Feng Jiu tries to advise Bai Qian and they talk about breaking off the engagement if Ye Hua loves Bai Qian only because she resembles Su Su. From the 2 brothers’ conversation, Si Yin finds out that Xuan Nu has stolen Mo Yuan’s army formation tactics for their tribe. The Heavenly Lord questions Su Jin in private why she is pleading for Su Su. Shen Ye had changed his handwriting in the note in case it gets intercepted. Su Jin goes to the mortal world to look for Ye Hua. Xuan Ying tells him the royal wedding would be a good time to launch an attack. Si Mi asks Feng Jiu if she wants him to cure the wounds on her neck.

Miao Luo’s attack cause him to fall down into Fanyin Valley. So, she gets to stay. Dong Hua risks his life to create the starlight ward to seal in Miao Luo. Dong Hua manages to get inside Aranya’s dream. He rushes to the Ghost Realm to save Si Yin and Ling Yu.

Bai Qian agrees and this last wish would then officially terminate their relationship. But Dong Hua gives him frivolous excuses of having chores to do to fend him off. He asks Si Ming to return to Feng Jiu a token of their love as a keepsake of their encounter.

His plan is to send Ji Heng, who is now known as Chu Wan, as a Chong’an Princess to be married to Xuan Ren. The Second Prince is Xiangli Meng. They have altered certain events so we aren’t just replaying the same story. With that, Zi Lan and Yan Zhi part ways. When Li Jing catches up with him, Li Yuan tries to kill his brother. While they are out, Nai Nai is ordered by another maid to bring Su Su’s Jade Purity Fan to her. He fell in love with the Chi Demon Lord’s wife and they had Ji Heng. He asks her to tell the kitchen not to cook it anymore as he thinks Ji Heng won’t like it. Qing Cang purposely wants to adopt Ling Yu as his godson as he knows that they are Mo Yuan’s disciples.

When the Jade Purity Fan in his possession suddenly vanished, he feels it might have gone back to its owner, Si Yin. She encourages Dong Hua to return to his duties and promises to maintain her distance with Shen Ye.

Ye Hua must have used up all of these powers to seal the Bell Of East Emperor. But Feng Jiu wouldn’t reveal her secret. Ye Hua brings Bai Qian to tour his Xiwu Palace.

This would cause Miao Luo to create trouble. Miao Luo agrees to it and tells Chun Yin to take soul locking jade if he wants to help her break the seal.

Aranya asked the Emperor to allow Shen Ye to stay at her palace instead but the latter misunderstood her good intentions. Feng Jiu apologizes but Xuan Ren is pained that she chose their wedding day to leave him. Hence, why not watch it and compare the 2 then? She remembers who she is and she asks Zhe Yan for a medicine to make her forget her painful memories. He also challenges Yao Guang to a battle for kidnapping his disciple. Ye Hua’s cousin, Zhi Yue, is interested in Dijun. Ye Hua says yes. Feng Jiu visits her in prison and calls her Ji Heng. But I am curious if Boring Tan’er and 1st Prince will have their happy ever after this time around. A man is eyeing Bai Qian’s fan at the market. This would cool Fox King Bai Zhu’s anger. Zhe Yan gives Feng Jiu 2 pills – one to nourish the fetus and the other to abort. Kmuse: Don’t get me wrong. A big bunch of suitors is arranged for Feng Jiu during a blind date.

Mo Yuan was instructed to take care of it and hopefully, the fetus will be revived one day. Su Jin tells Miao Qing that she will try to get her wed to Ye Hua as soon as possible to cover up the failed mission to harm Bai Qian. Dijun beats down the beast inside the pagoda to save Feng Jiu. But Li Jing knows it is not his place to meddle into their affairs. Kdrama Jen: I am a fan of shirtless scenes and cuddles, so bring it on! Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 6 Recap. Lian Song catches the candlestick, and asks if Cheng Yu is there.

Lian Song becomes a busybody and wants to know from Si Ming about Dong Hua’s love misfortune. Her identity as a Qing Qiu princess also becomes public knowledge. Bai Qian feels she can’t marry Ye Hua anymore as she recalls the pain she endured no matter the reason for him to do what he did. Ya Chi Wu confides his love problems to Meng. Then, she notices Dong Hua and chases after him. Bai Qian tells her son that she has been sleeping and has just woken up from her dream.