STUNNING Mocha X Special (BEL) Ball Python for sale. They eventually turn white.

And because leucistic ball pythons can be produced by a variety of different color and pattern mutations, the number available will only continue to grow with the coming years. Preloved supports a number of accesskeys to help you navigate our website, they are as follows: Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Moo Limited.

It is vital for proper digestion and shedding and preventing respiratory infections. Custom Reptile Habitats has complete kits and everything else to create the perfect home for your reptile. Additionally, we may begin to see other color and pattern mutations combined with leucistic ball pythons. If you’ve been wondering how to make a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python to breed BEL at home or are curious about how these remarkable snakes are made, we hope the information in this article was helpful. Adult female Ball Pythons will typically be larger than males. They are docile and tolerate handling well. When you breed the right two snakes together, each egg laid only has a 25% chance of hatching a BEL ball python. You will also need to provide a hide on the warm side of the enclosure. Blue Eyed Pythons However, the blue-eyed leucistic is a bit different, so we’ll discuss it further in the following section. Here for sale is my adult Male butterbee, eats good, good to handle and does all he should. Females have a longer period of growth due to their size difference. We ship via ups or FedEx in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers via overnight with early morning arrival. It is possible to mist too frequently and oversaturate the substrate. CB18 Male Normal £50

Follow us on Facebook by searching -urbanpetcentre- Keeping reading to learn everything you need to know about your blue eyed snake. For display type enclosures we highly recommend either building or purchasing a PVC or plastic enclosure. Do you need a great habitat for your pet? Copyright 1997 – 2019 Moo Limited. I am obsessed with reptiles and have been keeping them my entire life. Add plants, sticks, bark, moss, and other clutter to help them feel safe when venturing out. When you breed two Mojave Ball Pythons together, each egg has a 25% chance of being a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python, a 50% chance of being another Mojave, and a 25% chance of being a regular Ball Python.

One last problem we will mention is the lack of personal customer service.

Their name, Leucism, is closely related to Albinism, but there are some major differences. It is important to understand that snakes displaying these mutations all vary to different degrees, so one blue-eyed leucistic may look brighter white than another, or one black-eyed leucistic may display more areas of normal pattern elements than another. Leeds, West Yorkshire. The heat tape should be wide enough to take up the rear 1/3 of the enclosure. Bourne End, Bucks. Rothwell Pets & Reptiles updated stock list. We found 15 'blue eyed python' adverts for you in 'reptiles', in the UK and Ireland, This advert is located in and around Instead, we recommend providing under-belly heat, such as THG heat tape. refrain from too much handling (to reduce stress) and never try to handle it within We at Sinister Serpents Exotics are very happy to give our customers the ability to buy our Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Pythons for sale online through our website with safe and affordable, super fast overnight shipping - nationwide.

Ball pythons are currently available in a kaleidoscope of color and pattern mutations. They are one of several designer pythons that rarely show any genetic problems such as head wobbles.

Poole, Dorset. These different genes can all be combined to produce a blue-eyed leucistic.

When bred with a Mojave, a Lesser, or The heterozygous form of the black-eyed leucistic is the fire ball python. This is all very basic, yet very important information that should always be provided when you buy a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python. If humidity is 80% (or more) for any sustained period of time it can cause a respiratory infection. You may need to go out and buy the parent ball pythons (some breeds are pretty expensive), plus you’ll also be responsible for caring for them for months (or possibly years) while you breed them. We publish weekly informational guides with easy-to-understand graphics to help you in your reptile-keeping journey. What Is A Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python? They’re usually described as exhibiting a partial loss of pigment. Now before we get into the different types of snakes you can breed to make a BEL ball python, it’s important to keep in mind there is no guarantee you will produce a BEL ball python the first time you breed your parent snakes. It is possible that we’ll find that the results of crossing leucistic ball pythons with other morphs creates nothing special, or that it even causes harmful side-effects. Anything over 6" in height will be more than sufficient. We have the largest selection of Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Pythons for sale online with Fast overnight Shipping.

at the coloration characteristics each morph is likely to produce. When you buy a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python from smaller breeders every Ball Python and every customer is much more personal to them.

However, there are several different lines of the fire trait, and they’re all thought to be compatible with each other. Our captive bred baby ball pythons are available as hatchling, well started baby, and juvenile ball pythons for sale. Ghi... Hi

CB19 Hypo Stripe het Anery female £130 Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Care Sheet, Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Enclosure. However, always make sure your male BP is at least 600 grams and is still feeding before attempting to breed it. If you have never cared for a pet Ball Python of your own and you are trying to decide if a Ball Python would be the right pet for you, we highly recommend reading our basic guide before you decide to buy a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python.

They are also inefficient at maintaining humidity and require more frequent misting. Meanwhile, 50% of the clutch will be yellow-bellied snakes, and 25% of the animals will be completely normal. Curly Tailed Lizards It should be made of either PVC, plastic, or glass and needs a secure top. Blue Eyed Leucistic ball pythons are rare and difficult to produce. These long-lived snakes are a wonderful to any reptile collection. We’re not going to discuss ivory ball pythons further, but we wanted to provide a description for those who weren’t familiar with the way they differ from blue- and black-eyed leucistics. First, you can breed a Mojave with another Mojave. Lastly, it is important to keep a water bowl large enough for your snake to soak in.

Nevertheless, some blue-eyed leucistic animals exhibit protruding eyes (typically called “bug eyes”).

Ball Pythons. So, for example; a 4' adult Ball Python should not be kept in an enclosure any less than 3' long x 1' wide. In the wild ball pythons are carnivores and prey on small rodents and birds. This changes as your snake ages: Hatchlings are fed pinky or fuzzy mice because the higher fat content of mice can cause them to struggle to transition to rats as juveniles. My Panther Chameleon is a cricket slayer! How Big Does A Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Get? We are D&H Royals Hobbist keepers of Royal and Burmese Pythons based near Portsmouth, South coast UK. Baby Ball Pythons for sale (Python regius) with a ton of ball pythons and Ball python morphs available. Snakes live on every continent apart from Antarctica, in oceans and on mountains. You can use the basking lamp to keep a light cycle to allow them to maintain to their internal rhythm. Take a peek at our Hand-Raised #PeacockSliderHatch, The #SnowLeopardGecko is a perfect morph, just che, Irresistible golden patterns on the shells and bod. Fortunately, leucistic ball pythons (both types) appear to thrive with the same basic care that normal ball pythons do. Every one of our Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Pythons for sale online will be shipped with a birth certificate and a unique identification number for our customers to keep for their records. Our BEL are a mix of Butter, Lesser, and Mojave genes. Their only concern is selling the Ball Pythons at a huge profit.

Blue eyed leucistic royal python for sale, sold to us as a female. eyes. One pair of breeder rats are very simple and cheap to care for and can produce enough offspring to keep one Ball Python fed year round.

The largest ever Read More →, Corn Snakes are one of the best beginner snakes as they stay small, have a simple diet and enjoy handling.