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Elastic. 3M ID UU003014691.

3M Health Care 2083 Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap with Hand Tear, 3" x 5 yd. Pliki cookie związane z treściami reklamowymi (należące do stron trzecich) gromadzą informacje, dzięki którym reklamy zarówno na stronie www.orteo.pl jak i poza nią są zgodne z zainteresowaniami użytkowników. Coban self-adhering elastic wrap is ideal for reducing oedema and for holding splints or elastomer moulds in place. !�`t���,��4�K} �w�^��[��=�D(DB��؁@�Cu s*�����=N.���@{Y�Y���06�pxWH �@��S`�R�(���8C�@?�� ���:�kE&�&��!rg8(�E��@DX��fr��s-�� X��9��E�i�4H �1"�����м h�#�G�P��6� �����������&����K{���%}K�m,ŗ��{�D?Y��^eI�S�F��nﶩ�� Due to the hygienic nature of some items, they are non-returnable. Stretch the latex free Coban wrap at the top edge. ��93��[�Y/s;���H��0"c�#K#�FDq"��X%IdQ��X� g�8�Z��O\[p�0�DH��fCK�!�kA��b��M��i�U1s�XG�����>�{��Ӯ���>�XO85��&���L��ӆ��L��mf��2�4щ{��..��O��#�kN�Z�ׂ�(���'�m�vs"|��?=��E�v0y$����2}$�&�d�r����*����;X�ܲ#�f4�.�'�7)V�\|��b�C{B:��ŚD�����%�qe4��H�}Z"97�?uYm�����eq�����+�7>��>��fk��Ӯu���شuQ���P����]Q���rQ9�hڹ�obUhM��\uMK������;D��x �5�/�6x��ܵ�rq5�C�e����ݢ\w��j0o��W���x;#L����XџNt���,�4^A�}�a���؀��}�d&��W+Oh^����:SA�n9k�������. h�b```"Wf�}� Assess the seriousness of the injury. Therapy, Intensive Care Unit, Medical-Surgical, Operating Room-Surgery, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Wound Care, Compression & Self-Adherent Wraps, Compression Wraps, Self-Adherent Wraps, 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch, 100 mm, 150 mm, 25 mm, 37.5 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 7.5 mm, 75 mm, Abrasions, Blister, Closed Intact Surgical Wound, Laceration, Open Surgical Wounds, Skin Tear, Venous Leg Ulcer. Unstretched length 2m, stretched length 4.5m. COBAN WRAP. Self-adhesive bandages are a necessity for pet owners to help dogs heal from little injuries that may occur from time to time. h޼�kk�H���|L޹kFP�'^H*� �A����2�

h�bbd```b``* �� ��Lr����Ȁ�@R�[$X�"�|�I�� �wX#����x�@� \� Monitor area frequently, no less than every 24 hours.

37 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6EAE443DF432AF6F52F53C17131EFD8A>]/Index[10 44]/Info 9 0 R/Length 124/Prev 118173/Root 11 0 R/Size 54/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 0 We’ve looked at several different options, making our top picks based on factors such as how well the bandages are able to adhere to even the most active dogs and the durability of the bandages. 24 Pack Breathable Self Adherent Wrap, Athletic Elastic Non Woven Cohesive Bandage – for Sports, First Aid Medical, Wrist, Ankle Sprains, Swelling and Vet Wrap 2 Inch 5 Yards (Rainbow Color). This tape can be helpful in reducing swelling. We stand behind our products.

