It's pretty bizarre to see. Keep in mind that your choices will have consequences. If I died, so be it. You'll find a locked door, but when you try it, someone inside will thank you for fixing it, unlocking it for you. Honestly, days are hard here, and nights are even harder. Keep going. After some time, you'll come to a stop, and Chapter 2 will come to an end. You'll always respawn anyway, so death became inconsequential. Turn it on, and head inside. I'm online every day and I make sure to check my messages. Trade with them for anything you need, and continue your exploration. Your Shovel can only handle sifting through 3 piles of junk, so you would need to return to Hideout #4 and repair it TWICE before uncovering them all.

Keep in mind that although this guide is here to help, Darkwood is randomly generated, meaning that your experience will be different from mine, and will be different every time you play. Not every location matters for the end of the game, so we'll skip over anything that you don't absolutely need to explore. You'll soon find a Backpack, containing a Torch. This is the last zone of Chapter 1. You'll find that Mushrooms in the Swamp are even more potent than before, valuing at 1000+ Essence apiece. But for those who just want to proceed through the game (and earn Trophies/Achievements), read on. Looking at the Tree Roots, your character will decide that there must be a way to destroy them. You'll be given the option to "Open the valve". You can buy some parts from the Traders, so save up and put one together yourself at your Workbench if you can't find one. Go into his room and you'll find the 'Drawings'. Hit the logs until they break, and the boulder will fall, trapping the Villagers inside. There's nothing over there you care about not blowing up, and the explosives are already mostly positioned over there any way, so why not?

Turn around and head back down the tunnel, through the water. You can help Darkwood Wiki by expanding it. If you want to explore it, feel free. Welcome to our Darkwood guide and walkthrough. So, it was at this point that I stopped caring as much about surviving. Outside, fix the broken Generator. Again, if you have this problem, just turn the game off and load it back up. You'll find several piles of junk here that you'll need to dig up, until you find the Compressor Parts that you need. You can't talk to him...almost as if something is wrong. I cleared my Inventory and took only weapons and my Watch, leaving some empty spots on my Hotbar for anything useful I might find (that I wouldn't want to drop upon death).

When you wake up in the morning, return to the Talking Tree. Turn it on, and head inside. MazyRun. Inside, you'll find the missing kid. Thank you. I always screw everything up on the nights jaja, I see im not the who likes this setup, Damn I think this game is scary I've only played to chapter 3 or 4, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. These are basically these creepy humanoids with too many limbs, who will gladly throw those excess limbs at you as an attack. I set up one on the outside of the door each night and blow it up right when the door gets broken. She'll give you a quest: eliminate the Villagers. Killing the traders such as the Wolf, the Three, or the Trader will mean that they stop showing up to trade with you (obviously, they're dead). When it's fixed, take your Empty Oxygen Tank you got from the Elephants.

Now go talk to the boy, and choose to pick him up and carry him home. When you do, watch out for Bear Traps, as they are likely to be everywhere.

Nov 14, 2017 @ 9:44pm Just all your upgraded weapons and ammo.

Bear traps make up all the floor loot you see. After deciding his fate, the player must go through the Bunker Entrance to the Swamp, starting Chapter 2. Travel to the Cottage Near the Junkyard. To counter the centipede bastards that come up through the floorboards, just put 2-3 glass traps in the middle, and they will die before their animation even occurs. Do so, and the area will be flooded with a small amount of gasoline, leading to the roots. After the fire is lit, the roots will burn, and you may notice a new sound in the ambiance of the game. He'll tell you to find the basements and find the roots of the Tree, so you can kill it. You'll pop back out where you started, so make your way back to the surface, and head back home (feel free to talk to the Cripple when you pass him). Eventually you'll hit a dead end. Looking around the room, you'll find a Backpack with a Torch inside, and a large box-shaped object with a 'Valve', which you can interact with.

Follow it. Let me know what you guys think and share your base setups if you want to as well. Some of us aren't really fond of dying to things we don't understand or otherwise having a cruddy experience, though. If you followed my earlier instructions, you should already know where to go.

The 3 chairs and 2 little wardrobes are found throughout the house, and I've found that besides the Banshees, other AI have rarely ever touched it, which is nice because it funnels them into the other entrances and is one less fortification I have to spend resources repairing every time. This makes funneling enemies easier, and bear traps are a necessity at this point in the game, so doorways forcing enemies to always hit your traps is crucial. After fortifying some additional windows and repairing the fences, fighting outside becomes somewhat viable. It's not a very large area, and if you open your map you'll find that you're already at Hideout #4. Just start swinging. You can also use meat to bait your traps, so your enemies are garuanteed to trigger them. Your actions have consequences, and will affect your game.

