i need answers am i pregnant? Something also one lady said she have been taking postinor about 4 times in her life and the fifth time she got the same problem as my gf, and she didn’t get pregnant, she said its something about timing of her period and when you take it , so again please I know we have nothing to worry about and that we are safe but so far I’m not getting the correct answer from anyone, we will still monitor her discharge and stuff and try different home preg. Because you have dramatically disrupted your normal hormonal cycles, twice. pls some one dat took postinor 2 three times in a month wat is the side effect like. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. +233542929402, Took some on the 3rd of November and since then I havnt had my period now.Have tested for a pregnancy test and it was negative. Pls what was ur reply Cox am experiencing the same problem as yours. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Am I ok? Health Is The Greatest Wealth. I am worried please advice.

Here's a review of the Gourmia air fryer and what makes it stand out from other appliances out there. You can take some Ibuprofen for cramps. That month has ended and a new month has come but I have not seen my men’s yet…. And after 5 days i am bleeding. If you allowed the sperm into the ovary, whether intentional or not. Don't Miss Any Health and Wellness Tips, Join Our Newsletter Today To Receive Relevant Tips From Experts and Specialists. It is unlikely that you are pregnant. The Contents Of This Site, Though Written By Experts, It Is intended To Be Of General Informational Use Only And Not Intended To Constitute Any Form Of Advice, Probable Diagnosis, Or Recommended Treatments. When you take Postinor several times in a month, it can delay your period. Is this normal? Send Hi with HEALTH TIPS to this number. 1 doctor agrees. Will it forever affect my menstrual cycle? Reply Send thanks to the doctor. and taking the pill, the decrease in how effective it will be in the prevention. Postinor 2 is a medication that is primarily used in the prevention of pregnancy. It can prevent pregnancy 95% in the first 24 hours after intercourse, it is used as a form of emergency contraception (more commonly known as a morning after pill). I had sex on the 23rd of Feb nd used postinor 2 on the 24th..I started bleeding on the 8th day after the Ingestion of the pill, it was brownish nd light at first but it became heavy nd clear like a normal period nd it only lasted for a day..I had unprotected sex again on the 14th nd my period is due for 14th of March nd I ve not seen it since then..I took a pregnancy test nd it is negative.. pls what could be wrong cos i’m sure he didn’t release inside me, Anike, this we need to talk and know what actually the issue is.