Although the industry was highly unstable in these early days, Rockefeller saw the great potential of oil. “At Tynemouth sea front, where thousands had hoped for a good view of the giant tanker, no cars moved at all for more than three hours. Fire service public consultation. In May 1983, all ships of the Exxon Transportation Company were transferred to Exxon Shipping Company of Houston.

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The Company’s fleet of oil carriers flew the Anglo-American houseflag portraying a black eagle astride a white ball, with navy blue and deep red diagonal sections as its background colours. If the Esso Northumbria and its launch by Princess Anne in May 1969 is still well-remembered , its sister ship - the Hibernia - is perhaps less so. After successful sea trials, work on the vessel was formally completed on May 14, 1970. Measurements: 1,143 feet 3 inches (loa including bulbous bow) x 170 feet 3 inches breadth.

The Loss of HM Submarine Vandal (P64) off the Isle of Arran in 1943, The Loss of S.S. Strathallan in December 1942, The ‘BALCLUTHA’ of 1886 and Connell, her Clyde Builder, Broken up in 1935 by Italian shipbreakers, Scuttled in the Whangpoo River –  May 1949, Deleted from the Argentinian Navy List in 1971, Torpedoed/Sunk by E-Boat  –  November 1944, Sank in the Gulf of Campeche in January 1960, Broke in two, off Colon, in December 1968, To Canadian owners in 1960  :   Barge in 1978, Arrived Hamburg for scrapping – October 1961, Sunk in Caribbean, by U-518, in March 1944, Arrived Valencia for scrapping – February 1965, B/U Masan, Korea in 1982  (ex-Esso Rotterdam), Was still in service in 1986   (ex-Esso Bahamas), Was still in service in 1986   (ex-Esso Bermuda), Laid up in 1983. On a voyage from Galveston to India in January 1975, carrying wheat, the vessel went aground on North Danger Reef in the South China Sea, remaining there until refloated on 6th August 1975.

If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. by Rivoldini » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:03 pm . Used in my "Roll Northumbria" FTD Music Video (linked).

{Chorus}. These vessels were of around 36,000 TDW and propulsion was by means of two steam turbines geared to a single shaft, providing a speed of around 16.5 knots. Used in my "Roll Northumbria" FTD Music Video (linked).

Can I move house during the second lockdown? I hope the Guy who did all the calculations to slew and stop her got a very big BONUS but I bet he did not! The one-stop resource for all Clyde-based shipping news. PICTURE: RICHARD MARSHAM/RMG PHOTOGRAPHY, Richard Marsham - RMG Photography

The decision to change came about following a court ruling that the Esso trademark could not be used nationwide.

Crews from Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall and Newmarket were called just before 7am and it was brought under control around two hours later. So come all you good workmen, beware the command

Their primary purpose was the carriage of oil between Fawley Refinery and the various power stations of the CEGB. The impact of the non-navigable Suez Canal for over five months, until early April 1957, had a profound effect on the marine operations of Esso and all other oil majors. Thousands of men worked to construct the likes of the Esso Northumbria (1969), Esso Hibernia (1970), World Unicorn (1973), and Tyne Pride (1975). In 1925 the Anglo-American Oil Company acquired the British Mexican Petroleum Company and its fleet of eight oil tankers of 10,000 DWT. And fair Princess Anne threw a bottle of wine Electricity to the building has now been isolated by UK Power Networks too.

In 1980, she was renamed Exxon Santa Ynez and moored some 3-4 miles offshore at the Hondo Field, off Santa Barbara, California, attached to a single anchor leg mooring system about 1-2 miles from the production platform. The vessels were 630 feet in length and breadth was 83 feet.

280 talking about this. “A fire investigation officer has been asked to attend. Her deckhouse, funnel and engines were removed for this new purpose. Paul Hood.

Cars were packed like sardines into every crossroad and side lane around Tynemouth and North Shields. Concerns were raised over the ship's single hull design and due to the potential risk of a major spill if the hull were punctured, Northumbria was decommissioned in 1982 after just 12 years of service. For some extra anecdotes on this article, please click here, COASTAL, CANAL AND RIVER VESSELS IN THE 1950’s  –  1960’s, THE ‘ESSO LINCOLN’ 52,000 TDW CLASS OF 1962 / 1963. I was called to a large fire on this ship when the timber staging beneath caught fire one night and the Wallsend firemen needed reinforcements.

Children were given time off school and workers nipped out of local factories and shops.

Being a good boy then I did but could not help thinking that if that lot fell it would take more than a fibreglass fire helmet to save me from instant doom.

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Roll Northumbria Roll

It was a bit hot there so I took my helmet off and was promptly told by my Station Officer to put it back on in case I got injured.

Being my first shipyard fire I did not know at the time but the keel of these new ships were about seven feet off the ground supported by huge Baulks of timber. Two oil engines, geared to a single controllable-pitch propeller, giving the vessels a speed of 16.25 knots powered these ships. This song is about the ship Esso Northumbria, a British oil tanker, at the time the largest ship built in Britain. Our photograph recalls the scenes when the vessel sailed down the River Tyne towards the North Sea for sea trials 50 years ago. Come along to join a class – the first session is free. The £6.5 million Northumbria was christened by Princess Anne and launched in May 1969.