Proceed through the doorway and down the hall, and you'll find yourself in an identical room.

Darkwood Walkthrough and Guide Welcome to our Darkwood guide and walkthrough. There's a lot of loot here as well, so take anything you need. A good place for explosive you find around the house are at the leftmost door.

Warning: There will be some minor spoilers ahead. From here, there is another story split. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is a survival game, and it will be difficult. The oven door is typically one of the first doors broken each night, so you then have the option to not refortify it and instead use it as access to get out if need be. Inside, you'll eventually find a pool of water, which you can dive into. They cost two scrap metal and will keep a monster trapped in a small area. This accessibility is just a smart idea for all base defenses. By trapping the Villagers, you'll earn a Trophy/Achievement. Before interacting with the kid, go ahead and eat Mushroom Granny. In this case, try turning off the game and loading it back up. So be sure to track down this map, and take a screenshot. The only weakness to this are the windstorms, but what base defense does that event not mess up? This is a 100% completion guide, meant to help you survive, complete the story, and to collect all Trophies/Achievements . Take your Torch and set the Gasoline on fire by swiping at it.

Be careful not to burn yourself, though! Some nights I only have to fight one or no enemies simply due to this setup creating no light on the outside of the main fortification. Keep going for quite some time, and you'll eventually reach a dead end. 2. 1 glass trap is fine, but you may just need to poke them with your melee weapon once. If you completed Piotrek's quest line earlier by giving him the four parts he needed for his rocket, you'll find his rocket here, crashed, with his corpse. There are two story paths in Darkwood, with the branching point taking place in this and the following sections. As stated earlier, you can cleanly cover all entrances from the middle of the room. Darkwood is a unforgiving game about survival, exploration and fear set in mysterious woods somewhere in the territory of the Soviet Bloc. Throwing a piece of meat will draw away Dogs, Huge Dogs and Chompers. After doing this, there is another bug that may prevent you from interacting with your Inventory. You'll find yourself in a new area called The Swamp. Survive long enough, and you get to escape. Move around and fortify the place.

Now it's time to head out to the Village.

When you find The Quarry, sneak inside (you'll pass three Villagers) until you find a large boulder, propped up with logs (you'll know you're in the right place because you can examine the logs). You'll find yourself in the room from your Dream Sequence, but the room is absolutely destroyed. Fill it up, and put it into your Hotbar as well (you don't want to lose this). Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:31pm Preparing for Chapter 2 Is there anything I should grab before I enter the bunker enterance? Talk to her, and she'll give you the key to the next room. Meat Use your meat well, Meat. Prepare for more weird Dream Sequences! You'll see some blocked stairs, and hear some loud noises: something is trying to break through. Darkwood > General Discussions > Topic Details. From there, I started traveling everywhere I could in The Swamp, filling out my map. The Mushroom Glade is an interesting little area, with a house hidden deep inside. There are two 'Basement Hatches' in The Village, so find one and just try it. Doing so will earn you a Trophy/Achievement, so I would highly recommend doing so next. This is a 100% completion guide, meant to help you survive, complete the story, and to collect all Trophies/Achievements. The next thing you need is to obtain a Shovel. He's in a broken wheelchair, and he's blind. Now, the only thing left to do is confront the Doctor in the Train Wreck, but this area contains many more lore-rich locations which should be searched as well. Sit on glass traps the entire night. After that, you just have to deal with the three remaining Villagers who are on your side of the boulder. Although you can't get all the way in, you can get close enough. Fix it up with your new Compressor Parts. < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments . Your path will drastically change the rest of the game, depending on your choice of the Musician's Path or the Wolf's Path. Walkthrough guide of Darkwood Chapter 2, starting in The Swamp. Having a lantern outside gives you a place to run if you are overwhelmed. Wander around until you find your way in (there's lots of poisonous mushrooms, so watch your step), and you'll eventually find Mushroom Granny. Talk to them, and after a bit of dialogue, you'll be given a Room Key, which will unlock another room in the house. So if you stumble upon one (or more), don't worry too much. Continue through the repeating rooms (you may notice some differences) and you'll eventually find an Axe. The little setup I have outside of the rightmost window has proven extremely valuable to me. Take the Torch, and then look at the Valve. Outside, fix the broken Generator. You can learn all about these in the Trophy & Achievement Guide. Don't expect to survive the first night here; Red Chompers can literally come through the floor. You'll find yourself in a strange Dream Sequence, in a small cellar. There's really only two rooms that are truly viable for this hideout, and I find this one easier to defend due to a few reasons. See the next pages of this guide for help with that. You'll also find the Cripple, crawling his legless body down the street. He won't be happy about it, but you'll take him home to his mother. For whatever reason though, the enemies don't come through there very often.