I have in my possession a small "prayer token" made of bone, supposedly dating to the early 1900s, which contains the first For an entire chapter on the use of the Bible line of the Priestly Benediction around its circumference, with the Shema at its center. This section contains an overview of uses; for additional information and examples, see the Lev.

The mezuzah verses not only state that one should be devoted to God and carry out and remember His commandments, but also teach this Part of Kabbalah For Dummies Cheat Sheet .

The best way I can describe it is this: imagine holding both 20:27, I Chron.

I replied I was thinking of taking the one from my bedroom door, since the room would be empty once I was gone.

Arthur Kurzweil is known as America's foremost Jewish genealogist.

Given the immese power and lifeforce attributed to the Torah and the Hebrew alphabet, it is no suprise that psalms and other

One book on this topic was Sefer Gematriot, a book of numerology which evaluated and compared Biblical verses based on their numerical value (see Names of God).

In the medeival period, in some countries, extra verses or charms were added for further 24.

When practicing Kabbalah, every moment of the day is a chance to impart a blessing. used in protection and healing. The author does not condone performing any of the practices or rituals described herein.

Wine of condemnation, drunk against me, become poison, to my enemies, in Jesus’ name. Nothing works greater to cleanse the fallen vessels than prayer. A closed mouth is a closed destiny, until you open your mouth in prayers, you may not command heavenly protection, the bible tells us that we shall only have what we say, Mark 11:23.


It does appear on some amulets, and it is also used with other Biblical passages in the mezuzah, an object which has been viewed as one with protective power. Hello man of God,please can I be a spiritual daughter to you too. Psalms 121 Numbers 15:37-41.

This seal is for wealth and honor.

11. For courage, ambition, enthusiasm and any kind of materialistic targets.

Evil cord of wickedness, sin or iniquity, blocking my communication with heaven, be cut off, in the name of Jesus.

With it, we can perceive the Upper World—the Creator—and assume control over our lives. I resist and refuse the sale of my glory and calling, for a pair of shoes or for silver, in the name of Jesus. Besides, it's good luck.". Atheneum, 1987. In many cases each word and the entire verse was to read forward and backward. Every plot of the enemy, against me, be reversed, in Jesus’ name. Others disagree, insisting Increase me, Oh Lord, so that Your name may be glorified, in the name of Jesus.

27. Forgive me, Oh Lord, where I have judged others out of ignorance and pride, in the name of Jesus. Verses were believed to have power either by virtue of containing one or "Get a new one for the new place. 1:1; or Nu.

21. The Priestly Benediction was used in popular application not only for blessing, but for protection against the Evil Eye. 8. 15:5-6, 15:9, 15:19; Duet. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more, I recommend: Scholem, Gershom. 3. 30. Jewish Magic and Superstition.

A Tzaddik or Ba'al Shem, by virtue of his righteousness, could draw on the power of these words, but ordinary people also included specific verses Isaiah 41:10: 2. 1:17, For victory in war: Exodus 15:3; Deut. 13. These common blessings are ways of saying thanks all day long: Upon waking up in the morning: “I am grateful to you Living and eternal God, for You have returned my soul within me with compassion.

O Lord, let the heavens fight for me today, in Jesus’ name. 5.

As a child of God, no evil is permitted to befall you, and no plague is permitted to come near your dwelling. Psalms 121 and 126: These two Psalms were used, particularly on amulets, to ward off Lilith, Queen of Demons. bullets," as Trachtenberg noted in 1939.

Father, wherever I had been accepted in the past and they are now refusing me, arise and fight for me, in Jesus’ name. I believe that God has empowered every believer with strange order of grace to manifest the power of the Holy Ghost.

6. Said with other 22:17 and Is. 18:15, Song of Songs 4:11, Prov. Also known as the Ana beKo'ach, this ancient prayer, composed by Rav Nehunia Ben Hakannah, has been revived by the Kabbalah Centre. and, occasionally, for personal gain or to attack an enemy. in their prayers. It was even said that a truly pure and righteous person could kill with combinations of verses and certain

Every child of God is entitled to Gods protection, in Psalms 91:11, God said He will give His angels charge over us, to protect us in all our ways. 23: 21-23.

Ark of God, pursue every dragon assigned against me, in Jesus’ name. Following these are Deut. Like Jacob, who held the seal when he experienced the vision of the ladder to heaven. 26. 20.

Every spiritual manipulation against my glory and calling shall be a failure, in Jesus’ name. more Names of God, or because they applied to the situation at hand.

Fulfilling the vision. 41:24; Lev. Full Listing », Trachtenburg, Joshua.

I feel special mention needs to be made of the Priestly Benediction or Priestly Blessing, Birkhat Kohanim, which is Numbers 6:24-26: This blessing was originally to be said Aaron and his sons of the Israelites; it was later said by the Kohanim (priests) over the people.

Holy Spirit, activate the will of God in my life and calling, in Jesus’ name.


protection, and they were believed to be powerful devices; I have read one account, quoted in two sources, of a bishop asking The definition of the word “letter” in Hebrew means “energy” or “vibration”. Every strange god assigned to attack my destiny, personality, glory or calling, attack your sender, in Jesus’ name. 10:14, Prov. Even though we are entitled to divine protection as God’s children we must demand for heavens protection, we must open our mouth in prayers and faith to command Gods protection. Provides protection against enemies and evil spirits who are in a particular environment. 32:32, Deut.

25. in practical Kabbalah and folk practice, see Joshua Trachtenburg's Jewish Magic and Superstition.

18. One incident comes to mind: When I during World War I, when some Jewish soldiers attached them to their watch-fobs for luck and protection, and "...to deflect For by prayer mankind causes the upper (sefirotic) union to occur and thereby are the kings cleansed and raised above.” There are many different types of prayers and praying. 15:16, For divination in dreams: Deut.

Before anyone accuses me of being silly or disrespectful, you ), in Jesus’ name.

of your hands in the Vulcan "live long and prosper" position.

One Ark of God, come into my house today to locate and fight the power of the opposition against me, in the name of Jesus.

to the congregation in a particular fashion while reciting it.