott. Those players (as of 2008 when Simmons wrote the book) were: 1) Michael Jordan 2) Bill Russell 3) Kareem Abdul-Jabar 4) Magic Johnson 5) Larry Bird 6) Wilt Chamberlain 7) Tim Duncan 8) Jerry West 9) Oscar Robertson 10) Hakeem Olajuwan 11) Shaquille O'Neal 12) Moses Malone Kobe Bryant was ranked 15th. As such, he's not an entirely impartial judge of greatness, and cops to a few things right out of the gate: 1) He's an unabashed Celtics fan, 2) He believes greatness is measured more by team success (exemplified by Bill Russell) than individual stats (exemplified by Wilt Chamberlain).


He certainly beats U2 and Bruce Springsteen in the I&I categories.

Kareem is the one Simmons Pantheon player who was still going strong after 14 seasons - until Kobe. 8.Iron Maiden "As society navigates this time without live sports, viewers are still looking to the sports world to escape and enjoy a collective experience.

The Miracles, Motown's first group, are the most covered Motown group of all time.

If you think one selfish moment should overshadow a totally unselfish career, maybe you should climb off your high horse before you get hurt. Excited to hear Bill's thoughts on the Harden trade. 2nd tier works. * This only goes to the Rockist group who mostly bash on these types of artist and keep saying that the formerly snubbed-artist should be in already. You are pleased to answer anytime you want. And I'd love to invent a 0 just for Def Leppard.

Smokey was NEVER a member of The Temptations...much less having lead vocals for them.He never did.