This is so that you can check the tip of your finger/thumb for any …

Są zawsze włączone, ponieważ umożliwiają podstawowe działanie strony. Size, Tan (Pack of 36), VNDEFUL 6 Rolls Self-Adherent Tape Pressure Wrap Bandage Rolls Stretch Athletic Strong Elastic First Aid Tape for Sports, Wrist, Ankle, 1Inch X 5Yards (Color Random), Cohesive Bandage 2" x 5 Yards, 6 Rolls, Self Adherent Wrap Medical Tape, Adhesive Flexible Breathable First Aid Gauze Ideal for Stretch Athletic, Ankle Sprains & Swelling, Sports, Human, Animals, Tan, 3M 2094N Coban 2 Layer Compression System (8 Boxes), First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages, First Aid Tape Cohesive Wrap Bandage, Colorful Bandages(2 inches x 5 Yards,12 Packs,Colorful), 4-in Wide Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages (12 Pack), 5 yds Self Adhesive Non Woven Bandage Rolls, Brown Athletic Tape, Hand & Wrist Wraps, Ankle Tape, Premium-Grade Medical Stretch Wrap, 12 Bulk Pack Cohesive Tape, Self Adherent Wrap 2 Inches X 5 Yards - Self Adhesive Bandage Medical Vet Wrap for First Aid, Sports Protection and Wrist, Ankle Sprains & Swelling, 3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap 1583N (Pack of 12), 3M Health Care 1584 Coban Self-Adherent Wrap, Elastic, 5 yd. If you do not have an email address, we will make other accommodations for RA# Details. @&� ���! dollars on every purchase you make.

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Apply with minimal tension.

5 cm. 10 0 obj <> endobj like the 2083S product? Related, Skin Care, Wound Care, Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Dialysis Center, Emergency, I.V.

The use of this website is subject to our shopping terms and privacy policy. Measuring two inches wide and five yards long, these adhesive bandages offer excellent support an... MEDca Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages 2 Inches X 5 Yards 6 Count, (Rainbow Color). 5 yd. �� P\^B�q�w����@J��k�,M1�2�

How to use Wrap a single layer of Coban Tape from the top of your swollen finger/thumb to the base. Ich zadaniem jest umożliwienie działania koszyka i procesu realizacji zamówienia, a także pomoc w rozwiązywaniu problemów z zabezpieczeniami i w przestrzeganiu przepisów. 99 ($10.99/Count)

Do not reuse. %%EOF To facilitate tearing, unwrap an additional 1" if necessary. They make it easy to secure the material without the use of tape or pins.

Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 2" x 5 Yards - 12 Count (Tan). Images on the site may not always reflect the actual product.

You should never cover up the tip of your finger or thumb with the wrapping. COBAN - samoprzylepny bandaż spajający 3M Coban Samoprzylepny bandaż spajający (Self-Adherent Wrap) to elastyczny okład o podobnych właściwościach jak plastry, z tą różnicą, że przykleja się tylko do siebie. Merchandise must be returned within 30 days of the receipt of your order. A sprained thumb is a common injury in sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, skiing, sledding, tennis and ping pong.

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You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Avoid pulling the tape too tightly whilst winding it around the finger/thumb. Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 3" x 5 Yards - 6 Count, Tan, FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon, 15 Bulk Pack Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages 2 Inches X 5 Yards, Self Adhesive Rolls for Swelling Sprains and Soreness On Wrist and Ankle (15), Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 4" x 5 Yards - 18 Count, Tan, KISEER 15 Pack 2” x 5 Yards Self Adhesive Bandage Assorted Color Breathable Cohesive Bandage Wrap Rolls Elastic Self-Adherent Tape for Stretch Athletic, Sports, Wrist, Ankle, 3M - 27119 Coban Self- Adherent Wrap, 1"x 5yds, Pack of 5 Rolls, Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap, Cohesive Tape in 12 Colors (3 in x 5 Yards, 24-Pack). Do not wrap too tightly to avoid impairing circulation and causing serious injury.

Use several strips of tape if needed. Use 3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap as a component of a compression wrap system only under the supervision of a wound care specialist. Sign up for exclusive discount offers and promotional coupons. 3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap, Self Adherent Wrap Used to Secure Dressings and Other Devices, Compress or Protect Wound Sites and Immobilize Injuries, Tan, 2" x 5 yds, Each. To tear, hold the top edge of the wrap with the thumb and index finger of each hand as indicated. or email us. Returns are not accepted after 30 days.

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Sprained thumbs cause mild-to-moderate sharp pain and often lead to some inflammation, redness and bruising. Lightly press the overlap into place to secure. However, whether you sprained your thumb playing a sport or not, once you have been diagnosed with a sprained thumb you will have to know how to wrap … L x 4" W, Tan (Pack of 18), 3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap - 4" x 5 Yards -, Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 2" x 5 Yards - 12 Count, Rainbow Colors, Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages 4" x 5 Yards - 18 Count, Rainbow Colors, 3M Coban Self- Adherent Wrap, 1"x 5yds, Pack of 5 Rolls, Tan. Reusable wrap allows the tension to provide light to firm compression. Write the RA# on your label affixed to your package prior to shipment. It is best to use the wrap when it has been stretched by about half its full capacity – so stretch it fully and then let it relax back.

Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. Compression wrapping is primarily used to help alleviate swelling and offer support for a sprain, strain, or other injury. h�b``�d``�c```�u�01G��$30�10$3a:Ɣ�d��Tʴ���3�S�}�cB-��< ���|N��Mf��jC��3�!|F6� ��� 3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap. %PDF-1.5 %����

You will receive the Return Authorization Number (RA#) details in the email within 2-3 business days. The selected product information along with Reward Dollar coupon code has been successfully emailed to you and your friend. Nasz sklep internetowy używa informacji zapisanych za pomocą plików Cookies, między innymi w celu umożliwienia logowania do systemu, zapewnienia prawidłowego działania schowka, koszyka i mechanizmu składania zamówień, statystyk oraz dostosowania strony do preferencji użytkownika.

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Keeping the hand closest to the application steady, tear in a front-to back motion with the other hand. If these symptoms occur, remove wrap immediately and contact your Health Care provider. 22 0 obj <>stream Więcej informacji - w tym pomoc jak zablokować cookies na naszej stronie - znajdą Państwo w polityce prywatności.

Dermarite PeriGiene Antimicrobial Perineal Cleanser, 3M Coban Compression Wrap Application Removal Guide, Coban LF Latex Free Self Adherent Wrap Instruction Guide, Coban LF Self-Adherent Wrap tears quickly and cleanly by hand, Easy and convenient, especially for clinicians who apply securement wraps frequently, Eliminates the need of clinician to carry scissors, reducing the risk of infection for patients, Soft, breathable, lightweight and conformable, Hypoallergenic, with low potential for skin irritation, Adheres only to itself; would not stick to skin, hair, clothes or drapes, Gentle solution whenever adhesives are not desired, including applications involving fragile skin, 3M Coban Wrap maintains compression once stabilized during wear, Stays in place; an excellent choice for active patients, Matches the performance of 3M latex-containing self-adherent, adhesive-free wraps, Slip-minimizing cohesion is ideal for active patients, Latex Free Coban Wrap eliminates potential for allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals, Ideal for patients with fragile skin or where adhesives are not desired, In difficult-to-dress areas such as the head or fingers and toes, Secure tubing, or devices such as 3M ColdHot packs, Reduce edema as an overwrap for a zinc paste bandage for patients with venous insufficiency, Reduce post-operative swelling, such as arthroscopic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, Overwrap for splints, bivalve and univalve casts. 3M™ Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap 1582, Tan, 2 Inch x 5 Yards, 36 Bags/Case.

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30 Packs 1" x 5 Yards Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap, Self Adherent Wrap, Medical Tape, First Aid Tape, Athletic Cohesive Bandage, Sports Tape, Medical Supplies for Ankle, Wrist Sprains &Swelling, Cramer Eco-Flex Self-Stick Stretch Tape, Cohesive Tape, Flexible Elastic Sports Tape, Athletic Training Room Supplies, Easy Tear & Self-Adherent Bandage Wrap, Single 5 Yard Roll, Compression Tape, 12 Pieces Adhesive Bandage Wrap Stretch Self-Adherent Tape for Sports, Wrist, Ankle, 5 Yards Each (12 Colors, 1 Inch), 4-inch Wide Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages (8 Pack) Bundle, 5 yds Self Adhesive Non Woven Bandage Rolls, Brown Athletic Tape for Wrist, Ankle, Hand, Leg, Premium-Grade Medical Stretch Wrap, MEDca Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages 1 Inch X 5 Yards 24 Count with Strong Elastic First Aid Tape for Sprain Swelling and Soreness on Wrist and Ankle (Skin Color), (14-Pack) 2” x 5 Yards | Beige Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap – Breathable Self Adherent Wrap for People & Pets - Athletic Elastic Cohesive Bandage for Sports Injury: Ankle, Knee & Wrist sprains, 3M Health Care 1582 Self-Adherent Wrap, 2" x 5 yd.