Alone in his room, he takes flight in his imagination, back to his old neighborhood, where he spends Halloween with his colorful crew of chums. Bring the magic of Disney online with these 5 digitally delivered musicals! Louie has just moved to a new town and is nervous about making new friends. #ihsmtahopeful #theaterphotography #livetheatre #stagephotography

Louie's mom is never seen, but her few lines are spoken off-stage over a mic. ProductionPro is an entertainment technology company focused on improving creative collaboration in Film, TV, and Theatre production. CHCHT& This is Big Red Plane, requesting clearance for landing in the old neighborhood. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, take a look back at Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: Watch this moving new lyric video for "Beautiful City" from, Music Theatre International (Australasia). Request Licenses & Perusals, Pay Invoices. These are Louie’s old friends dressed up for Halloween. Miss Erin Keeny as The Witch #intothewoods #mtishows, Request Licenses & Perusals, Pay Invoices. Sure& no way& yeah right& I bet&, I don't think my friends entirely believe you, Louie. What was the hardest part about performing in this year’s musical?The hardest part of musical was acting, and during one of the songs there was a really high note.

Share Instantly. Poor Louie has just moved to a new neighborhood, away from his friends. He looks through the box, allowing the audience to see the purple cellophane.)

Exclusive interview with Captain Louie from Primary School Musical, Yew Chung International School of Beijing, In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP). - There’s never enough time for music rehearsal.

- Female, 8-12 yrs old (Range: A3 - E5), THE CAT (SACK) - An independent cat and a bit of a trickster. I& I hope I'm in the right place. Bring this hilarious whodunit to your screen! Albuquerque Little Theatre and PLAY Conservatory announces the New Mexico premier of Captain Louie Jr. with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, book by Anthony Stein based on the … All rights reserved. © 2020 ProductionPro Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved. I wanted to be Captain Louie because he is the main character and my brother was in the Back to the 80’s Musical, so I wanted to try a musical too.

PLAY Conservatory is reviving one of its most beloved projects, “Captain Louie Jr.” at the N4th Theater. Louie uses the strength of his imagination to help him make new friends. (The GANG shake their heads "no" in unison. As they fly towards the old neighborhood, sinister doings are afoot. Bring the magic of Disney online with these 5 digitally delivered musicals! Lot next to the alley, over and out. They are all about to set off for some trick-or-treating when one of the gang, Ziggy, mentions that someone has moved into Louie’s old place. Promote your show with the officially licensed logo. There is a hole in one end, and the other is covered with a purple cellophane gel. One Act Musical: Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz; Next the Gang decides to go to Ziggy’s house. Male, 8-12 yrs old (Range: A3 - E5 ). I mean I think I'm sure I'm sure. I had to study and practise to get the acting right. We've got him, now. The Performing Arts is a central part of our literacy curriculum at YCIS Beijing. (LOUIE sighs, then takes a small, red plane out of his pocket and does some loops with it. Wow Miss Erin Keeny is epic@as The Witch! ProductionPro Add-On for Captain Louie JR. Audition Central: Captain Louie JR. Show your pride with t-shirts featuring your musical’s official logo. We've got to do something& We could go somewhere.

Founded in 2016 with the opening of Cap’t Loui Stoneham, MA, we have expanded to several locations in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and will continue to pave the way for the freshest seafood boil in our signature Cajun spice.

Thanks for the incredible photo @jenheimphoto (stepping between LOUIE and ARCHIE (FLOWER)) Based on ... Music Theatre International (Australasia). (plane noise) Come on, Red. Details of the Live stream and tickets for the show will be announced the first week of camp. Happy Birthday to MTI author. You're cleared for landing& Final approach to empty lot next to the alley. Okay, what do you want to do? Shared Instantly. Based on The Trip by Ezra Jack Keats, (York Theatre Company) Theatre at St. Peter's Church, Off-Broadway - 8th May - 12 June, 2005 (50 perfs).

Halloween is almost over, so Louie suggests they go trick-or-treating by plane. Kids did fantastic, set looks stunning, and costumes are perfection!! 3. Looking for something to cheer himself up on Halloween Night, Louie returns to his old neighborhood friends in an imaginary journey on the wings of his favorite toy, his little red plane.

How did your parents feel about you staring in the musical?My parents were very proud. Starting in Year 4, students learn the basis of performance in drama class and are given the opportunity to perform in our annual school plays and musicals. Following successful performances in New Orleans, the talented kids of the Crescent City Lights Youth Theater will be presenting selections from the newly released musical CAPTAIN LOUIE JR. at the 2011 Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta. Louie's family has recently moved to a new neighborhood. With an uncertain future, it's hard to plan ahead. The new kid in town takes to the sky in Stephen Schwartz’s charming tale of imagination and fresh starts. It sure is great to be back.

They have never been there before because he lives in a scary part of town. That's him.

LOUIE spins and runs toward the trash can, but BROOM (AMY) has ducked back down.). Let's go inside.

Louie gets an idea to help out Ziggy. (LOUIE opens a drawer and rummages around inside.) These aren’t frightening creatures at all. Sense of humor and strong personality. (BROOM (AMY) slouches down. Access ProductionPro on any device. Poor Louie has just moved to a new neighborhood, away from his friends.

