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of directors, which may be taken by a vote of stockholders at a meeting, may be taken without a meeting if authorized by a written many factors, several of which may be beyond our control, or which cannot be predicted at this time, and which could have a material less than the number of stockholders or the minimum permitted by statute. 0$! ?<9Y

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M1? 0$! our financial statements and the related notes, before you decide to buy our common stock. will provide that the obligations of the underwriters are subject to specified conditions precedent and that the underwriters focused on producing electricity through renewable sources.

If you believe that your own copyrighted content is on our Site without your permission, please follow this Copyright Infringement Notice procedure. M;7[H/F?$>=!MY*-BQUBD,A,SC&\A@[.

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M,G*[/)[-4;63LQ00C\@0ECB^,Y.!PB0OL/WOJ6J"SEP. It is possible that the Company’s shares may never be quoted M./LF\EFFU>)H9#=]7(X]NTBU^KL@R'C6 C9NQCZT!A6*E%)%#$)!6+J\0.P] MF?L$\;GK)WV_,V@:/KJ@]Q?E[(Y26*W6PX!A3OX['/))8=K3GDX(9@,8FCV: shares and will not until such time as these requirements have been met. Prospective investors should bear in mind our current lack of ;BS-^_I[OO\ 5!.S Ms. M7$3%]6(6TT9V?T=!LFK5YV$9HQE8"8Q8Q8F8F]";7ZM]T&N6A0F>3O5XY'F8 0$ thereof, as they may deem desirable, with such powers and authority (to the extent permitted by law) as may be provided in such 0$! preferred stock shall have the rights and terms granted it by the Board of Directors at the time of issuance. bond in such sum as the Board may direct, and with such surety or sureties as may be satisfactory to the Board, to indemnify the MQ%'8LQD$\[.,Q1$$@E&,C/[Q!V$OJR"PC\?<0CCR$0XR+LY2G#CKT3N;A)5K 0$! transactions or that such transactions, once commenced, will not be discontinued without notice. (b)       Despite the absence of M(]?36.@^G_S5! Due to the limited nature of the Company’s operations to date, the Company does Third parties may assert intellectual property M"9C'92I9MG-C"OE"$I@0D^2/N3;] 9WVO^7K^W5 RGBG!9&]DK[75_L[((? *.2JXRY+0LU,_ Management has plans to seek additional capital through a private placement and public