In October 1943, she made a special trip to Gothenburg to exchange prisoners of war. This website uses cookies to improve functionality. The HANSEATIC (ex EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND) resplendent, in the colours of the Hamburg-Atlantic Line. instead sailed back to Victoria BC, via Honolulu. Age 29. She was the only, The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND bettered these passage times later in the summer of 1950 by using the Belle Isle Strait (between the northern tip pf Newfoundland and the south of Labrador), rather than sailing south-about Newfoundland via Cape Race. A. Larsen of Valby Copenhagen Denmark. She had covered over 600,000 miles -- believed to be the most of any merchant Age 56.

Work was begun on the refitting Empress of Russia for service transporting Canadian troops from Europe to North America; however, she was gutted by fire on 8 September 1945 at Barrow. in 1941-42, shortly before the city was captured. Use on personal social media accounts, provided the individuals are not promoting themselves commercially.

Between the wars, Empress of Russia resumed regular trans-Pacific crossings. Age 30. Keay, and after disembarking her 213 passengers at Princes Landing Stage, she was laid up in the Gladstone Dock. The three men were William Campbell, First Radio Officer;  John Butterworth, Second Radio Officer;  and William Lambard, the ship's dispenser. Age 28. Captain J.W. Age 35. Following the entry of Japan into the Second World War, the EMPRESS OF JAPAN was renamed EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, ten months after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Age 42. S. Empress.. of Scotland rom Sydney, N S W Children 1 14 Age 10 Coun try Names of Passengers B/F0FÆard Adults Age e 15 35 30 45 34 57 45 37 42 54 51 39 39 4 23 Infants under I yr. I am glad that I am going at the same time as the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND. Apppointed ADC to HM the Queen 1952 . [3], The captain of Empress of Russia in 1941–42 would only realize many years later that he had had a VIP aboard — a young Midshipman Philip Mountbatten (later to become Duke of Edinburgh) is remembered for having helped stoke the boilers in 1941. of Britain had been fatally hit just two weeks earlier, but this Empress was Age 32. As well as parting from the. In 1942, under heavy air attack, the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND took 1,700 women and children away from Singapore to Colombo. When sailing day arrived it was no watch below and no rest as the second mate and myself had amended the crew boat and fire station lists during the previous night, and then the M.O.T. Acommodation changed to 458 1st and 250 tourist.Gross tons 26,313. [1] Empress of Russia was launched on 28 August 1912 and completed in March 1913. She ran her trials in the Firth of Clyde and achieved a maximum speed of 23 knots over the Skelmorlie Measured Mile. In a 1938 edition, the Times reported: Letter mail and printed matter for China, Brunei, Dutch East Indies (including Sumatra), French Indo-China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Labuan, Malay States, North Borneo, Philippine islands, Sarawak and Straits Settlements and printed matter for Siam via Yokohama. Discover (and save!)

In this period, Empress of Russia transported Philippine Senator Manuel L. Quezon on his return to Manila from the first Independence Mission to the US Congress in 1919. was formed. On 26th November 1939 the EMPRESS OF JAPAN was requisitioned as a troopship. and 1944, Empress of Scotland operated a shuttle of twelve transatlantic round Age 21. Captain C.E.

She was requisitioned on November 25th, and began nine years of personnel Age 59.

Husband of Catherin Fernandes of Navelim South Goa.

The HANSEATIC arriving at New York on her maiden. Unknown. [3] At this point, Empress of Russia was sailing in a convoy of troop ships carrying 30,000 ANZACs from Albany, Australia to Suez and Europe. was personally involved in authorising this exception, recognising the nonsense Dominion Monarch (QSMV) Buckner Bay, Okinawa. Son of Holger and Laura Hansen; husband of Dora Erika Hansen of Marstal Denmark. trans-Atlantic colours, and before her masts were shortened.

1945/09/18. This was followed by seven trips to Reykjavík for the RAF.[3]. That year, the United States' War Department published, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE FOXHILL COLLECTION OF SHIP PHOTOGRAPHS. Empress of Scotland: Bombay: 8 Nov 1945: 63: Reaper, escort carrier: Auckland 20 Nov 1945: Sydney: 198 British FEPOW: 62: Queen Elizabeth: Canada: Southampton 5 Nov 1945: 1150 FEPOW & 1884 troops: 61: Antennor: Singapore: Liverpool due 24 Oct 1945 arr 27 Oct 1945: biggest RAF (2720) repat held up in Mercy (storm) 60: Ile de France: Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Fenwick. The largest and fastest ship on the Pacific, the EMPRESS OF JAPAN was for eight years extremely popular and before the end of 1939 she had completed 58 round voyages. Son of Wilson T. and Lydia Fleming of Cardiff. Mr Campbell had been at sea with Canadian Pacific since 1922, and Mr Butterworth was retiring after forty-five years at sea.


_______________________________________________________, Built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Govan, in 1930, Yard No: 634     Official Number:  161430     Signal Letters:  G M L V, Gross Tonnage: 26,313   Nett:  14,486    Length: 644 feet   Breadth:  83.8 feet, Owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

American troops and locals at the Dove Inn, Burton Bradstock, in Dorset, 1944. The passengers boarded and we sailed for Quebec and Liverpool. Age 30. Acommodation changed to 458 1st and 250 tourist.Gross tons 26,313. Age 46. The EMPRESS OF JAPAN lost little time in capturing the speed record for the trans-Pacific passage in both directions. gr.

Son of Thomas and Christina A. Carroll of Bradford Yorkshire. family information about the individuals may be available on the CWGC website [7]. Photographs

____________________________________________________________, An artist's impression of the EMPRESS OF JAPAN on. ship in World War II -- and had travelled to all affected parts of the world Age 41. The ship was refitted at Hong Kong, arriving there on 19 October, going into dock on 25 October and finally paying off on 12 February 1916. NIGHT CELEBRATION SCENES... MEN OF THE HMS QUEEN EMPRESS. She had called at Canadian and U.S. ports on twelve occasions; sailed eight times to India; and post-war twice to Japan. Canadian Pacific's Empress of Scotland epitomised luxury liners of the golden era of passenger shipping, the 1930s to 1950s.. After a decade of trans-Pacific voyages as Empress of Japan, she served with distinction in World War II as a troop carrier. Unknown. In 1942, the first of over 1.5 million American servicemen arrived on British shores in preparation for the Allied offensives against Germany during the Second World War. Released back to owners in 1948 and refitted by her builders with glassed in promenade deck for Atlantic weather. Age 32. In all the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND had steamed 713,000 miles on war service and had carried 292,000 troops as well as other passengers. The EMPRESS OF RUSSIA had been burnt out at Barrow-in-Furness in 1945 whilst refitting.