Each School is independently registered and operated. Carol de Giere's fascinating biography of the legendary composer is now in its second edition. SIDE 1 (The characters we meet in the next scene, MOUSE (ROBERTA), BROOM (AMY), FLOWER (ARCHIE), SACK (CAT), and MONSTER (ZIGGY) are costumed to be literally that& a Mouse, a Broom, a Flower, a Sack, and a Monster.) It took about two months to get ready for the musical. Louie has just moved to a new town and is nervous about making new friends. What’s included for Captain Louie JR.: Digital version of the Student Book and Piano Vocal Score for Captain Louie JR. Interactive Character-Scene Breakdown; Up to 5GB of storage ; Ability to add up to 100 collaborators $ 199. Their creativity was something to behold as the buildings came to life.

Do you guys? ), (waving to RED, who has been parked offstage)

There's Archie, he's a little guy. But we are home. (MOUSE (ROBERTA) suddenly drops the nice-guy attitude.) #regram *** Shot Into the Woods for Central High School tonight!

Louie& come in& Louie! There's got to be something in here. Here they are, boss.

If your theatre is looking for a show that showcases the thrills and chills of the Halloween season, look no further than these 10 MTI titles. It felt good having everyone watch me. That's it. Louie calls out for his old friends, but the only answer is the echo of his voice.

Miss Erin Keeny as The Witch #intothewoods #mtishows, Request Licenses & Perusals, Pay Invoices. Perform the beloved show in a socially distanced setting in this new version. When Red "suggests" they take a trip back to his old neighborhood, Louie makes a diorama out of an old shoebox covered with purple cellophane. Let's go inside. This purple cellophane looks really cool. The SMMS performance of Captain Louie! As the majority of Louie’s journey takes place in his imagination, set design and costume options abound. We will record a live performance of each group performing Captain Louie Jr. and then offer you an opportunity to view it on a Live Stream On Demand format. Script: Louie/Captain Louie. Will await instructions& Over.

After the trick is revealed, they all set out to celebrate Captain Louie’s return.

ALSO Captain Louie Jr. Stephen Schwartz has explained: There are versions: the full 50-minute version and a shorter 30-minute for schools or groups … Alone in his room, he takes flight in his imagination, back to his old neighborhood, where he spends Halloween with his colorful crew of chums.

We are working quickly to merge our two logins. BROOM (AMY) sits on a crate, listening intently on a headset.).

It was really hard to sing so high. )The kids created the foam core flats in the style of the Ezra Keats book "The Trip" - the effect was charming.

Captain Louie JR. calls for a medium-sized cast, though Louie’s old neighborhood can encompass additional cast members as needed. A payment method is required to start the free trial. Share everything with them instantly. Don't see any little guys around here. ©MTI Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserved. This'll do it! It's Louie! In the story Captain Louie was a boy who came from another city and moved to another neighbourhood and how the other characters welcome him to the neighbourhood.

(LOUIE walks through a door into his room.) (LOUIE begins to check out the place.) BROOM (AMY) sits on a crate, listening intently on a headset.) Order from MTI .

LOUIE (speaking to the plane) Come on, Red.

Louie is trapped, and the gang of creatures drag him to their hideout, where they give him the third degree. At YCIS Beijing, we believe that these passive and active skills gained through performance are a fundamental aspect of childhood development, and one that is immensely beneficial both inside and outside the classroom.

Where do you want to go?

Captain Louie.

Ah. When the curtain opened, it was like a peek inside the picture book. Range: A3 - E5), ROBERTA (MOUSE) Roberta is the boss of the gang. I got to sing a lot of songs and have a lot of solos. I've got to find some of the guys. Book by Anthony Stein; You and your cast are busy. BROOM (AMY) points to LOUIE and whistles twice. Always ready for a joke or a high five.- We are working quickly to merge our two logins. Thanks for the incredible photo @jenheimphoto He is not afraid to meet new people. (into headset) Then there was an audition and I managed to beat everyone. Roger. Based on the children's book, The Trip by Ezra Jack Keats, and featuring a score by Grammy Award-winning composer, Stephen Schwartz, Captain Louie JR. is a delightfully fresh and touching story about friendship — the ability to make new friends... and the importance of old ones.

Female, 8-12 yrs old (Range: A3 - E5), ARCHIE/ANGIE (FLOWER) - Archie is the smallest, youngest, and most cautious member of the gang. Designing a show is hard.

Choreography videos. Dark shapes jump out and chase Louie through the streets and alleys. Distribution is a pain in the butt.

What are you doin' flying in here tonight?!! (plane noise) ), Look, I can prove it. Quickly reference your notes on your phone. We would also like to congratulate Caleb Jackman, Giulia Antonelli, Aliya Drisner, Mia Vachon, Lucia Videl Cano, and Nicole Payne for their wonderful performances as the other main characters. Omigod you guys! Inspiration strikes without warning. I know all the guys here.

Who is Captain Louie? Right on target. The Chrysler Building was so fabulous that I'm saving it for Millie! I wanted to fit the whole show into a rolling dorm trunk.The first 2 goals were met with weekly vocal work and lots of Meisner technique!