Place several more hide houses around the cage if you have a group of scorpions. Uncle Bill's NEW Online Store

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All water given to your pet for drinking, as well as water used for misting, soaking or bathing must be 100% free of chlorine and heavy metals. A humid retreat is also useful and is easily offered via an empty, halved coconut shell set a top some dampened coconut fiber. Their color can be light blue to dark purple. If they do not remain moist, the crab will slowly suffocate to death. Uncle Bill’s Pet Center carries a large inventory of pet supplies, and is committed to helping our customers understand and care for their animals throughout their lives. Free same-day delivery offers the convenience of having your product delivered at a day and time of your A daily misting or two with chlorine-free water will also be appreciated. Do not remove the old molt; your crab will eat it. Also given by good crab owners are cooked egg, peanut butter, cereal, popcorn, and pesticide free grass and marigold flowers. Remove all uneaten food after 24 hours and replace with fresh. Please try again using a different Zip Code or City and State combination.

Keep the substrate slightly damp, but not watery. Terms & conditions of this offer With Treats membership. BE SURE NO CRABS ARE MOLTING THAT MAY BE DISTURBED. This makes spot cleaning the enclosure very easy. At least 3-4 shells per crab in the habitat should be available in the cage. Same-day delivery is available Download the FREE PetSmart mobile app today & access your digital card, book services, get special offers & manage your account. They are also called Soldier crabs, tree crabs and Caribbean crabs. This means they should be able to bask in the light but also get away if desired, much as they might in the wild. HIDE HOUSE:Place a hide house inside the cage directly over where you have positioned the heat pad, and directly under the heat lamp above. Do not place the fixtures by dry wood or flammable fabrics.

of this offer are subject to change at the sole discretion of PetSmart. While supplies last. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Also, do not mist less than two hours before turning the heat lamps off for the day.

It is important that the top is METAL mesh, as you will place the heat lamp directly on top of this cover. Mix the sand into the coconut bedding to create a somewhat loose yet compactable substrate similar to that which would be good for potting plants. However, as the daylight hours change seasonally outside, daylight hours inside the tank should reflect the same.

Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Their shells are very pretty - they are natural shells that have been cleaned and polished. We also offer in our Amazon Store: single live hermit crab, and also complete hermit crab kits. When molting, your crabs will find and inspect each individual shell carefully to see if it is the proper fit to be their next home.

If some of your crabs are smaller than the others, place pebbles or a sponge in the deepest areas. Includes an extra shell for each. Sold in stores only.Selection varies by store. Save 30% on your initial order and 5% on recurring orders. Try Same-Day Delivery for FREE powered by DoorDash®! VET30 Promotion: Offer Valid 8/31 – 11/29 with Treats membership. Posted: (3 days ago) 1-16 of 160 results for "live hermit crabs for sale" Nature Gift Store 4 Live Pet Hermit Crabs Shipped Now-Purple Pincher Land Crabs with 4 Extra Shells. Glass aquarium tanks are best for keeping your crab properly as they can maintain the best heat and humidity while allowing your crabs enough play room. Hermit Crabs are very clean - they defecate into their shell, then occasionally “scoop their poop” out with a back leg, usually all in one place. Most of them are Purple-blue, Purple, Blue and Purple-Red etc. (These fixtures do not emit a light spectrum that is visible to the crabs, so it will not disturb him at night, but they WILL provide the necessary supplemental heat.) We recommend someone be present to accept the delivery and get the crab in a suitable habitat as soon as possible. MONTHLY SALE FLYER . Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. You will also need an under-the-tank style heater since they prefer temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit with moderate lighting. In captivity, these crabs can live anywhere between 1 year up to 20 years depending on level of care and type of habitat and diet. choosing.

They heat unevenly and have caused severe thermal burns in reptiles. Crabs also love to pick meat off bones. It should be used in conjunction with a substrate such as Eco Earth and be twice at deep as your largest hermit crab. Sorry, there are no stores found matching your search. Land hermit crab habitat humidity is CRITICAL in maintaining your crab’s health and longevity.


In California PetCoach, LLC does business as PetCoach Insurance Solutions Agency (CA License No. They are colonial creatures and do best in captivity when living in a group of three or more. Get 5% back every day by earning 1 point for every $1 spent.

Check your local store for availability. Hermit Crabs breath through gills so it is important that their habitat has a humidity of 70% to 80% to keep their gills from drying out.

to change at the sole discretion of PetSmart. More information available at checkout. LARGE NATURAL SPONGE:A damp, natural sponge placed on the heat pad is an excellent way to increase the humidity in your crab habitat.