The so-called ‘supertankers’ were improbably large oil-carrying vessels that dominated the riverscape during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Roll Northumbria Roll OCEAN TANKERS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY  IN THE 1920’s, OCEAN TANKERS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY IN THE 1930’s, DISTRIBUTING SHIPS OF ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY FROM 1915 TO 1939, NON-PROPELLED DISTRIBUTING BARGES FOR USE ON THE RIVER THAMES IN SAME PERIOD. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. and it's three for the fire that burns down below

Sold off in 1985 to USA, Damaged by Exocet missile 50 miles South of Kharg Island in Oct 1986. Subsequently refloated, she discharged her cargo at Purfleet then proceeded to Gravesend to undergo repairs.

Most of us,at least those old enough, can remember the day that the Esso Northumbria was launched, sticks in your mind, in much the same way that various other historical landmarks are recalled, mostly assassinations. Esso Northumbria - 5.1970 - 126,543GT, Built by Swan, Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd., Wallsend. The first was the 1889-built BAYONNE, from the yard of A.

I was called to a large fire on this ship when the timber staging beneath caught fire one night and the Wallsend firemen … On Monday, February 9, 1970, an estimated 250,000 visitors flocked to witness the spectacle.

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If you value what this story gives you, please consider supporting the East Anglian Daily Times. To accommodate the growing fleet, Anglo-American Oil constructed the large storage wharf at Purfleet on the Thames from where smaller vessels transhipped the commodity to various ports around the British Isles and Dublin, Ireland. During the Second World War, the Purfleet terminal did not escape as lightly from enemy attention as was the case in the previous War. The Esso Portsmouth, with an additional 4,000 tons of steel increasing her size to 40,300 DWT and length to 733 feet, was later sold to Winson Tankers Limited of Panama in 1972. All-welded in … THE ADVENT OF THE VLCC CLASS OF THE LATE 1960’s / EARLY 1970’s, OTHER ESSO VLCC’s AND ULCC’s OF THE 1970’s  –  UNDER OTHER NATIONAL FLAGS, ex-Esso Geneva, Esso Al Duriyah, Esso Geneva. Richard Marsham - RMG Photography Tel - … To build a royal monster right down on the quay

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Laid up at Aalesund 1982. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ... and it's three for the fire that burns down below Roll on Northumbria, Roll Northumbria Roll {Chorus again} So come all you good workmen, beware the command That comes down on high from the desk of a man Who's never held steel or torch in his hands Roll Northumbria … Roll Northumbria Roll, me boys It looks like the fire, from the witness’s account, started behind a sandwich refrigeration unit. Inevitably some lives were lost during this difficult time. With a crude oil capacity of 26,700 tons, a feature of that time was the unusually high rate of discharge at around 3,000 tons per hour.

"Esso Northumbria" before her … From 1947, with the formation of the Esso Transportation Company Limited, formed by renaming the Lago Shipping Company Limited, a new funnel emblem was introduced in place of the red black-topped Anglo-American funnel. The new British company was called A.G.W.I. All these vessels were built to the same design, measuring 210 feet in length x 37 feet in breadth, 1,600 DWT, with oil engines giving a speed of 10 knots.

Esso Al Duriyah in 1983.

Where she was commissioned to haul the black tar The four vessels were: The Esso Wandsworth was in collision with a large Dutch vessel (Moerdyk) in fog on the night of 23 September 1965, in the vicinity of the Ovens Buoy, Lower Hope Reach, and was beached on nearby mudflats. God I am obsessed with that interior. Adorable and fantastically well shot video. Two steam turbines geared to a single shaft provided a speed on about 17 knots.

In 1859, oil was discovered in Pennsylvania and the visionary Rockefeller took an early interest in these developments, travelling to Pennsylvania to see for himself what this new industry might have to offer.

“When the first crew from Mildenhall turned up they were faced with a well-developed fire within the shop that had broken through the roof.”.

In 1977, the S.S. Esso Newcastle was converted by a Japanese shipyard to become a ‘floating separation/gas-treating/storage facility’ for crude oil production, and renamed W.P.

The Northumbria had been launched on May 2, 1969, by 19-year-old Princess Anne at Swan Hunter shipyard in rain-lashed Wallsend. During the Second World War, ten special shallow-draught oil tankers were built for the newly-formed Creole Petroleum Corporation of Panama, a subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. COASTERS/RIVER CRAFT OF ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY OF LONDON  :   1856-1912, ACQUISITIONS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY OF LONDON  :   1897-1917, BRITISH-BUILT SHIPS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY OF LONDON  :  1901-1903, AMERICAN-BUILT SHIPS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY OF LONDON  :  1900-1902, THE FLEET OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY OF LONDON IN 1910, OIL TANKERS ACQUIRED BY ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL DURING THE 1914-1918 WAR. The closing of the Red Sea referenced in the song is a direct reference to the Suez Crisis, which was in no small part a motivator for the Northumbria's construction.

Esso Northumbria 1969 - 1982 (too old to reply) Richard Hyett 2003-10-24 20:19:46 UTC.

Police and fire crews at a fire at the Esso fuel garage on the Fiveways roundabout at Barton Mills. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In addition to the above small oil tanker wartime fleet, Anglo-American Oil Company also operated a 1920-built 3-cylinder triple-expansion steam engined vessel built by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation of Alameda, California, for Standard Transportation Company Incorporated of New York (Socony Vacuum Oil Company).