in the winter, Joel is seen in a different shirt and a coat). He knocked on the door, calling Ellie's name but she could not hear him. Ellie quickly responded that she's more needed repairing the outer wall with Maria and that she doesn't have time for that. Though a motive was not confirmed, Maclean said Guy’s parents were “in the process of encouraging him to fend for himself,” and planned on talking to him on Thanksgiving about cutting off at least some financial support.

Their remains were discovered in containers of acidic chemicals at 11434 Goldenview Lane. ... Will that remove your objection (to retaining his defense team for trial)?".

Joel Guy is accused of murdering his parents after Thanksgiving. Bill also makes a remark that suggests Joel was once a Hunter, saying ", Expanding on this, Joel demonstrated knowledge of the Hunters' tactics, knowing beforehand that a Hunter was feigning injury when he remarked ", After settling in Jackson, Joel (a former carpenter) took up woodworking as a hobby. While searching, they manage to reach a blocked door. Joel's dedication as her protector was high, the man even attempting to reach his gun to defend Ellie despite the high possibility of Henry shooting him in Sam's defense. However, they find the path blocked, deciding to go through a nearby hotel instead. “Just horrifying thinking that the quiet neighborhood where everyone waves at each other and willing to help each other, this could happen our street,” a neighbor told WBIR. Joel is happy Ellie is enjoying her birthday. A decision must be submitted to the school by November 6, at 3:30 p.m. Warming trend ahead, until a cold front and tropical rain move in. Physical Description The pair slowly bonded with the brothers; Joel personally discussed his love of motorbike riding with Henry, who was envious for Joel riding one yet not going into detail about the story. Hell yeah.". He could even overpower two cannibals, despite not having fully recovered from his life-threatening wound.

Joel replied, pouring on his Texan accent, getting a quiet chuckle out of Ellie. Joel Miller They learn the group is trying to restore the electricity. The loss of Sarah hurt Joel greatly, turning him cynical enough that he became a Hunter, murdering many innocent people and even lost touch with his brother Tommy because of this. Henry was a minor acquaintance of Joel and Ellie who they met in Pittsburgh. – A 28-year-old man was arrested in Louisiana on charges of killing and dismembering his parents at their Tennessee home. He allegedly tried dissolving the bodies in acid to get rid of any evidence. Guy’s father was recently laid off from his job, The Advocate reported. When she confronted him, Joel confessed to her the truth. Marlene begs for her life, but Joel coldly refuses, fearing that she will only pursue them if she survives. She angrily shouts at him, demonstrating a deep distrust of him, and implies she would harm him should Tommy suffer any sort of harm from taking over for Joel. The dumbstruck Tommy questioned Joel about what Ellie knew about the incident, to which Joel said that he lied to Ellie that there was no cure in order to protect her. Now it looks like the trend will continue even after the pandemic is over. He witnessed how families had been torn apart and how much chaos had erupted in the world. Deputies found the victims' parents bodies Nov. 28, 2016, cut up and placed in bins in the bathroom, on the floor of the Guys' Goldenview Lane home and in a pot on the kitchen stove.