One of three sets of ships not part of a ship tree, the other 2 being Racing and Battle Royal. B - the Trident.

Excellent work. I think some ships could be swapped around in the tree so they make more sense, like, depending which side of the tree you're on you go more for low fire rate high damage, or high fire rate lower damage etc. Hey devs, are there any plans to add more ships or another tier? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It's also lighter and easier to knock around, just not really better than the Trident. Press J to jump to the feed.

High-B, can make it to low-A in the hands of a good pilot.The Aetos. Loveship's Shipyard Ship Repairs, Sales, and Engine Tuning For Thus all of the ships below are not in game anymore. Each ship can also be upgraded to a ship of a higher tier, up to Tier 7, by filling their crystal cargo, from a choice of two ships. This tier has 3 lives in invasion mode and 0 in the other game modes (upon death, the player goes back to level 6 in team mode, or game over in survival mode). All other level 7s fire a pulse, while the Bastion fires off 6 converging cannons in rapid succession. Still amazing in the hands of an excellent pilot, but slow and unwieldy when unupgraded. A good level 5 interceptor.The Mercury. A - the Odyssey. It's not a really good ship, but its shielding and decent firepower puts it above D-tier.The X-Warrior. It’s too fast to be caught or to run away from, it’s small and really hard to hit, and its projectiles are accurate at distance. I don't play every ship the same amount and with the same skill, so obviously these will be biased. This is the most unique ship in the vanilla shiptree, being the only one that rams its enemies instead of shooting them. The list below is a list of removed ships from the entire vanilla ship tree: These ships are inaccessible through normal gameplay means and are only accessible in the Battle Royale mode, a weekend event showcasing three ships designed by community shipbuilders. It contains ships that specialize in firepower, in speed, in agility, and some in shields. It's fast and tiny enough to go unnoticed by enemies, and dying in one is near impossible unless the player using it is looking to die. The TRUE problem from this thing comes from its godawful acceleration and turn speeds, being some of the slowest in the game, meaning you have to predict retreats, enemy paths, and cant chase through asteroid fields. S - the A-Speedster. Its firepower is... ok, but recoil makes it hard to advance on an enemy while firing, and it isn't enough to retreat, like the U-Sniper's is. An escaping ship can hide behind a single asteroid and you'll lose your pulse for the ridiculous recharge time. More towards low-S tier, it can match most level 6s, but struggles with most level 7s.The Marauder. What doesn't make it any lower than high B-tier is its notable mining capabilities, as a single Barracuda is able to mine more than 3 Aetoses in the same span of time. Generally, ships in higher tiers are stronger yet slower than ships of lower tiers, with a few exceptions. Scorpion is also s-tier and a-fighter should be a-tier. Rather than delivering one large pulse, the Marauder can put out a continuous stream of damage, making it a good fighter and a good miner as well.A - the Rock-Tower. It's also extremely massive, making it well-rounded and probably around the same tier as the last two ships.B - the X-Warrior. While these two ships are much better than the fly in terms of suitability, they are still relatively weak and are often powered through to acquire a tier 3 ship. These ships have no shield or energy regeneration. Better for leaving T2 faster. Enter a Sector Ship Upgrade Tree Ship Stats Wiki Subreddit Discord. I made this tier-list based on my own experience and watching others play (such as X-27 or Double K) and made these decisions based on what I see, along with stats from the Starblast Ship Editor. Shadow x-1 in particular is quite deadly. This is the first pulse-style ship available to the player and a great pick for mining or offense, especially with pods.A - the Y-Defender. If it was faster and better rounded, it could have been a better ship, but it isn't really that good, especially compared to the other selections over it, the Speedster and Marauder. In a gemless 1v1, it also wins against the advanced fighter unless the AF as a skilled pilot. These ships have 3 secondary slots. It's fast, heavy, and has powerful shields, and a single hit can devastate enemy ships. Usually this ship would be in B-tier, but a recent update increased its damage output by nearly 50%, making it an even better miner and fighter. A good miner, but not so good in combat due to its size and spread of lasers.The Crusader. It's also a good miner, as it has a decent energy regeneration.S - the Advanced-Fighter. shields, mining speed, lack of steady DPS, etc. A personal favorite, it's a good miner, but pretty ineffective in combat. However, it just isn't good enough to be in S-tier.The Scorpion. It's more high-A than low-S tier, but its unique burst fire pattern puts it up high in S-tier instead. Join us and discuss, a game that puts you in the cockpit of fighters, bombers and miners to strike it rich in the belt or die trying.

