Both JPEG modes offer Normal and Fine resolutions.

Autofocus is fast and mostly positive, though I’ve noted a few lock-on errors on the background especially if there are partially reflective subjects in the frame. This joystick also doubles as a controller for image review and menu navigation.

Because of this, their movement or posture must be animated or exaggerated to make the scene interesting. Strangely this is also one of the cameras you will rarely hear about anywhere as it doesn’t seem to get too much attention. Anytime the subject is quickly moving (such as kids, animals or street photography) snap focus is typically the best option. A better AF system would make this camera an absolute beast in your pocket. ‍♂️.

Featured And, it’s slow to react as well. I’m not a video guy, but I wanted to try out the video features of the XF10, so I recorded some footage and made a short video of this adventure: Man, these are stunning, LOVE the tones on the color ones! Working form home, I have hooked from time to time the XF10 as a webcam to my laptop with a cheap Rulz video capture card.

Flash sync is up to 1/4,000s with the mechanical shutter, though the e-shutter modes top out at 1/16,000. You are looking for a lower-cost (relatively) option to provide better still images than a smartphone. I don’t have time to romanticise my camera equipment. Hmm…I think I need to shoot more brick walls, cats, bearded people and lattes! Neither was as good as a normal Bayer sensor. The artifacts are mitigated, but pixel level sharpness just doesn’t seem to ever be there. So at times I took the Nikon S9700 (pocketable! Just a warning about getting close: the closer you get, the more it exxagerates the subject, or certain features of your subject. Have you tried the X Vario for macro? There are a few photographs in this article that I’m particularly happy with. I use mine all the time as well and I also wrote a pretty similar article about it here: I liked the original APS-C GR, the Coolpix A and to a lesser degree, the original RX100; the RX0II is in my bag.

I know many of you would never imagine using the XF10-24mm as your primary street photography lens, but think about it for a moment. The similar planned “pocket” 1″ Nikon DLs were about 1cm thicker, I guess for lens quality. I went back and looked at the reviews I mentioned. Classic Chrome.

Any of the APS-C compacts will be a huge upgrade on that sensor…. Reprocessing: I haven’t actually looked to be honest – and I’m on the road at the moment with different hardware. I have one! Juillet 2017 X-T2 GS with XF10-24mm @ 10mm.

1/40th sec F/5.6 @ ISO 3200. I have had some pretty amazing OOC JPEGs from the XF10 but I don’t find it as predictable as my Olympus equipment when it comes to exposure.

I think you nailed it, people adapt or not to different quirks of cameras. I know the GR2, and GR3 are both great cameras, but they're not for me. I have a similar relationship with a 1″ sensor Canon PowerShot, with a largely incomprehensible & inaccessible online manual that is barely possible to download and print in legible form, and a menu system calculated to drive you nuts. Great for cropping. The whole package felt pretty good overall, but maybe you’re right about the 1″ sensor. The XF10 shares the same Bayer (non X-Trans) sensor with the FujiFilm X-T100 and offers the same image and video format options. That red photo! (They are the same speed and size and still Canon managed to find room for two more lens elements.). We are also on Facebook and there is a curated reader Flickr pool. It looks like a refinement that keeps all that was good about the X70. This allows for shooting quickly without having to engage the AF of the camera. I am surprised at your opinion of autofocus speed. The Fujifilm XF10 is a premium compact camera with a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor, ISO range of 200-12800 (extendable to 100-51200), fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens, 3-inch touchscreen LCD, Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity, 4K video recording at 15fps, 4K burst shooting mode, 11 Fujifilm Film Simulations and 19 Advanced Filters, 1:1 Square Mode, dual control dials, lens control ring and a … and to adapt to the limits of choice, Though the XF10 has a cap, if you put the camera in the hard case you don’t need it – and startup time and focus are both fairly negligible.

Click here to check for deals on FujiFilm cameras at Amazon Warehouse. I want to be able to those capture family moments and love the fuji jpegs, so when a truly pocketable fuji with Classic Chrome arrived, I thought it was the answer. I’ve been on the verge of returning it but something is stoping me. And pretty cheap! Overall AF speed is fairly slow, and it seems to rack forward/back to find focus (in all configurations). Dave. There are definitely tradeoffs to zone focusing, but it’s nice to have some built-in options. I still miss my GR though and I’m very pleased with the Sigma 28/1.4.

Why the Fujifilm XF10 can be frustrating to use. The Fuji colors.

The XF10 offers three capture options: JPEG, JPEG + RAW, and RAW. The raw converter doesn’t have a live-as-you-edit preview but it’s still easy to use and it definitely saves me a trip to the laptop. Its small size along with the plain black color scheme doesn’t draw too much attention. But still, the quality of images from a smartphone can sometimes be quite impressing. Ming, in your opinion do the black and white images you get from this Fuji come close to the ones you get from the GR?

The only configuration with which I can get consistently good results is AF-S with the focus point set to Single Point. Just like this beautiful girl you never had the chance to talk to when you were in high school, the X70 has always interested me, but I never managed to buy one when it was time. SR+ Mode is a bit slow for autofocus, but good enough for street photography. The included profiles are: It’s more common than it used to be, but most point-and-shoot cameras still do not have the ability to shoot in RAW format. Thanks again for your thoughtful words and inspiration. A quick click on auto, in Lightroom, and seeing a white/grey mush turn into a blue sky, with fluffy white clouds, was quite impressive. So does the whole camera. I’ll have to check it out. Loved your review of the XF10 Ming. The X70 did have better controls, though – hard to beat the physical aperture and shutter rings with A position….

Wide area modes also fare poorly. 1/40th sec f/4.5 @ ISO 3200. future L-mount Sigma (ef +). AF performance is pretty good, face detections is reliable and works from a good distance away. KeenanRIVALS 3,784 views. You can easily take it out of your pocket and shoot without alarming anyone. I just spotted your comments on cats – dogs are every bit as bad – I use the D500 for them, its AF is faster than the AF on the D850. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; 1) Ricoh GR III is too expensive for me. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fuji also seem to have made big strides forward in color accuracy since I last looked – no more cyan skies, though reds are still a bit hot which yields slightly florid skin tones. Limiting ourselves creates opportunities to discover and grow as a photographer. Fine Art Print It’s got a very usable control interface borrowed from the other models in the Fujifilm line-up, the same latest generation Fujifilm image quality and color science as its sister models and a unique position of being the smallest APS-C Fuji. You can also support the site by purchasing from B&Hand Amazon – thanks! I used the XF10 as a backup 18mm for event photography (pre corona of course), next ot my x-T20.

I’m in the same boat as you in that I also had no idea that this camera had been released (I thought it was a retro review at first). It’s a full stop (or more) wider than a typical point-and-shoot, and does give an advantage is low-light situations. This is more then a pure X70 or GR replacement. There is a 3rd control wheel around the lens but it’s not very engaging to use because it’s a clickless type so it doesn’t give any tactile feedback while changing the settings. Sure it’s old and slow, but it’s a camera that I’ve kept and still use frequently as when you figure it out and get it right the results are impressive. Tags: aps-c compact, color science, compact camera, fuji colors, fuji colours, fuji xf10, fujifilm, fujifilm xf10, street photography. I loved photographing the LRVs going around corners with those multiple-car lashups. Do you have a link for that?