My boyfriend has been having terrifying nightmares about a guy with this black car hurting him or something bad happening after he sees him and he tells me every time he wakes up and tries to go back to sleep it keeps happening. 5 Best Love Psychics Online – Real And Accurate Psychic Reading Today, Chronic sicknesses that doctors cannot explain, Cold or warm spots in certain areas of your home or yard. When I give a psychic reading, one of the first things I pick up on is if the person has a curse on them. Unexplained changes in your weight, mood, and sleeping patterns are also associated with curses. Don’t feed the fear. , The bold letters in the article will take you to the answers. One of the most common ways how to know if you've been cursed: When you’re the target of a curse, the sudden assault of negative energy will often register as pain in your body as the curse hits your energy field. While you may not feel an evil magician sticking pins into a doll that resembles you, there may be some psychic consequences for bringing a hexed object into your house. And once it finds it's intended victim, it becomes lodged in that person's aura by way of tiny energy barbs that are protruding out from it. The truth is, there are such things as “psychic curses”. Also ask yourself this, does this person have magical abilities to do it themselves? Are there dark forces that try to stop people’s happiness? It is seeing my two oldest going through it. Because if removed incorrectly, they actually become attached to others close to the victim. Sometimes we don’t understand why illness or misfortune befalls us, and we want to know the signs of a curse. I moved from the house where I saw the footprints at. During a Curse Removal Session, the first thing I do is place you, or the victim (if I am removing it from a person other than you) in a protection bubble of Infused Purple Cosmic Light from the 99th Dimension. I’m 38 years old and that was the first and only time, that I’ve ever been pregnant. Jesus is the prince of peace.

To be clear, the magic can be either good or bad with these omens, so you may need to watch out for other signs of a curse. Cleanse your space and yourself THOROUGHLY. In this sense, objects can definitely be cursed. Now he is locked up never had a record a day in his life.

As mentioned above, there are: curses that are released out into the universe, such as cursing a situation or life in general; and curses that are directed towards a specific target.

Needless to say that family ended up being forced from their home so I say they pretty much felt their own curse. The mutilation wasn’t a one time thing, they tried to do it almost every night I was asleep in the hospital. They have a short shelf life. hello i have recently experiencing one of the sings above , i normally wake up early in the morning to prepare myself to work but when i open my door for the last few weak i can see a big cat on my door step. Photographs are a particularly powerful link, especially the ones printed on film, so keep an eye out for albums or pictures that go missing from your house or your wallet. This was treated. Don’t really see his child I believe. Keep this in mind. I was fking afraid of the nurses and doctors at the mental hospital. Once this has been identified, I surround the sender in a Cosmo Mirror Bubble, which prevents them from sending out future curses to other people. I can help you find the answers! I know in my heart that his mother has put a root on her to get her son and my Grandson away from the my daughter. Another time, a bag of dog feces was sitting under the window.

Was having sexual problems during sex; having hard time climaxing. They are all psychics who work for the dark side!

Nightmares and unexplained fearsThink of cursed objects as a box. Purchase a Quartz Crystal.2. One of my clients was carrying over 300 thought curses in her energy field. All i want is to be able to earn a living to provide for my children. After the victim has had all curses removed (I often find a cursed person usually has more than one curse placed on them) I bathe them in violet light, using the assistance of Guardian Angels, Saint Germain, and my Ascended Master Guide Macar. Have no direction. It can also be a curse passed on for generations within one family line. Smudging is the best means of exorcising negative entities and energies from your property and aura. Not only the genital mutilation, even my gums were mutilated for absolutely no reason or explanation when my mother pestered me to go to the dentist. You’re Involved in a Witch War. The mother called me and she knew before I knew that my daughter was dying.