No. It can go toe to toe with any t-6 and even any t-7, while not being too slow to be used in team attacks. I think some ships could be swapped around in the tree so they make more sense, like, depending which side of the tree you're on you go more for low fire rate high damage, or high fire rate lower damage etc. D Tier: the pretty bad shipsThe Side-Fighter. Every ship in the Vanilla tree will be put into a tier, with 5 total tiers. I don't mind, I'm working on creating a digital version with proper notes and more information using screenshots of level-ups. Essentially the same as the Odyssey, puts out a bit less damage and focuses more on defensive stats.The U-Sniper. Quick disclaimer. It can beat nearly any ship in combat, outmaneuvering bulkier ships and outspeeding smaller ones. It's heavy and a good miner, but all the other level 6 ships just happen to be better. Definitely not a ship to stick around on, as games progress quickly, and players using a low-level ship like this will quickly get overpowered.C - the Delta Fighter. If you see me in-game "Twisp" I'm gathering images for a digital version, and would appreciate some peace and quiet :). A Tier: the good shipsThe Bastion. It can tank a torpedo and isn’t a half bad sniper. A powerful and uncannily fast level 4, a strong miner too. With boosted stats, perfect for going for many kills on level 1 station before upgrades. Every ship here would be considered a heavy hitter, with all but the Rock-Tower, Barracuda and the Marauder sporting a pulse. This tier mostly consists of ships sporting a large pulse except for the Bastion.

It's devastating to smaller, lower-level ships, but hitting one is the hard part, due to its bulk and recharge time. Not players, not asteroids. Please disable your adblocker for and you will never see this page again! Converging lasers still make it good at hitting targets, without the issue the Side-Interceptor has. S - the U-Sniper. Each of these ships has 5 lives (except Tier 7s with 0 lives). Aiming it isn't actually a challenge at all since the projectile size and speed make it easy to predict and land the hit, unlike the odyssey and aries. It's just too low-level to be ranked any higher, but a better passing ship than the Delta-Fighter.The Delta-Fighter.

Shadow x-3 is really deadly because of its projectile speed and pushback, which lets it do hit/run better than anything else in t-7.

It has impressive firepower and shields, but its huge size and low agility places it in A-tier instead of S. All level 7 ships share the same issue of being large and unmaneuverable, meaning that none of them can maneuver their way through an asteroid field quickly.A - the Aries. Tier 1 ships have only one secondaries slot. This page was last edited on 5 September 2020, at 01:47. Perhaps in low-C tier, the Y-Defender is just too slow and low-level to be any higher up.The Trident. Every level has its own separate tier section, and there'll be a full-tree list too, regardless of tier. Would avoid confusion when talking to one another. High shield regeneration makes it hard to take down without heavy pulse damage, and its base-destroying capabilities are off the charts. A quick miner, enough to get the 20 gems to upgrade immediately. There are currently 32 ships spread out across 7 tiers on the vanilla ship tree. A level 1. This is one of the worse level 6s, as it isn't a fighter at all. The U-Series is an entire ship tree based off of the Vanilla mode Tier 5 U-Sniper ship model. Decent forward-fire ship for its level, and a good miner with a steady DPS. It's a great miner, but it's lower than the Pulse-Fighter due to its low maneuverability and bulk.

It's decently heavy, quick-hitting, with fairly accurate lasers. A unique level 7, as it fires like a bullet hose instead of a pulse ship. It has excellent shields and high mass, which results in an excellent powerminer. Nonetheless, it's still a good ship that upgrades to good miners.A - the Pioneer.

Request to be friends with someone. Join us and discuss, a game that puts you in the cockpit of fighters, bombers and miners to strike it rich in the belt or die trying. Often regarded similarly to the Advanced-Fighter, the Scorpion is a powerful miner and fighter. One of the newer ships, so it's hard to judge how good it is. A decent rounded ship with good mining capabilities and potential to be deadly with secondaries.The Bat-Defender. This ship also has limited lives in team and invasion mode: 4 lives in team mode and 3 lives in invasion mode.