I was an early morning stocker at PetSmart (the only time they stock) and it involved bringing pallets out on the sales floor, breaking them down, putting the …

I enjoy the chaos of getting the building opened on time. and is fulltime a possibility? That's about it for a part time position (generally 5 hours a day). One other question, what positions allow you to work full time at Costco? I'm from the busiest store in the region and every day I'm working up a sweat trying to keep up. One of which is relatively small, and in the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy- if that tells you anything. Its physical without being backbreaking. Its not a bad gig, you can try to get more hours by calling in early on to help the front end or something. Once you reach the top step of 20.30 you get two $2500 bonuses, one in april and one in october. Lately, I've been thinking of applying at Costco. Go home at 10:30pm. They play music. I'll be honest, while PM Merch is my favorite department in the warehouse, it is not the best department to be in if you want to move up. They generally stock and arrange the pallets on display, make signs, and fold clothes if they're assigned to clothing. You do not need to be able to drive a forklift. It's pretty fun some days. New Costco Employee (Stocker) seeking advice.

Hope this helps! Depends on the Warehouse and suburb, it really does differ from place to place. I thought of another question. you get raises based on hours worked, generally 800 hours in between each raise.

High density warehouses tend to have a more stressful/tense atmosphere and sometimes you'll notice this by how staff behave, are they tired, stressed out, or are they happy, relaxed.

This is for costco's that are out in the open with a lot of space. I also was thinking it seemed like the best job at Costco. I have been a stocker for 22 years. The heaviest items you'll lift are the water cases.

I know weekends are probably out as far as days off go. Stockers usually start at 4-6am till noon for mornings, 2-4pm to 11 for nights. Mostly Full time positions in the ancillary departments- bakery, deli, meat dept., food court. Make everything around the store just look nice.

You might be called to go outside and push buggies. To your point, though, even in the not-so-physically-demanding departments- it’s still nothing like a desk job.

Thanks for your comment! I love the idea of getting off earlier, even if I worked full time there!

Taking a tour of the fence stock, checking freezer stock, etc. About two weeks ago I began employment with Costco as a morning stocker. Hope this helps! At our warehouse, mornings are a lot more relaxed because we manage our own breaks, listen to music, yell across the warehouse at each other and there’s fewer managers around in the mornings to be hovering. There are plenty of female stockers at my store. I have extensive experience in PM Merch. They generally stock and arrange the pallets on display, make signs, and fold clothes if they're assigned to clothing. Most Costco employees start out as season or PT hires, and work their way in to FT positions as they become available. I've been a stocker before though not at Costco. Depending on stores most of the stockers are part times until full time opportunities are available. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. And thanks for all the info! You show up at 2:00pm (in our warehouse at least) and you stock items running low and pull cardboard boxes to bring to the cashiers to use. I've only work office jobs in my life, but sitting all day is really taking it's tole on me. You'll be called to the front to help pack buggies. Do you usually get two days off in a row? the pay scale starts at $11.50 and goes up to $20.30 for everyone in the store who is not a service clerk. I'm a pm stocker, and typically this is my day: Report to the receiving area. At my store there are some 8-4:30, 7-3:30 shifts at Costco. managers \ other workers \ opportunities \ the dirty side (if there is one) Thank you for your time. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Also, almost all the positions at Costco can be either part or full time positions. Also good to hear about the FT positions. you'll be assisting members. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You'll be asked to do more than stock. The pay\ the hours \ the staff \ the experience Any info would be great !