This happened in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2020. Had problems work neighbors, family, co-workers and almost every stranger I’ve encountered. A feeling of uneasiness in your home 3. Well, as someone told, maybe you can concentrate and feel the object, feel the energies of it. There are no sunflower plants for miles around especially not in our yard. This goes way back to when my mother had cats, the same exact thing. And he couldn’t keep a job for the longest. You need to contact me, a psychic! The only way you can get rid of their destructive effects is by having your energy cleaned, and having the "thought spears" removed from your auric field! Something important to understand. My parents were both educators for the LASUD. It happens. , Good morning a lady read mi and say I curse what to do, Read where it says how to break the curse. I rarely have any good days. I also have sore throat after i eat something. Any ideas on how to stop this??? I am not myself for over a year now. How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed. This isn’t always the case. Ehhh…I’d be wary…sometimes they’re just looking to drum up business. The psychic will store the item in a place where it can never hurt another soul. The only way is to work backward and see when the psychic problems started. how to know if you've been cursed for sure? Or have your pets come down with illness or death? How do you make a witch’s bottle? [I refused the first time] The sides of my eyeballs also seemed to have been mutilated, and my lower eyelid muscles were ripped out. Please leave me a comment below. I mean we have 5 of the signs. I don’t know where to turn to. A few parts of my hip bones were also cut. A curse should be a surprise to the item's user when the curse's effects are revealed.

How to know if you've been cursed? How to know if you've been cursed? Psychic curses are complicated and complex to deal with, and you should NEVER attempt to remove one yourself. When the item is cursed, a foul spirit is conjured and sealed in the box. YOU are powerful enough to break this cycle. The individual cursing you is using this to instill fear in your mind and soul.

One morning I looked out his window and I saw broken glass on the floor of the balcony under his window. Something isn’t adding up. All this sh#t ain’t coincidences. How to know if you’ve been cursed, keep reading! Don’t let this scare you! Next, I use remote viewing to scan their home, car, and workplace, to make sure no curse energy is lingering there (I usually find it is). I can help you with this mystery (not mystery). I think I had been cursed pretty seriously.

This needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing, or it could cause "auric bleeding" which would make the curse spread throughout your energy field, increasing its destructiveness! Now she is scared because she doesn’t know the GOD I serve.

He can go to hell. Every summer I watched mice, rats, birds, reptiles, and fish flourish and also die. I’m pretty sure either I’m cursed or the house I’m in is cursed. Dream Interpretation: 1 Dream Deciphered by Clairvoyant Witch! So in my new apartment I was getting out the shower and I saw a handprint on the mirror that looked like a skeleton hand. It's now up to you to take the next step and let me help you! Since a psychic curse actually attaches itself to it's victim, it renders the victim into an emotionally helpless state! If you have a curse situation, I can help you to remove it! Remember, if you believe someone you know has a curse on them, they do not have to want to have the curse removed for it to be broken. I knew it wasn’t that because I worked in the field, never heard demonic voices come from not one of my clients. They also tied me up for weeks and refused to let me to go the toilet. If not let him go. A few days ago I thought the small buddhist god paintings in my room were a curse and hence i threw it away but my father picked it up and put it in the study room. There are 15 immediate signs to look for that will tell you if you have a curse on you or not. Someone once showed me a photograph of a pot of fecal matter – this is an obvious sign someone is throwing bad juju your way! You may want to keep an eye out for strange liquids that have been spilled near your home, especially just outside your doorstep. I pray over my whole family. Dreams are a common sign of how to know if you've been cursed. It is similar to the movies where a cursed object may cause bad luck or torment someone. Curses can truly only take root when the person being cursed fuels it with their own fear and negativity. That was the biggest mistake of her life. Many times, people will have many curses on them throughout their life and not even realize it. I’d love to hear any views on this? I have had a group of witches who embrace Satanism attack me and my family (and some friends). That person has disappeared and is now wanted by the police. They also believed that an evil magician could use certain objects to curse them, or capture their souls. I lost my home, my job my cars having multiple problems finances are tight, thoughts are not much better I dont seem to be having much success anywhere. About 4 years ago I started hearing demonic voices. WOW! 99 times out of a hundred, a curse has not been put on you!

Know that the curse is broken and move on with your life. Don’t let them! He told me he saw the same exact car and the same person he sees in his nightmares. If you "removed" the said object from a graveyard, or if it was some kind of offering to some spirit, it will probably be "cursed" or at least have some negative or imbalanced energies.